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Nov, 2022


Nov, 2022



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Scam website. Don’t use!!!
Mojo miki on 2022-12-03
First and last time! I booked a rather overpriced place a whole month in advance on this website as I had a work contract, then suddenly my contract got canceled so I asked for cancellation and a refund before checking in. Guess what? They told me my fees were non-refundable and they gave all my money to the landlord. The power to refund was now all in the landlord’s hands (a person whose place I never saw nor used). This landlord said yes at first then withheld about 70% of my own money!!!! Despite never actually using the place or even checking in (I canceled in advance). Not to mention that this person took an extra $200 transfer via PayPal for a change of checking-in date—which they never refunded. I contacted customer support multiple time to no avail asking for my money back but they eventually said no refund and left me out in the cold. I’ve never seen this happen elsewhere. I’ve traveled around the world and booked rooms in hundreds of hotels around the world. There was always a full refund whenever I canceled before checking in. Worst scam ever. Don’t use. Book a hotel/motel room instead. It’s much cheaper and more secure. Scam website and terrible customer support.
Poor Customer Service
auroramatthews on 2022-12-03
I recently went on a trip to Nashville with my Mom and sister. The airbnb we stayed at charged us a hefty cleaning fee (considering it was a small duplex) of $190.00 which would be fine if the place was actually clean. We were welcomed by an overflowing outdoor garbage, dust everywhere, stains on the couch, and dirty floors throughout. We swept, cleaned the stains off the couch, and tried to make the place more comfortable for ourselves. We asked the host for a refund of the cleaning fee and he completely ignored this VERY reasonable request. We then turned to Air bnb thinking they could help resolve the problem and they have not as of yet which is very disappointing.
Beware: Pricing fraud
MazHarley on 2022-12-03
This over smart app has a pricing algorithm, as soon as you look at the place you like and mark it favorite especially when you reach out to the host, the price will change/ increase by the 10% or more and they call it smart pricing. The host has no clue what’s happening, they have a fixed price agreement with AirBnB: so the host does not get anything extra, it all goes into AirBnBs pocket and you might end up booking at a higher price than you thought and saw before. AirBnB already has a lawsuit on going in regards to hiding pricing in Canada and now this one; they just don’t learn from their mistakes.
Mauvais service
DND404 on 2022-12-03
Nous avons vécu plusieurs problématiques avec notre hôte lors de notre séjour. L'hôte nous a réclamé des frais hallucinants alors que nous avons rien fait de mal et tout remis propre comme au départ et même plus. Nous avons pas pu nous laver car l douche non fonctionnel, des bris à notre arriver , présence de souris et Airbnb na que coupé les réclamations en deux. Donc on plus d'avoir eu un mauvais service par l'hôte, de ne pas avoir profiter pleinement de notre séjour, nous avons dû payer des frais supplémentaires. Je ne fais plus jamais affaire avec airbnb.
Bad experience
h69ae on 2022-12-03
If I could to put not start, I would do that The air bnb “customer” service stand next to the host and doesn’t care about the visitor I asked the host to change the date to another date but unfortunately the date I chose the appartement won’t be available, so I simply requested a cancellation with a refund they refused, like what I can do my plan was changed and I asked to change the dates only two days after, because the host in not accepting, the “customer” service didn’t help me with my issue Thanks 👍
Account blocked for no reason
maxchernohor on 2022-12-03
I always had good reviews from the hosts and when booking half a year after the last use of the application, I found that my account was blocked for no reason or explanation. I wrote to the support service but did not receive any response. Airbnb please contact me to resolve the issue, but for now the rating is 1. It looks like everyone can be blocked for no reason.
Bait and switch
Junior$$7 on 2022-12-03
Airbnb is an obnoxious app and an obnoxious business. The “cleaning fees” are exorbitant. This means that the customer is browsing for rentals and finding prices within their budget that subsequently jump by 25% or more with “fees” and “charges” on the final bill. I have seen $100 cleaning fees on $500 rentals. That’s outrageous and downright dishonest.
Not what it used to be
Genelx on 2022-12-03
We always used Airbnb, for over 10 years. Now, we can stay at a hotel cheaper and better amenities. Perhaps for larger groups Airbnb will work, but for just couples, hard to justify. Sorry to see the company become this, no longer personal, just corporate greed…the USA way I guess
Illegal Airbnb’s
HockeySteve on 2022-12-03
Booked a Stay. When I arrived, security told us that Airbnb’s are not allowed. Told to exit at the condo. And had to book a costly hotel last minute. Reached out to Airbnb’s “support” team. And did not receive my money back, or adequate support during this process.
Weird display of pics
JasonKingston on 2022-12-03
You can’t delete messages, the pictures look like a black + white photo copy when you click on a colour image and their st0000pid automated system now annoys the hell out of you when you check in. To let you know Airbnb “cares”

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