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Nov, 2022


Nov, 2022



The hacker's SIP softphone is updated with a whole new UI and features. Free yourself from your stationary desk phone extension, or use the powerful SIP protocol to make calls for free, all with superb audio quality. WeePhone has the most flexible/powerful configuration of any SIP client out there, so it's compatible where others aren't. Features include: * G722.1 (wideband high-quality) codec * Backgrounding * Calls over 3g/Edge and WiFi * Bluetooth support * Call hold/swap (juggle 2 calls) * Use your existing contacts list * Audio Codecs include G.711, GSM * Added the wide-band g 722.1 codec * DTMF (touch-tone keys while in a call, rfc2833) * STUN server support * SIP proxy support * Diagnostic logs * Dial by domain/IP/URL ([email protected]) * Configurable SIP and RTP ports * Voice detection/echo cancellation * Speakerphone * Mute * VPN Support * Separate SIP user and authenticate user supported * Editable SIP/RTP ports * Audible button taps * Diagnostic logs * Editable User-Agent field We recommend the following services: * Voipbuster (, 60 free minutes to start) * Vonage (, separate softphone number required) * ( * Sipgate ( * Pennytel ( WeePhone Works with your existing SIP solution including Asterisk, Trixbox, Cisco, etc. as well. For more info, head to: Check out videos of the app in action:

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