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Oct, 2022


Oct, 2022



Toot! is a client for the Mastodon social network. It is beautiful, and full of character and whimsy. What makes Toot! special? - It is delightful. It is full of beautiful design, animation, amusing details and hidden treasures. - It is fast and robust. It caches data locally to let you read without waiting for slow loading, and it remembers your reading position. - It lets you be as many people as you like. You can easily switch between accounts with a flick of your finger. It even lets you read timelines on instances you are not logged in to! - It has the cutest icon. What makes Mastodon special? - It is a social network by humans, rather than algorithms and corporate interests. - It is a social network for humans, rather than advertisers and data collectors. - It is a social network that is humane, rather than preying on your insecurities and worst instincts. Why does Toot! cost money? - Toot! shows you no ads, and it collects none of your information, nor does it track any of your habits. It does not try to trick you into doing anything you do not want. - That means it gets no money through such shady tricks, and relies on you to support its development. Follow @[email protected] for more updates and information! Also, many icons by

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