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Learn a new language with the world’s most-downloaded education app! Duolingo is the fun, free app for learning 40+ languages through quick, bite-sized lessons. Practice speaking, reading, listening, and writing to build your vocabulary and grammar skills. Designed by language experts and loved by hundreds of millions of learners worldwide, Duolingo helps you prepare for real conversations in Spanish, French, Chinese, Italian, German, English, and more. Whether you’re learning a language for travel, school, career, family and friends, or your brain health, you’ll love learning with Duolingo. Why Duolingo? • Duolingo is fun and effective. Game-like lessons and fun characters help you build solid speaking, reading, listening, and writing skills. • Duolingo works. Designed by language experts, Duolingo has a science-based teaching methodology proven to foster long-term language retention. • Track your progress. Work toward your language learning goals with playful rewards and achievements when you make practicing a daily habit! • Join 300+ million learners. Stay motivated with competitive Leaderboards as you learn alongside our global community. • Every language course is free. Learn Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Turkish, Dutch, Irish, Danish, Swedish, Ukrainian, Esperanto, Polish, Greek, Hungarian, Norwegian, Hebrew, Welsh, Arabic, Latin, Hawaiian, Scottish Gaelic, Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese, English, and even High Valyrian! What the world is saying about Duolingo: “Far and away the best language-learning app.” –The Wall Street Journal “This free app and website is among the most effective language-learning methods I’ve tried… lessons come in the form of brief challenges – speaking, translating, answering multiple-choice questions – that keep me coming back for more.” –The New York Times “Duolingo may hold the secret to the future of education.” – TIME Magazine “…Duolingo is cheerful, lighthearted and fun…” - Forbes “Our favorite language app…” - CNET If you like Duolingo, try Super Duolingo for 14 days free! Learn a language fast with no ads, and get fun perks like Unlimited Hearts and Monthly Streak Repair. If you choose to purchase Super Duolingo, payment will be charged to your Apple account, and your account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period. Auto-renewal may be turned off at any time by going to your settings in the App Store after purchase. Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription to that publication, where applicable. Privacy Policy: Terms of Service:

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Little Pissy about The Upgrade
LittleMynnx on 2022-12-05
I purchased a full membership over a year ago. Make no mistake I absolutely LOVE Duolingo. I am upset about the upgrade and changes that were rolled out in November 2022. I have to go back to all my progress and get three gold stars. Not a big deal, the refresher is awesome - BUT - most of the third stars so far are difficult to get without spending gems on powerups. There are four status symbols on tournament that are no longer free. Again, a gem grab at 500 gems a pop. It’s shifting to a focus to promote in app gem buying. Come on folks. I pay for a full membership if you need to increase your profit margin charge more for the app. It’s still a hell of a deal. For membership folks, you fundamentally changed what we had. We pre-upgrade membership holders ought to have kept our previous entitlement and only changed the free users to promote the purchase of a membership - increasing your profit margin - or to improve programming. God I love this app. I really do. But had to get that out. Thanks for reading. Definitely recommend the app. I am learning Spanish, Italian, and French. All at the same time.
Not fun anymore
Andi956 on 2022-12-05
I have been using Duolingo for a couple of years and enjoying it, but the most recent major change is driving me away. Now it takes soooo long to build up points and forever to get enough stars to go get status that is discouraging. Not to mention how quickly lives are used up. And if you go to the section to get more lives, it usually adds a lot of vocabulary that you have not learned yet. This makes it very slow going, as you have to stop and translate everything word for word, rather than being able to review stuff that you know with maybe one or two new words thrown in, as it used to be. I’ve been trying to hang in there, but it often feels now like I’m pedalling backwards faster than forwards. I know they want people to pay money for the app, and if it was a one time deal, I would. But to commit to paying monthly (or yearly) forever is out of my affordability range. I’m really reluctant to look for other apps, but I guess the Duolingo creators don’t want the poor people anymore. Bye Duo- it was fun while it lasted
Fun and a great way to learn but...
prydain80 on 2022-12-05
Duo is becoming very frustrating. I’m fine with the new interface but what I’m annoyed with is the number of gems you have to waste trying to get legendary status. You don’t make enough gems in normal practice to achieve legendary status on lessons and units in a reasonable amount of time. For example in French I am on lesson 44 but I only have legendary up to lesson 30. I Spanish I’m on lesson 11 but only have legendary status for 4 lessons. Additionally there is a bug where if you are trying to get legionary on a couple of lessons in a row it glitches and tells you you didn’t achieve the status even though you did. I’ve “lost” at least 3 units this way. I’m also annoyed with the hard push and being told my answers are wrong in an effort to push me towards a paid account. I guess I should just stop trying to keep my mind sharp with language learning in duo. Not if they’re making it into a game I won’t be allowed to “win”
Ok but needs some questions fixed
book and pencil on 2022-12-05
The app adapts to your learning speed and suggests skipping ahead when you are doing well. It also reviews the parts you get wrong in personal review sections in units for free. The heart system forces reviewing to gain hearts without waiting. The free version has good bones to slowly learn language with a good foundation. However, I do not like the lack of transparency for the paid version. They don’t even say how much is a subscription on their website. So I wouldn’t know how much it cost until I’m billed. I can’t budget for that. I think the app itself can be improved with a vocabulary section. Maybe yesterday’s vocabulary or the current unit’s vocabulary. Skipping ahead, i worry I am missing words. Also, the voice to text doesn’t work for all questions. It misses up the grammar for phrases that sound the same. I hope the update fixed those.
Used to be fun, new format is wretched.
Jack Larus on 2022-12-05
Recently the app had major changes to the layout that affect the order in which lessons can be completed and upgraded. It used to be spread out and it was possible to go through in a linear fashion or pick and choose and upgrade skills individually. The new format forces a strict linear progression and makes it difficult and annoying to backtrack, and impossible to branch off and choose topics. The new format makes it harder to see what each lesson will be and the changes to the XP and level systems while perhaps intended to have retained progress, did mess up badge progress and the massive changes to how progress is measured in each skill render the previous progress meaningless. I don’t enjoy using the app any more and just kind of open it to maintain my streak and then immediately close it again. I would not recommend this app.
Please bring back the audio lessons!
hx.lle_ on 2022-12-05
Despite being a user for a number of years I was really only starting to take advantage of the audio lessons quite recently as it gave me a chance to practice my pronunciations and exposed me to more practical conversations, useful to everyday living. I was quite upset to discover that they had disappeared along with the story feature which was educational and at the same time entertaining I found the storylines to be a form of comedic relief and a way for me to take a break from life while still putting myself in a position to learn. I am really disappointed that these features are gone and advocate for their return. While the new updates have improved the aesthetics of the app layout, the quality or educational value has decreased dramatically.
Super great resource for language learning!
Pitah13 on 2022-12-05
I love Duolingo so much it’s like one of my favourite apps and has helped me become far more fluent in certain languages and also helped me learn completely new languages! My biggest complaint is that in the French course, it considers Québécois/Canadian French to be incorrect. As someone wants to improve my fluency I’ve kinda hit a speed bump because my vocabulary (although it’s correct) doesn’t necessarily match up with the course. Of course I understand you can’t account for every dialect but Canadian French does have some significant differences to France French lol. I also feel like sometimes the notifications can be very guilt-trippy and that sorta sucks. Overall amazing app and wonderful way to learn, with just a few tweaks needed.
Way too many flaws
Nicko1313 on 2022-12-05
First of all the idea of hearts is a total scam and purely for the money. Also I would really appreciate it if they didn’t just tell me I’m wrong and tell me why I’m wrong. I have to rely on other people having issues as well. This is only good for learning new words and really this is a total waste of time and you can learn better by watching videos and reading dictionaries. A lot of the ones I get wrong are grammatically correct and others have agreed with me but duolingo says it’s wrong. I use it lots unfortunately as it’s a good way to get familiar with the language I’m learning.( Russian ). Overall your time is better spent learning your language from videos and dictionaries with trial and error.
Worse every update
jake_law on 2022-12-05
I used to love DuoLingo, and paid for a (very expensive) year-long subscription to use it. Now, about halfway through that year, they keep updating to make it less of a fun learning platform into a gamified cash grab with little consideration for users. The new "path" update takes away users' choice of what to practice at any given time, and the "match madness" is just completely impossible to complete without buying a timer extension (as if the subscription wasn't already enough). Feeling pretty cheated lately as this is not the product it was when I bought it. It's like buying a really expensive coffee then half way through drinking it, it turns into sewer water.
Latest update has issues
chibi sylphe on 2022-12-05
Can’t say I’m pleased with the latest update; the line of lessons is now tedious to scroll through because it is much longer (they have fragmented the lessons). Furthermore, in the lesson I’m at, there is a bug that prevents me from finishing a level. Since I can’t pass this level over to the next without completing it (in the oldest version, you could technically do many lessons at a time), I’m basically stuck there until they fix that bug (it’s when you have 3 choices of answer, the last answer in the list is unclickable. If that’s the answer you want, there is no way to bypass that, so you either fail the lesson by picking a wrong answer or abandoning the lesson).

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