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Apr, 2020


Apr, 2020



Water is essential to our life, drinking enough and right quantity of water is vital to our health. But because of our bad memory, busy work or too many little things, the day is ended before we drink enough water. Drink Water App's functions are : + Is simple and easy. Making it adequate for any age + Daily water intake calculator based on your sex, weight and country(Hot/Cold). Lets you know how much water you should drink daily. + Notifications and reminders to remember you to drink water as you prefer and helping you to drink more water. + Automatic bed time mode so you don't receive reminders on the middle of the night. Making it a smarter reminder. + Graphic display of your hydration level and daily consumption. + Easy to add or modify a alert time. show you stocks of water remaining to take. + Consumption Chart Statistics so you can know your hydrated level and have all the drink water benefits. + Customize sound and message of alert as you want to receive. + Track History of logged water and adjust past water consumption. + oz and ml support + ensure your water delivery on time + maintain your Better Health Statistics and Health Plans + integration to health app Advantages of have a good water balance + Stay slimmer Revs up metabolism and helps you feel full. Replace calorie-laden beverages with water and drink more before meals to help you feel fuller. weight maintain and over weight person to reduce weight , may help in weight loss + Boosts your energy If you're feeling drained and depleted, drink more. Beign dehydrated makes you feel fatigued. + Lower stress 85% of your brain tissue is water. If you're dehydrated, both your body and your mind will be stressed. + Build muscle tone One of the water benefit is to prevent muscle cramping and lubricates joints in the body. + Nourish your skin Fine lines and wrinkles are deeper when you're dehydrated. drinking hydrates skin cells and plumps them up, making your face look younger. + Stay regular Along with fiber, water is essential for good digestion. invest into your future. + Reduces kidney stones The rate of painful kidney stones is rising because people, including children, aren't drinking enough water. water dilutes the salts and minerals in your urine that form the solid crystals known as kidney stones. + Better Health improve your health plans and move a head with finest water delivery , make this app as your better health and fitness trainer Note : App provide you water information based on your weight, sex and country(hot/cold), consult a doctor in your area for better intake. please write your experience as review, this would help a lot. if any demand just go to feedback section in app we are always there. thank you for using this water app!.

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Great App!
CorelynnXo on 2020-05-25
This is really awesome to keep track of how much water you are drinking on a daily basis. As a person who lives an active lifestyle this is a great app for me! I also like that it reminds you to drink water through push notifications. As a university student studying for exams it’s easy to forget to drink enough water, so this app is also helpful for that! Overall I really enjoy using it so far!
Pretty good
MadElaine65428 on 2020-05-25
So far this app seems to be pretty good. I’m a bit annoyed that I have to leave a review to be able to use the calendar function. I am also annoyed that when I record water intake on my watch it doesn’t translate to water being taken out of my water bottle on my phone. I highly doubt I’ll go pro because honestly I’m not able to try out how their other features work.
Great app!
anon4852 on 2020-05-25
I love this app ! I used to not drink enough and you were able to tell by my face (skin) and inner health. This app can send you reminders and will set the amount of water you need based on your weight and height. If you forget to document the water you drank, you can go back and edit ! It syncs right into your health app :)
Decent App
soupy514 on 2020-05-25
Overall really good app for tracking water intake and setting custom reminders to drink water. The ability to adjust the size of your water bottle is great and compatibility with Apple Watch makes for easy input.
Didn’t work for me.
Decorgirl124 on 2020-05-25
I just want to record I drank water. I don’t want to fill your bottle, drink the water and fill it again....and if you hit something by mistake the undo does not work!! Not for me. Sorry.
They make you say 5 star for more affects in the app
Srahrah on 2020-05-25
they make you say it is 5 stars to see your progress and calendar omg that’s awful don’t get this app. I am say 5 star because i have to not because i think that but ya bye!
So far so good
Zpinkt on 2020-05-25
Using the free version, ads are obnoxious but it’s the price of using free versions. Other than that it’s useful and I like that it has different units to pick from.
Love it so far!
hydr8ing on 2020-05-25
I’ve never peed so much in my life! Definitely helpful to stay on track to maximum hydration. Hopefully this review will allow me to view my calendar!
bzdgn08 on 2020-05-25
I really love this app! I can personalize my bottles size and notification times as well as the quote which motives me drink more water every day!
Nahla0555 on 2020-05-25
I am enjoying this app so much! It is really helping me drink more water. I have been looking at different apps but this one works so well!

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