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Nov, 2022


Nov, 2022



The CIBC Mobile Banking App has received the highest ranking in customer satisfaction in Canada, according to a 2021 study from J.D. Power. We’re always striving to make our app to do more for you. FEATURES • Securely access your accounts with your fingerprint, face ID or password. • Apply for bank accounts or credit cards and view your application status in real time. • Get a snapshot of all your accounts in the same place, anytime. • Use Apple Pay at payment terminals. • Set up instant, post-dated or recurring payments. • Deposit cheques in a flash - all you need is to take a picture with your phone. • Send and receive money instantly with Interac e-Transfer. • Quickly search for branches, banking hours, bank machines and mortgage advisors near you. • Receive your free Equifax credit score directly in the app, without affecting your score. • Our Travel Tools feature a currency converter, helpful tips and emergency numbers for while you’re away. • Our Virtual Assistant is available 24/7 to answer your banking questions and is able to perform everyday banking transactions on your behalf. LANGUAGES Supports English and French PRIVACY Your privacy and security comes first. Learn more about how CIBC is committed to protecting you by visiting LEGAL By downloading the CIBC Mobile Banking App you consent to the installation of this App and to any future updates or upgrades which may be automatically installed depending upon your device or operating system’s default settings or the settings you have selected. You can withdraw your consent at any time by uninstalling this App. CONTACT For your banking questions, please visit: Telephone Banking: 1-800-465-2422 Address: CIBC Head Office, 81 Bay Street, CIBC Square, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5J 0E7 Website:

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Going Downhill
ofaring on 2022-12-03
Your recent company changes which included letting internal IT go and moving to another platform to “modernize” have certainly had an impact. This app is now in the area of 5 - 10x slower to load the login page, to login, and to process transactions. (Lots of watching the spinning icon.) Your Simplii app is now the same, so it’s unlikely to be an issue with this app on my phone. (And happens regardless of data network/time of day. Other banking apps on my phone are running normally.) I’ve also experienced troubling (but not critical - yet) errors with transactions not updating correctly between Simplii and CIBC, which may indicate deeper issues. I’d rather not assist in troubleshooting by having to contact your support. Knowing that you let internal IT go, and performance/errors have decreased/increased since going this route, does nothing but make me look elsewhere for my banking. I hope other Canadians do the same.
CIBC takes for ever to update transactions
Ongphat on 2022-12-03
Ordinary banking works fine. Visa consolidation and transactions do not update quickly enough - meaning it takes days if not weeks for CIBC visa to show an updated payment. Competitor apps like rbc and TD update much more faster - closer to 24hr. Not sure why CIBC is not able to do this. Need to improve technology to save customer time from having to constantly review account to see if it has been updated and second guessing if they calculated it correctly. Patience is running out.
Lots of issues with Pending/Posted
Mars4570 on 2022-12-03
The pending and posted charges do not line up sometimes. The charge will show pending but then it’s included in the amount due at the top. The payment shows posted days earlier but then it’s not in the transactions. It’s difficult to know how much you really owe. The app looks nice and is easy to navigate but the most important part of it is a big let down
Scam banking
Wallop#831 on 2022-12-03
For years I have been with this bank, every time money is deposited into my account CIBC takes money from me. These are hard times and do not always have money in there but the overdraft fees and services charges are ridiculously high and I’m tired of being taken advantage of. So do what you will with this horrible bank.
Crashes after FaceID login (Resolved)
Year.of.the.Dog on 2022-12-03
After an initial login via FaceID, the app always crashes. The app works fine after a second login. This is on an iPhone 14 Plus. It worked without problems on my old iPhone 7 with TouchID logins. Update: I deleted and reinstalled the app as suggested by the developer. And the app no longer crashes after FaceID login.
Past Transactions not showing & Chat hardly ever works when logged in
samivtoce on 2022-12-03
Tried to contact 3 times, get cut off, no callback, get back to you within 3-5 bus days, never to hear from again, thus app leaves much to be desired! Come on CIBC you have our money fix this app bring it to 2022! A lot of features still missing too that are basic for a digital world! Step it up!
full of ADS
IfItMatters! on 2022-12-03
I already have your credit card…. Do not need ads for another credit card. why the home page cannot be simple, clean, clear and up to date with my personal data. Any offers, banners, ads, TC should be removed from home page. Time to switch banks!
Cibc account
Mississauga frog on 2022-12-03
Every time I try to get into my account after typing in the password I get a notification the I have entered the wrong password. Upon every use the password has to be changed. Something has to be done to correct this. Sincerely Raymond
fhgdccby on 2022-12-03
It’s not letting me check my credit score I am a authorized user and I’m pretty sure I should be able to see my credit score for free the bank just says to go to Equifax but I think they should provide it on their app
2fa really annoying
gigi125678 on 2022-12-03
The 2fa doesn’t accept any of my own info it makes it extremely hard to access my account. I have to constantly change my own password just to log back in. It’s as if the app refuses to believe I’m me no matter what

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