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Jul, 2021


Jul, 2021



Bitmoji is your own personal emoji. • Create an expressive cartoon avatar • Choose from a huge library of stickers – all featuring YOU • Use Bitmoji in Snapchat and wherever else you chat Using Bitmoji in Snapchat unlocks Friendmoji – 2-person Bitmojis featuring you and your friends!

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I have a question.
Kooziack on 2021-08-04
Do you mind adding more types of hairstyles? Do you also mind adding messy hairstyles(kind-of like bedheads)? I think it would look really cool if I had a messy hairstyle! Edit: Could you also add stuff like anime character outfits, body types, eyes, hairstyles and more things that are like anime? I think it would be awesome if we were able to dress up in Bitmoji as our favourite characters! Edit #2: Can you please add more short hairstyles that are curly? Thanks! Edit #3: Can you please add some more hairstyles with shaved sides or maybe undercuts? Can you also please add the ability to have piercings and earrings? Maybe also the ability to have braces? Maybe more hair colours? Thanks!! Edit #4: Can you please add more skirts? And maybe some more footwear? Thanks! Edit #5: Can you please add more short hairstyles? Thank you! Edit #6: Can you please add more socks? Thanks!
New hairstyle
coolbeansbaja on 2021-08-04
My Bitmoji would like new hairstyle please and merci it would be nice to have a new hairstyle because it is very important to have a new hairstyle just letting you know please and merci my bitmoji likes new hairstyle it would be very very nice to have a new hairstyle merci for understanding my bitmoji's hairstyle choices with bangs and ponytail will be sooooo very nice to have every year please and merci being stylish is nice and a good thing to be it is being my bitmoji sooooooooooo very happy my bitmoji likes new hairstyle with bangs and ponytail please and merci i am doing to tell you over and over again for new hairstyle with bangs and ponytail i repeat hairstyle with bangs and ponytail please and merci have a very nice day time for new hairstyle with bangs and ponytail because i said soooooooooooooo please and merci
we need more! <3
~•ROSEGOLD UNICORN18•~ on 2021-08-04
this is an absolutely amazing app! i love the variety in outfits! but you know what we need more of? accessories! i think it would so much fun if you guys could possibly add things such as piercings, tattoos, scrunchies, bags, etc. thanks! it would also be great to have more variations and colours for glasses as well as socks! other things such as necklaces, rings, anklets &amp; bracelets would also be greatly appreciated.
Great app
Babybree6626 on 2021-08-04
The app is great, I like that they have plenty of hair options and other stuff but some things that I wish were added is piercings like nose and lip type peircings so people could make there Bitmoji avatar look more like them and add more clothing options but besides that the app is really great and fun to play with
grahamcrackerrrr on 2021-08-04
Bitmoji is so fun and I totally recommend it! should be able to “heart” your favourite bitmojis so that you can use them extra speed when you have the perfect chance to!! I can NEVER find the bitmoji for the situation and when I do, I’ve already lost my chance! Please add a feature to do this
What I think
ygesvbhgfvvvdfhjh on 2021-08-04
Com up with different types of stickers and New clothes and let people choose if they want to be a male or a female Does that make sense please do those ideas as I feel they will help us and we will have more fun in the game OK please do the ideas please I will give it a two out of five
Monkeh (:0)
Bruh no thanks on 2021-08-04
I really like this app and the fact they added wheelchairs makes me happy, y’all should add more personalized things like tattoos, earrings, and more outfit options. Thank u &lt;3 Also, I accidentally deleted this app and it won’t let me log back in- can you please try fix this? Ty
Maternity stuff is disappointing
JuliannCarrier on 2021-08-04
I love dressing up my bitmoji but I find the maternity option lacking. I wish we could chose each piece of clothing like the normal clothing instead of being stuck with just outfits. Or having maternity as a body type and being able to use all the other clothing options
I love it
Jellybeans!12373 on 2021-08-04
Hi! Thank you for adding piercings🙌 Could you add braces and missing teeth to? It would be soo cool🤘🏻BUT MOST OF ALL PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEE LET US MAKE OUR OWN POSES. ON SNAPCHAT ABD STUFF PLEASEEEEEEE IT WHOULD BE ANAZING
sam and sadie on 2021-08-04
I love this app but my little cousin is in a wheelchair and she downloaded it and there was not way to show her how she really is so please think about adding wheelchairs or crutches and things like that

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