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Jan, 2023


Jan, 2023



Wordclub - Letters Bridge, the birthplace of word masters, is anxiously waiting for you to join us. Are you a fan of word search games, word connect or crosswords puzzle games? Want a fun and viral word challenge? What about relaxing and depressurizing yourself while improving your word skills? WordClub is well-deserved as the best choice for you! Download this fun and brain-burning word puzzle game and start your unique word adventure tour in no time! The main goal of WordClub is to uncover the hidden word with six tries each game. When the correct word is found in required times, the score will be accumulated to the next game. Otherwise the score will be zeroed out and start over. What an exciting challenge! How many scores can you hold on? Where will your score be on the leaderboard? Attention! Here you should be equipped with some tips before starting the WordClub wars. ►HOW TO PLAY 1.Hunt the hidden word with six tries each game. The word you submit should only be a valid 5-letter word. 2.Use the color as your clues ・Green: correct letter in the right spot. ・Yellow:correct letter while in the wrong spot. ・Gray: letter not in the word. 3.Encountered difficulties? Use props in time to achieve higher scores. ・HINT: reveal one correct letter. ・CLEAR: remove three incorrect letters. ・SKIP: skip the current word with no penalties. 4.High Score Tips ・Find the hidden word with less tries, the higher score you can collect. ►FEATURES 1.It's a piece of cake? Easy to play but difficulty increases as you go!! 2.Take your exercise in the Brain Gym. ・WordClub benefits for your memory and your mind skills. 3.Play at Your Own Pace. ・With no number limits of words in one day, you can just challenge yourself how many words you can hold on. Follow your hearts on whether to use the props or not. 4.Automatically save data at any time. ・Pause the WordClub game and resume it anytime without losing any progress. WordClub is designed for free, anyone whether beginners or advanced players and all ages, where you can enhance your vocabulary power. In the process of hunting for the correct letters and words, you are exercising your abilities of imagination, thinking and creativity. Don't hesitate to join us to become a word detective!

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