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Aug, 2022


Aug, 2022



Join millions of players worldwide as you build your village, raise a clan, and compete in epic Clan Wars! Mustachioed Barbarians, fire wielding Wizards, and other unique troops are waiting for you! Enter the world of Clash! New Features: ● Army training is now free in the home village! Train your favourite troops at zero cost. ● Quick donate any Super Troop to your clan member’s Clan Castle! ● Balance changes and a bunch of neat Quality of Life improvements! Classic Features: ● Join a Clan of fellow players or start your own and invite friends. ● Fight in Clan Wars as a team against millions of active players across the globe. ● Test your skills in the competitive Clan War Leagues and prove you’re the best. ● Forge alliances, work together with your Clan in Clan Games to earn valuable Magic items. ● Plan your unique battle strategy with countless combinations of Spells, Troops, and Heroes! ● Compete with the best players from around the world and rise to the top of the Leaderboard in Legend League. ● Collect resources and steal loot from other players to upgrade your own Village and turn it into a stronghold. ● Defend against enemy attacks with a multitude of Towers, Cannons, Bombs, Traps, Mortars, and Walls. ● Unlock epic Heroes like the Barbarian King, Archer Queen, Grand Warden, Royal Champion, and Battle Machine. ● Research upgrades in your Laboratory to make your Troops, Spells, and Siege Machines even more powerful. ● Create your own custom PVP experiences through Friendly Challenges, Friendly Wars, and special live events. ● Watch Clanmates attack and defend in real-time as a spectator or check out the video replays. ● Fight against the Goblin King in a single player campaign mode through the realm. ● Learn new tactics and experiment with your army and Clan Castle troops in Practice Mode. ● Journey to the Builder Base and discover new buildings and characters in a mysterious world. ● Turn your Builder Base into an unbeatable fortress and defeat rival players in Versus Battles. ● Collect exclusive Hero Skins and Sceneries to customize your Village. What are you waiting for, Chief? Join the action today. PLEASE NOTE! Clash of Clans is free to download and play, however, some game items can also be purchased for real money. If you don't want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases in your device's settings. Also, under our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, you must be at least 13 years of age to play or download Clash of Clans. A network connection is also required. Player Reviews: Clash of Clans proudly announces over one million five star reviews on the App Store. If you have fun playing Clash of Clans, you may also enjoy other Supercell games like Clash Royale, Brawl Stars, Boom Beach, and Hay Day. Make sure to check those out! Support: Chief, are you having problems? Visit or or contact us in game by going to Settings > Help and Support. Privacy Policy: Terms of Service: Parent’s Guide:

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Developers just don’t care
chronological justice on 2022-09-24
I’ve played the game for about 8 years and am fully maxed so it’s hard for me to write a bad review. However, recently my clan leader was hacked and randoms kicked me and my clan mates overnight stealing our lvl 21 clan and almost maxed capital hall, war record so on. I joined this clan 8 years ago and many of the members have been in the clan for 5+ years. The game is based around clans, so losing this is game shattering for the 30 of us who have worked to build this clan together. When reaching out to support regarding the issue, almost no one in my clan was able to reach a real person for more than one message where they told us it was our fault for promoting the wrong person. Ridiculous. The support won’t even respond to me anymore and we haven’t gotten anywhere. It’s just very clear that when there isn’t an issue with payment methods supercell simply couldn’t care less. No real customer support and a true lack of care for the gameplay in their game.
Change war rules
pro royal player on 2022-09-24
It is stupid how a clan can lose a war win streak just because of a draw even though I am truly better. Make it about time or something, just get rid of ties. I just lost a big war win streak to a 5v5 war with some people who used all 10 attacks got very lucky. Struggled with time, like they were bad but they had good #1 so he just dipped the good lower town hall bases. I was clearly better and they just got lucky and I lost a streak cause of it, fix it please,absolutely nobody I can assure you likes a draw especially when you lose a hard earned streak cause of stupid rules. A good idea would be to make it whoever used the least attacks to go perfect wins, if that’s tied too then make it about time. I don’t care. Just fix it, you would think you people would be smart enough to come up with this on your own but after several stupid years of these rules, apparently you are not.
Locked account
WS7415 on 2022-09-24
They locked my account for trying to recover my second account. So now lost 2 maxed out accounts. Was asked for receipts which I provided. Then asked for every device I’ve ever played on for the last 10 years. Which I provided and then they still won’t unlock it. What a joke. I spent 9 years loving this game. What a waste of time and money. Don’t make the same mistake I made. WS741568
Замечательная игра
страдиварри on 2022-09-24
Незаметно а уже 9 год я уделяю время игре.Всем разработчикам и модераторам огромное спасибо за ваш труд и отдельное спасибо за помощь при обращении в службу поддержки .Продолжайте в том же духе и радуйте нас обновлениями. С уважением ваш пользователь и как выяснилось фанат этой замечательной игры.
Wont let me play
Eilauaea on 2022-09-24
When I was 9 I used to love playing this game on my iPad I played about 3/2 years ever since I stopped playing.i moved to my phone now I’m trying to get to my account but it wouldn’t let me in it just says “update need” something like that i don’t know if it was my iPad or anything pls fix this
Love the game but…
gabxx ysbsusbbdhsukand on 2022-09-24
Supercell PLEASE DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS!!! It should not be this difficult to earn trophies in multiplayer battles! 6 trophies for defeating max th8 at my non-maxed out th5 level??? That’s some BULLCRAP. Love the game but you should increase the payouts in terms of trophies so that it is fair.
Dont play this game waste of time and money
freak master flex on 2022-09-24
You win a game you get around 10 points You play the next game and you end up losing a very winnable battle and you lose 32 points Its a complete waste of time and money No matter what you do You wind up losing 3-4 times the points you won last Play something else
ncndjjdndmmdm on 2022-09-24
I have played this game since I was 4 and I am 12 now this game is still amazing and deserves 5 stars. Right now I am th12 almost th13 and can’t wait for more updates that are a game changer. I love this game and can’t wait for more future things… Keep up the good work!
I love Clash Of clans so muchhhhh!!!!
Peewee0755 on 2022-09-24
This game helped cure my depression and cancer and i am no longer a loser but a sigma male with lots of sigma friends. I get hella chicks all day at the bar and clubs when i whip out my CoC despite being sigma, they approach me and ask to watch!!!!
Fun but long.. very long
dawit12333 on 2022-09-24
Really fun but it’s a waiting game if you don’t want to pay. Never paid, played for a few years and still not even close to done. Still enjoyable though. Also, you won’t be playing the game much as it takes a lot of time for your troops. 4/5 game.

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