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Do NOT make reservations through Booking!
Auntie Beana on 2020-04-06
I had made a reservation for a trip to Vancouver for May and with this COVID-19 virus there was no way I was able to cancel without the hotel charging me for the ENTIRE stay. My mother and I were going to go for a last vacation for her and unfortunately my mom is sick with the Coronavirus 19. The doctors have told her that she is not to travel anywhere for a minimum of three months, so I called the hotel - Travelodge Surrey who vehemently refused to waive the cancellation price of $352.50. You would think with this virus keeping us in isolation that these fees would be canceled. If it wasn’t for my mother being sick with the virus we would be going but I will not go against her doctor’s advice. Shame on you Booking. com and Travelodge Surrey
Angry and taken advantage of
blulou8 on 2020-04-06
Complete scam! I can’t even contact anyone to verify that my booking has been cancelled! I requested a cancellation for an upcoming stay due to covid-19! emailed me to say they haven’t heard back from the hotel, I called the hotel and they put all necessary info on my reservation to say that had emailed me with this comment HOWEVER they haven’t even contacted the hotel! Now I get an email requesting that I cancel with the hotel myself! I tried to do that but the hotel explained to me that it’s that has my money, not them! so mad right now! There’s not even a 1-800 number for this ridiculous website! NEVER again will I deal with this site, complete scam!
Love using The app
BEA GEA on 2020-04-06
Using the Map with the prices and availability is so helpful wherever I book around the world. Also love the easy to find cancelation terms. One thing I found a little difficult. I needed to book 4 days in Amsterdam and wanted to stay in the same place for 4 days. I had 2 people for 3 days and the fourth day I had 4 people. The only way I could book this was make two separate bookings. Some hotels/places to stay either had no availability for four people or weren’t available for that last day. It took a little work to do this and find the right place. But was doable
Great service & 20 minute walk to Costco
Auntiem on 2020-04-06
We stayed one night because of the proximity to Costco so we could stalk up on fresh food before heading to Vieques. The owner was very accommodating and helpful even though we were arriving so late. We were me at the door and shown to the apartment. They even helped us order Pizza as we had just flown in from Canada and were soooo hungry. The AC worked well, the apartment was clean and the master bedroom bed was comfortable. We never got to use the pool as we had to hit Costco before heading to Isla Vieques. Thank you
Made it easy to book and know what we would have
Karen7429 on 2020-04-06
We planned a 26 day visit to Chile, exploring the country from top to bottom with three day stays being the maximum in any one location. Meant we stayed in many different locations, rented cars from various agencies and flights from different carriers. Our self-developed tour would have been much more difficult without using Only one place was a disappointment. I will use again which is the best review I can give.
Why book with multi billion dollar industry?
Foolich_49er on 2020-04-06 takes 18% commissions from hotel owners of which many are small business owners just trying to pay bills. They do ZERO work and get 18% of the booking revenue. It’s all automated and they make MILLIONS of dollars a day while small business literally do all the work. SUPPORT SMALL BUSINESS and BOOK DIRECT.
Can’t contact
ackjlongbfjfjdjsi on 2020-04-06
I had to cancel a booking because of Covid-19. states the property is responsible for refunds. The property states Booking. Com is and has my money. Ive tried all sorts of methods to contact and have been unsuccessful. This is the only way I’ve been able to, and am hoping someone responds.
Ontarians! on 2020-04-06 has been nothing but courteous, helpful and sympathetic to mine and my family’s needs during our time of crisis. They helped us out of a potential disastrous situation and saved our March Break vacation!!! Thank you Booking and we’ll continue to use only you and recommend you to everyone we know.
Facile d’utilisation
Nanlaprof on 2020-04-06
J’adore et je planifie mes voyages dans le confort de mon salon, facilement. Je peux communiquer avec un agent en ligne et les modifications sont possibles au fur et à mesure que mon voyage approche ou se modifie « en direct ».
emiashhh on 2020-04-06
Customer service is basically non existent, has you on hold for an hour, tells you they cant take your call and hangs up on you. Also no response when I asked about my hotels price going down 120$ the week after I booked it

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