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Oct, 2020


Oct, 2020



Garmin Connect™ is your one-stop source for health and fitness data. Whether you’re training for a race or tracking steps, it provides the information and inspiration you need to beat yesterday. Once paired with a compatible(1) Garmin device, activity tracking is just the beginning of what Garmin Connect™ can do for you. You can create new workouts, build courses and even challenge your friends to compete, all within the app. Garmin Connect™ is packed with useful features, including the ability to: - View today’s health data in vivid detail on your personalized My Day page. - Analyze your activities and their related statistics.(2) - Create customized workouts and courses. - Sync with other apps like Apple Health, MyFitnessPal and Strava. - Review personal records for steps, distance and pace. - Earn badges for accomplishments. - See how you measure up to other Connect users with Insights. - Get support for Garmin devices and their features. Are you ready to join millions of users who walk, run, bike, hike and strive to beat yesterday? Learn more about Garmin devices and how they work with the Garmin Connect™ app at (1) See compatible devices at (2) Activity tracking accuracy: Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

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Weather alert bugs never fixed
InWhistler on 2020-11-25
This app incorrectly resets the weather alert to configuration on without any user input. This means that your Garmin device regularly interrupts your workout or race with useless wind warnings. This issue is well discussed on the Garmin support forums and has been for a few years but they have yet to provide a fix for this. Stay away from Garmin devices, they are notorious for buggy devices and software and poor support.
Worked until the last update
britishnat on 2020-11-25
Worked perfectly until the last update. Since then had failed to sync steps & heart rate data to Apple Health. Also will no longer sync to Garmin Connect app, unless I turn off my watch & restart it every time. Very frustrating
Inclusive or offensive?
iekristina on 2020-11-25
Hello fellow developers. I understand that you want to jump on the bandwagon of diversity and inclusion of trans men but calling women “menstruating people” is disgusting and offensive. Consider changing. Love, menstruating people.
hey bro!!! on 2020-11-25
The app is out of this world. It works great and has a lot of features that permits me to fully use my Instinct watch. I am amazed by the material quality and flexibility that it gives. 5 Stars, nonetheless!
Bug on the app
mananm219 on 2020-11-25
Love the app but when I put an alarm on my watch it shows up one hour behind on the app probs because of daylight savings. Would appreciate if this was fixed thanks.
Garmin Vivosmart 4
jcf19628 on 2020-11-25
Pretty accurate for a light and small durable unit. Its studies your health and helps you understand how your body reacts to everyday life of stress.
Best fitness app!
geoge flayr on 2020-11-25
It always was the best fitness app. But i wish they could make the syncing faster but thats hard. Keep going!
Doesnt sync with Apple Health
킼ㅋㅋ세라 on 2020-11-25
My step count doesn’t sync with Apple Health..please fix
Syncing ptoblem
mananm219 on 2020-11-25
How hard is it for an app to do its job and sync
Data never syncs
Lalkum on 2020-11-25
Always had to manually sync

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