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Nov, 2022


Nov, 2022



Simple user interface and easy organization! You can share your recently taken photos and organize them easily for your friends to view on their home screen (Widget)! Your friends can tap on the widget and leave emoji reactions. The photo-sending function enables nice communication. With the help of TapNow, you can share the growth of the child in your family, pieces of your life with your important ones, and funny moments with your friends so as to get connected with them at any time, anywhere. You can also check the sharing history like an album filled with memories. - Photos can be updated at any time on the home screen - it’s amazing! - Enjoy easy photo sharing on the widget without opening any apps- it’s convenient! - Select photos to share with specific targets- it’s personal and thus unique! It’s a new social media platform with sufficient functionality for communication and an easy user interface. [Features] - Camera function The camera of TapNow is easy and user-friendly yet optimized for photo display on your friends’ home screen (Widget). Use the rear camera to take pictures of splendid sceneries, funny moments in your life, and lovely children; and use the front camera to take selfies of yourself or together with your important one. A camera flash is also installed to brighten up your pictures. You can instantly preview the newly taken pictures, select what and with whom to share, then send them out in a convenient way. You can also share previous pictures from your camera roll without using the camera function. So, the sharing is not limited to the pictures taken with TapNow that it broadens your photo-sharing perspective! - Widget display function The photo icon of the sender will be shown at the latest shared photos on the widget so you can see at a glance whose photos they are. This is absolutely convenient as you don’t need to open any apps! - Timeline function TapNow is inspiring in that the photos you receive from your friends and partners are updated on the widget every day. We know that the more interactions you have, the more you might want to look back at the previous photos. We are, thus, pleased to present the convenient timeline function for you to view all previous photos along the timeline. It’s like your personal photo album filled with joys and wonderful moments. Not only can you browse but also leave emoji reactions to the photos from your friends. Quickly respond to any wonderful, lovely, or funny photos with an emoji reaction. - Friend-adding function Different from conventional social media, TapNow does not aim to create new connections. Instead, it’s to deepen the communications among family and friends. You can thus set it to connect only with people with a registered number, userName and QR code. Refer TapNow to your friends in an easy-breezy way- simply through an SMS to any numbers in your imported phonebook. [TapNow is specially designed for…] - Users who want to enjoy social media only with close friends and family - Users who want to enrich the home screen of their phone - Users who want to customize their home screen with personalized features - Users who enjoy sending funny pictures to friends - Users who love sharing in a convenient way - Users who are reluctant to post pictures on social media for any reasons [Discernible features of TapNow] - A social media platform for small groups and close relationships (starting from 2 users) - A platform with minimized functions so you don’t get tired quickly. - No search function to connect with friends of friends- it’s a service for true, real, and close relationships only. [How to add a widget] 1. From the Home Screen, touch and hold a widget or an empty area until the apps jiggle. 2. Tap the Add button Gray add button in the upper-left corner. 3. Find and select TapNow 4. Tap Add Widget.

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