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We're changing the way you discover and play the music you love. Listen free to music and podcasts with ads – no credit card required. Prime members can enjoy all the music + top podcasts ad-free. Or, get unlimited access with Amazon Music Unlimited and play your favourite songs, anytime, anywhere. Included with your Prime membership at no additional cost: • All the music ad-free • The largest catalogue of ad-free top podcasts • Discover new music and podcasts based on your likes • Shuffle play any artist, album or playlist Amazon Music Unlimited: • Unlimited access to millions of songs • Pick and play your favourite songs, ad-free • The most ad-free top podcasts • Listen offline • Unlimited skips • Experience our fast-growing collection of spatial audio Or listen to free streaming music, no credit card required: • Thousands of stations and top playlists • Millions of podcast episodes • Discover new music and podcasts based on your likes • No credit card required Import your playlists: • Move existing playlists from other music platforms to Amazon Music in a few quick steps. Learn more at My Music: • Listen to music you’ve purchased from Amazon – MP3s or AutoRip CDs/Vinyl. Your Amazon purchases are stored for free in the Amazon cloud. Apple Watch features: • Access your favourite music and podcasts right from your wrist • Use your Apple Watch to stream Amazon Music directly or control playback on a compatible iOS device • Play from your library, top recommendations or search for your favourite artists and albums • Download your playlists and albums onto your Apple Watch and listen to them in offline mode when you're on the go Visit us at: If you subscribe to Amazon Music Unlimited via iTunes where available, payment will be charged to your iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase and your membership will automatically renew monthly unless auto-renewal is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the then current membership period. Your account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours before the end of each membership period at the rate of your selected plan. You can manage your subscription and turn off auto-renewal anytime by going to My Account or through iTunes. See for the Privacy Policy and other terms applicable to your use of Amazon Music.

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Daniegir on 2023-02-05
Okay, so I finally started to listen to Prime Music because it was FULLY included benefit with my Amazon Prime membership. I hadn’t tried to really use it for years because I never found it’s layout to be the best or user friendly. Well I still don’t, but I was using the app a few days ago when my ears & brain mentally made subconscious note wondering if I just hadn’t noticed them before. Then a song I liked was on and I wanted to listen again, but louder I couldn’t. At first I thought that it was a problem with my car and it’s Bluetooth connection. Long story short it wasn’t a problem with car, but a PRIME MUSIC PROBLEM. NOW OF I WANT TO LISTEN TO PRIME MUSIC COMMERCIAL FREE AND RE-Listen to a song. IM REQUIRED TO PAY FOR A FULL MEMBERSHIP AMOUNT TO BE ABLE TO GO BACK ONE SONG OR HAVE NO COMMERCIALS!!! SCREW YOU AMAZON!!! I REFUSE TO PAY FOR ANOTHER SUPPOSEDLY FREE (in the ungreedy past) PERK. Remember what I said about not finding it not very user friendly and awkward. If I am going pay ANOTHER MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION FEE. YOU HAD BETTER BELIEVE THAT I WILL JUST UPGRADE MY SPOTIFY ACCOUNT AGAIN AND THE RADIO FOR LOCALLY SIGNIFICANT COMMERCIALS. SO PLEASE SMARTEN UP BECAUSE IM GETTING SICK OF THESE ADDITIONAL COSTS.
Goodapps076 on 2023-02-05
VERY DISAPPOINTED! This app has become SUPER buggy and has gone downhill a LONG way since I originally started using it. The app will repeat the same song over and over until I restart it at least once a day now. You’re not able to pick any song to listen to anymore unless you buy their premium service too. The app will pick any random song on your list and shuffle from there unless you use your “skips” which you have maybe 4 in a given time period. Many of the songs will disappear from your list over time too to try and force you to pay for a higher tier of service. With all the money Amazon has, somehow their programming is absolutely AWFUL. They still find it necessary to nickel and dime their customers until they want to pay more, or be rid of the service all together. Don’t bother with this app…I’m likely deleting it very soon after having it for years. FIGURE YOUR STUFF OUT AMAZON!
Converted from XM Radio
ServiceWithSincerity on 2023-02-05
I enjoy listing music so I found being able to choose just about any song at all was really nice. I also found out there’s a large library of podcasts too. There’s quite a bit more available than what I expected so I’m quite comfortable in cancelling my XM Radio in lieu of this preferred service. I’d be interested in seeing a bundle package the would include Prime, Music and their video service. The only drawback I’ve found is that their search function doesn’t seem to really bring up details nearly as good as YouTube. ie: typing the name of the song followed by the group generally only results in the service producing a list of every album the group made vs giving you the song. Then you don’t have the option of searching for the song within those results; at least not that I’ve noticed so far. Five stars for a better search functionality. 👍
Triste plan de développement
Bedtime bored on 2023-02-05
J’ai écris un commentaires en anglais la semaine dernière et m’a jamais été publié. Espérons que celui-ci le sera. Les changements apportés au service Prime Music sont très décevant . J’avais créé des playlists que j’aimais écouter et dorénavant je n’y ai plus accès sur mon Sonos. De plus si j’ai bien compris , on m’indique avoir bonifié mes playlists personnelles avec des musiques similaires. Est ce que je vous cela comme un cadeau, non même une intrusion dans mes choix personnels. De plus, je n’ai jamais aimé l’application de Prime music. Son architecture et son interactivité ne me plaisent pas du tout . Ça c’est une question de choix! Maintenant, je ne regretterai pas de l’abandonner ni d’annuler mon compte Prime sur Amazon, j’en ai plus pour mon argent et ni pour ma satisfaction. Spotify même gratuit m’ira très bien.
Cancelling my Prime subscription!
MousePick on 2023-02-05
I was thrilled with Amazon Prime when I first got it-I could create my own playlists and listen on demand. It was a way better product than Spotify or I-tunes, in my books. Then songs started to disappear from my playlists. Then my playlists were inaccessible altogether. Then I didn’t even get to pick the songs I got to listen to—Amazon got to push songs in front of me that someone had paid them to flog. Gradually taking things away from customers in order to coerce them pay for them isn’t cool. Shoving an ad in front of me to ‘upgrade’ every time I log into the app isn’t cool. I’m cancelling my subscription on principle alone. Seeing one of the biggest companies in the world making a cash grab in times like this has left a very bad taste in my mouth. Bad decision, Amazon!
Amazon changed the platform and made it annoying
Annoyed was taken on 2023-02-05
I can no longer listen to my playlists as I want to. Amazon changed it so I can only skip 5 times and added “related songs” to my playlists. So now I can’t skip and have to listen to the songs they choose for me that they’ve added to my playlists. I already pay for Amazon prime and I was happy listening to the music content that was older and included, but now Amazon is trying to force me to upgrade by making listening to the playlists I’ve already made and used to be able to listen to freely, partially inaccessible. Super annoying and I may consider unsubscribing to Prime altogether. They essentially downgraded the service so I’m getting less and paying more. Not impressed.
Could be worse
PastorBlinky on 2023-02-05
I feel like Amazon could put a little more effort in, and get this down to a 1 star. It’s like they weren’t even trying. Sure the app can’t stay open to display lyrics, forgets what you were playing all the time, lacks a section to collect your favourite albums, and constantly suggests podcasts and musical genres you wouldn’t play with a gun to your head, but they could do more. Maybe the app could randomly shock the user. Or songs could feature random screaming from dying animals. I just feel like they could get this down to a 1 star if they really tried.
It’s a good app but…
Desmondrodenbour on 2023-02-05
… I absolutely HATE all the damn advertising trying to get me to upgrade to the higher level of “Amazon Unlimited”. If this was a truly free app, ok, then fine. But it’s not free. I pay for this app as part of my monthly fee to Amazon. It’s simply bad form to then hit me with constant ads for the higher cost option. And show me music that - at the last step - you show me that it’s behind the pay wall. Amazon - we’re your loyal, paying customers. Start treating us as such.
Shmi11:11 on 2023-02-05
Every song is downloaded with different quality so some music will sound fuzzier than others. I’m annoyed that I have to pay extra for a service that’s worst than if I were to use Apple Music or Spotify. Definitely just get Spotify if you aren’t already paying for Amazon prime. The app requires you to download a whole separate app just to play music in the car I mean cmon why couldn’t the app just been designed to be used more conveniently.
Very disappointed
Rigman2 on 2023-02-05
I did enjoy Amazon Music until a few months ago when Amazon decided to become greedy. I get the whole idea of rising the price of Prime but to move Amazon Music on its own is a major rip off. An extra $135/year on top of the $100 price for prime is not worth it to me. I guess when there’s enough using the audio books, that will move as a target for profit as well. People don’t get to attached

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