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AliExpress is the go-to online shopping app for everyone, anywhere. All new users enjoy exclusive newcomer deals or gifts! Explore thousands of quality brands and millions of items from fashion, home, health, tech, toys, sports, shoes and more! Plus enjoy FREE SHIPPING on over 75% of items. IMAGE SEARCH Snap a picture of the item you’re looking for or upload a photo to find an exact match or similar items. Easy peasy! INTERACTIVE & FUN GAMES Play mini games such as Fantastic Farm and Coupon Pals to earn greater rewards! PERSONALIZED RECOMMENDATIONS Get items and deals recommended specially for you based on your preferences. TOP RANKINGS Explore all top-ranking items based on number of orders, views, adds to cart and more! SECURE PAYMENT METHODS Make safe and seamless transactions with your preferred method - whether by credit card or wire transfer. BUYER PROTECTION All items are covered with Buyer Protection. Get a refund within 15-30 days if the item you received is not as described. OTHER APP HIGHLIGHTS - Daily Flash Deals - Earn multiple coins and coupons - Order management & automatic shipment notifications - Multiple language and currency support - 24/7 Help Centre - More exciting features to come! LEAVE US A NOTE Enjoyed the experience on AliExpress? Tell us what you think - we'd love to hear from you! If you noticed any bugs or would like to request for a feature, drop us a note in the app by tapping 'Account' then 'App Suggestion'.

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BriggsinBC on 2022-12-09
It’s a good wholesale resource for many products which are marked up and resold on the North American market. Shipping takes a while but it’s usually a fairly smooth process. App is pretty good except for the “dispute” process which doesn’t really have many options to describe the main reason for the dispute, which is that around 1 out of 20 items ordered do not ever arrive. If you do not file your dispute within the 15 day window after 45 days from time of order, there is ZERO way to open a dispute, and you are out the money you spent. There is no visible way to reach out to AliExpress customer service and resolve the issue. Overall, I like AliExpress and save a lot of money shopping there, but every once in a while I lose the money spent on a purchase that never arrived because I don’t catch the dispute window in time. If they fixed this on the app and had a way to contact customer service in English to resolve these issues, it would be a far better experience. Overall it’s a good site and if they made the app more accommodating to customers who never received their ordered item it would be a 9 out of 10 Right now it’s a 6.5-7 out of ten
Utilisation de l’application AliExpress
solangeriv on 2022-12-09
J’utilise beaucoup l’application car il est facile de trouvé les articles que l’ont cherche et au meilleur prix en plus de pouvoir bénéficier de plusieurs rabais soient avec les coupons sélections AliExpress, les coupons AliExpress, les jetons et les réductions des vendeurs qui nous proposent eux aussi soient en coupons et en pourcentages. J’ai économisée énormément dernièrement avec la vente de 11/11 et celle de la semaine du vendredi noir et cyber lundi. J’ai trouvée et achetée tous mes cadeaux sur AliExpress. Et comme c’est facile de suivre nos colis, je sais déjà que je vais bientôt recevoir tous ce que j’ai commandé prochainement car la livraison est rapide et que c’est facile de communiqué avec les vendeurs ou d’avoir de l’aide directement d’Ali express si on a des questions ou qu’on veux être remboursé.
Good navigation but too many adds
Epplesucks! on 2022-12-09
Correct me if I’m wrong but this is a shopping app. Why on earth did they keep hitting me with ads for this percent off or that percent off that has a countdown on it before I can continue within the app. I can skip the ad, but I would like to just get on with what I want to get on with instead of having to deal with that all the time. If it was something significant, it wouldn’t be so bad but it’s usually something like $.29 off your next purchase or something stupid like that. Otherwise, they have a massive product line and are usually the cheapest price out there.
Shady way to list things
testing sugars on 2022-12-09
This site used to be ok, it has always had issues like you see something for cheap then you click on it but it isn’t the product that is pictured but a plain cheap product with the one pictured beside it at a much higher price . Or you see a good price and then click and shipping is $20-$30 for one item. However now they have removed the Free Shipping option from filter options when searching so you will have to search for hours to find anything that is a deal making it not worth the time I’m really disappointed the did this
Great app but crap delivery system.
Kendylkane on 2022-12-09
I’ve had parcels literally thrown onto the sidewalk from their car. Tossed right behind the wheels of my vehicle. Today a neighbour brought it over because it was on the sidewalk in pieces. Awesome products and sellers but Ali express shipping set up is horrible. they take no responsibility. they use a no name service that is unreachable and doesn’t care. Complain to them on Facebook messenger or somewhere and they see it and then they block you.
First time purchasing Clothing
52Tweety52 on 2022-12-09
Very happy to see AliExpress has quality seller for clothing. I did a google image search on a skirt I randomly saw online and fortunately a seller had it for sale on AliExpress! I believe this skirt was part of Zara collection a year ago! Luckily a user posted real life measurements so I was able to order the correct size. I just did the same for my purchase. Thx!
Ariesbarbie15 on 2022-12-09
I’ve been using this app for as long as I can remember. I’ve always been recommending to friends and family and things were good up until this year when they single handedly spoil my wedding! They are nothing but a set of unfair thieves. As soon as I get my final orders I will be removing myself from that app! I would not recommended anyone to use or trust them!
good app overall, need to match web version
HatYYC on 2022-12-09
excellent shopping app, much better than amazon’s, but could use a few improvements: 1. Mobile app need to match web Online chat customer support, 2. Orders must have an “archive” function in addition to “delete” only currently, 3. Order tracking is lagging GOT, 17track, etc.. should sync once a day at least, including details.
Pour acheteur pas presser
Jessi_sweety on 2022-12-09
Génial pour les produits d’ongles. Meilleurs prix sur le marché. Parcontre, la livraison est très longue, environ 2-3 mois. Parcontre le vrai prix devrais etre avec le peoduit immediatement parce que c'est desagreable etre toujours obliger de rentrer sur le produit pour verifier si c'wst le vrai prix
Achat chez AliExpress ...
Dionyciis on 2022-12-09
Bonjour ! je peux vous dire que je suis très satisfait de faire des achats chez AliExpress ... la raison est simple les prix compétitif la qualité des produits et parfois originaux de leur fabrication ! Les colis arrive même avant la date prévu !.. Merci pour votre qualité de service .Frank

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