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Jun, 2020


Jun, 2020



Getting fit is now even more accessible with the brand new BetterMe app! FIVE REASONS TO INSTALL BetterMe: 1. Customized wholesome approach to weight loss and weight gain We adjust to your busy schedule, preferences and lifestyle to achieve fast results without harming your health 2. Workouts for any level Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, we’ve got you covered with a variety of exercise sets for at-home or at-the-gym sessions, with zero equipment or a full gym. Even if you’ve never tried to work out in your life, our simple and clear instructions will help prevent injuries and get you accustomed with a fitness world in record time 3. Varied disciplines from cardio to yoga Everyone can find something they like, whether it’s to get your blood pumping or wind down after a long day. 4. Easy-to-follow meal plans Nutrition plans created by certified experts to boost your progress with options like intermittent fasting, keto, vegan, and many more 5. Support by certified coaches in chat Shoot our coaches a message if you are unsure about what to do, need motivation or just want someone to talk to! We’re online and are happy to help. The BetterMe app provides you with: - Workout Programs: personalized sets of exercises and nutrition to help you get in shape faster - All-new meal plans: dishes picked according to your preferences, and are easy to make thanks to video recipes - Calorie Tracker: know exactly how much you consume a day and monitor your macros all with an intuitive design - New community with daily articles, tips, tricks, and answers to all the FAQs - Personal coach feature so you are always professionally guided and supported through your weight loss journey - Water tracker and step counter to make sure that you're reaching your daily goals - Yoga, running and walking workouts for everyone! BetterMe offers varied workouts, easy-to-follow meal plans, and useful tips for everyone! There is no need to go to the gym; over 1,500 of our workouts can be done at home - with our vast library of exercises, everyone will find something to float their boat: from prenatal yoga to guided interval running, get ready to meet your new favorite way to get in shape fast! Getting in shape has a lot to do with nutrition, and we've carefully hand-picked hundreds of recipes for every taste, cooking time, and budget. Quickly find your new favorite keto breakfast, vegan snack, low-calorie dinner and much more. The shopping list feature is super handy: you don't need to write down all the required ingredients, you can now tap on the recipe and instantly add all the ingredients to your shopping list. Want to eat healthy, but following recipes is not always convenient? Worry not! Use Calorie Tracker to add any food item to your daily diary and track your progress even more accurately! BetterMe app is also integrated with Health Kit, so that you can track your steps inside the actual app as well as log your water and calorie intake. You can see your workout and meal schedule on the main screen and set workout notifications so that we can remind you to work out at a suitable time. We've also added yoga journeys as well as walking and running workouts to make sure that we've covered all your daily activity needs. We offer a wide range of subscription options so that you can choose the right one for you (3 months access renewal, weekly renewal, etc.). You can cancel your subscription at any moment in your iTunes account settings, but refunds will not be provided for any unused portion of the terms. Payment will be charged to your iTunes Account at purchase confirmation. Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription to that publication, where applicable. Detailed information on our Terms of Use is available here - Privacy Policy -

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lidiad6676 on 2020-07-16
I have purchased the 6 months worth of the meal plan and the exercises. June 21 2020 and I was told that I should be getting my meal plan in the 24hr period. I never received any emails with any type of plan. They removed money from my account of $39.99 US. I have been trying to get in touch with someone since the day I purchased services. I have sent email after email almost 2x a day. I get an automatic email response that says that they have received my email and someone will get back to me in the next 24hrs with a real person. I have been trying to get my money back and there is no one there to help. I am not able to get access to anything that I was promised. Not a good app. I was told to cancel the subscription through the App Store and yet it shows I am not subscribed to BetterMe. The app keeps asking me to keep on paying for 12 months, even though I already paid for the 6 months. Give me my money back.
Buy the plan then be prepared to buy more.
arandellca on 2020-07-16
I really like the app. Great features but.... I purchased the meal plan and was directed to download the app. The email I received thanking me for joining was not clear about the fact that the app was where the meal plan was. I emailed and they also sent me a PDF copy which is great. My gripe is that on the app you cannot look back in previous days when you are logging food. So if you forget to add meals or drinks you don’t get an accurate track of your calorie intake. As well you have to pay for a personal trainer to be able to track the amount of water you’re drinking. Money Grab.
Lied about price
infinityLTFS on 2020-07-16
Seems alright so far, I like some of the features and stuff. There are a bunch of extras (other programs) U have to pay for if u want them (on top of the subscription). But I was absolutely charged more than the option I chose. I chose an option that led me to believe I would be paying a lump sum for the year that would only equate to a few bucks a month. But turns out my lump sum is only for 3 months, and the monthly amount equals out to 4x as much as I had agreed to. I already paid, so I’ll be cancelling as the 3 months runs out.
Rushelle J on 2020-07-16
Hello, I just purchased this app/program under the impression that. Was paying a one time payment. It was not until I read the reviews that. Realized that what I thought was a one time acme to was not. I am trying to cancel and I have followed all the steps provided and I am not able to cancel. As I purchased this on July 6th around 9:00 pm and it is now 12:10 am on July 7th, I would like a prompt response as to how I can CORRECTLY cancel my subscription before the 24 hour deadline. Thank you
Not happy !!
Daddysgirl67 on 2020-07-16
It looked like the perfect app until they started taking payments of my account twice a month instead of once a month...!! They did that 3 months in row until I realized it and I am now going to cancel it because this is theft in my book...!! I am furious...!!! I sent email and still waiting for some explanation as to why they permit themselves to get paid twice amount so instead of $7.49 it costs me almost $ 15.00 definitely not worth it...!!!
App crash
ivereviewedyourapp on 2020-07-16
Tried using it for a day and it seemed like a great app! I don’t have Apple Pay so I didn’t run into the problem of being charged money. There were quite a few times that they would ask me to join their plan and give money, but it was easy to avoid that. App crashed just a few minutes ago, hopefully re-downloading will help, but I will have to go through this process once again. Please be a one time thing!!!
I’m conflicted
kichiagai on 2020-07-16
The meals they recommended are amazing and simple. Which honestly is hard to find. One thing that is making me angry is I paid 40$ CAD for only 3 months and they want more money from me to track my water consumption... also if you press “LOG” on their recipes it does not show up. You have to manually type it in. I feel annoyed with how much money they are asking for.
Ahhshajaj on 2020-07-16
How can you charge someone for an app and then be like but if you want to use the WHOLE app you have to pay $20 for this program and oh, you wanted to try a challenge? well that costs you 13.99 or whatever the price was. That’s so wrong, make the app free for the plans and have in app purchases or charge for the app and let people use the WHOLE app.
Cancel my subscription
J155Rock on 2020-07-16
Hello, I am trying to cancel my subscription and your app is not showing up under my apply subscriptions or in iTunes. Your company pages says I can cancel it on my own but it is impossible. I have never experienced this before and I’m an avid user of apps. I would kindly request that someone contacts me ASAP to process this cancelation. Thank you.
App issues
Moooooobbbbbbbyyyy on 2020-07-16
I started using this app and I loved it 3 days in the app will not open . I’ve deleted the app restarted my phone done everything to try to get the app to open again and it won’t. I sent an email to support , I will see what will happen I paid 29.99$ and I really want to continue tracking and working out . Hope it will start working again

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