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AliExpress is the go-to online shopping app for everyone, anywhere. All new users enjoy exclusive newcomer deals or gifts! Explore thousands of quality brands and millions of items from fashion, home, health, tech, toys, sports, shoes and more! Plus enjoy FREE SHIPPING on over 75% of items. IMAGE SEARCH Snap a picture of the item you’re looking for or upload a photo to find an exact match or similar items. Easy peasy! INTERACTIVE & FUN GAMES Play mini games such as Fantastic Farm and Coupon Pals to earn greater rewards! PERSONALIZED RECOMMENDATIONS Get items and deals recommended specially for you based on your preferences. TOP RANKINGS Explore all top-ranking items based on number of orders, views, adds to cart and more! SECURE PAYMENT METHODS Make safe and seamless transactions with your preferred method - whether by credit card or wire transfer. BUYER PROTECTION All items are covered with Buyer Protection. Get a refund within 15-30 days if the item you received is not as described. OTHER APP HIGHLIGHTS - Daily Flash Deals - Earn multiple coins and coupons - Order management & automatic shipment notifications - Multiple language and currency support - 24/7 Help Centre - More exciting features to come! LEAVE US A NOTE Enjoyed the experience on AliExpress? Tell us what you think - we'd love to hear from you! If you noticed any bugs or would like to request for a feature, drop us a note in the app by tapping 'Account' then 'App Suggestion'.

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dunclem8 on 2023-01-30
The app sucks and you’re taking chances if you deal with those people unless you’re absolutely savvy they send out confirmation of receipt before they even ship and if you don’t know and you happen to hit confirmation you may never see your item and to try to open a dispute becomes a different thing because they sent you on a runaround saying that you can’t open a dispute until 15 days after confirmation up the receipt you like to try to track it and it says it’s been delivered months before you even purchased it you treat truck and keep trying to message the seller and you keep sending you pictures up the product you asked him when you’re gonna receive the product you get no answer if you’re going to ship it you get no answer they send pictures so it’s basically like somebody is just laughing at you because they took your money and they’re just driving you crazy giving you a hard time. I ordered some products Vape mod and a few other items they all came my batteries did not arrive and the sellers making is that he sent it literally laughing at me. The app is only good for buying and that’s it and then keep your fingers crossed. Imagine they do that to 1 million people You do the math
namron.u13 on 2023-01-30
So far I am VERY dissatisfied with the app and the whole process of refunding my money on a product thAt was a direct RIP OFF. What I Bought and what I received are two completely different items. I contacted Ali Express and they reached out to the vendor to return my money plus freight. I was told I must return the items via freight PREPAID with tracking and this would also be refunded. Well so far I have done as I was asked and today got $ 47.28 Credited to my card from Ali Express ? So far I am out $85.00 for the purchase along with $107.00 Post Freight Tracked to China. On my calculator that adds up to $192.00 so I am still short $145.00 This whole process has been a SCAM ! Be very cautious if you return anything !
It’s a good place to shop
truesprocket on 2023-01-30
It’s been good so far you can find some good deals, i’ve had to ask for a refund for a few items. It took a little longer than I think it should’ve, but it all went well. You can feel pretty safe shopping here, but like every side, check the cellar sometimes they can be quite deceiving when they’re not legitimate, but there are a lot of good stores here to go searching through just watch for their feedback from past customers and how many customers are following them now and you’ll do great
Like a kid in a candy store
(XThroughMyEyesX) on 2023-01-30
I’m into all kinds of crafts like card-making, art journaling, mixed media, etc. I actually found this place after seeing a few art journaling haul reveal vids on tiktok. A commenter asked where they found this stuff and was replied with ‘Mr. Paper’ on AliExpress. I made my first order shortly after that! I can’t find the kind of stuff I see on the app in my small city. There’s so much to choose from, reasonable prices and always fast shipping! It’s my crafting supply go to for sure!
Overall !
☾☽☾ on 2023-01-30
The app is well organized and it’s easy to get around. Their are a lot of selling stuff for the same items, as you would imagine, but it makes for a lot of options. A few things that stood out to me, image search in the search bar, separate tabs for purchases, ongoing payments, shipment & deliveries. Create different list for items you like (wishlists). Communication with sellers.
Fun n funky
LittleLuxee on 2023-01-30
Enormous treasure trove for all things kitchy & fun. HUGE assortment, not always the best quality, but for these prices, it can’t really be beat. Deliveries vary, some land at your door within a week or so, some things can take almost 2 months. But, again, for the price, it’s worth downloading and taking a long online stroll through the isles of these vendors.
Vendeur escroc
Jenniieboo91 on 2023-01-30
Plusieurs items non recu , argent prelever dans mon compte, les vendeurs indiquent commande terminé meme si vous avez pas recu les articles, ils offrent la possibilité douvrir un litige et suite a louverture du litige il bloque lacheteur et ferme leur page ensuite indique litige terminé et vous navez donc plus aucun recours.
Mario-Olivier on 2023-01-30
ALI change ma vie de shopping! Si vous regardez attentivement le produit sur les photos et que vous évaluez bien les chartes, vous risquez peu de vous tromper. Si vous doutez, écrivez au Vendeur. Ils sont honnêtes et sympas. Un mot sur les informaticiens du site, INCROYABLE, ils pourraient en montrer beaucoup aux nôtres.
Good delivery sometimes
himw, on 2023-01-30
Love to shop in here but most of the time it take months before receiving your package But BIG THANKS tho,💯 But if you want to make sure you will receive your package, just pay the shipping fees so you can have a tracking number and in case you didn’t receive your order it will be easier to refund your money;)
Neto all on 2023-01-30
Online service is very satisfactory. Only sometimes it is hard to open a dispute when item is not received and yet marked as delivered. Recently I encountered quite a few vendors’ deliveries. I have to going around to submit a dispute. Other than that everything is pretty straight forward.

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