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Dec, 2022


Dec, 2022



Welcome to The Coffee Inc, business simulation tycoon game! As a founder and CEO, your role is to start up your coffee shop, manage coffee bean blends, create the best coffee products, hire and motivate the best talents, conduct effective marketing, manage financials, expand the business to multiple cities and build the biggest coffee empire! === Key Features === - Open more than two hundred coffee shops. Location! Location! Location! - Choose your own exteriors, interiors and store equipment in order to differentiate your stores from competitors. - Seven cities to expand your business (so as your competitors!). - Develop the best coffee blends to uniquely stand out your products and shops. - Set products and pricing strategies wisely to compete with neighboring coffee shops. - Hire store employees, train/motivate/compensate them well and keep the service level high. - Conduct store marketing as well as corporate level marketing to increase brand awareness and attract more customers. - Very realistic income statement and balance sheet to provide detailed financial insights. - Borrow money from the Bank if you are short on cash. - File for IPO to increase the capital and expand your business aggressively. - Acquire (M&A) competitors through the stock market. - Once you get big, you can invest in real estate and other venture businesses. - Expand your business to become an owner of professional sports team franchises. - It's a turn-based game. Enjoy the game at your own pace, even offline. No more waiting for hours and days! - Because we'd like you to fully enjoy the game, there are no annoying ads.

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