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Jun, 2020


Jun, 2020



Google Duo is the highest quality video calling app*. It’s simple, reliable, works on smartphones and iPad and on the web. Features: Works Cross-Platform Duo works on iPhone, iPad, web and other mobile platforms so that you can call and hangout with friends and family using just one app. Group Calling Bring together all the people who matter the most, even when you're apart, with group calling. Duo now supports up to 12 people in a group video call. Video and Voice messages, photos and more Short on time or your friends can’t pick up? Leave a personalised video message with fun effects or share voice messages, photos, notes and emojis. Low-light mode Duo lets you make video calls even in poor lighting conditions. Voice calling Make voice-only calls to your friends when you can’t chat over video. *Based on Signals Research Group technical study comparing video degradation time over 3G, LTE and Wi-Fi. **Data charges may apply. Check your operator for details.

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Creepy app. Camera started up sitting idle on desk.
Scotsman in Calgary on 2020-07-08
App wasn’t even in the foreground. Email was and phone idle screen off on coffee table watching a movie. Phone lit up. Camera on, phone obviously looking right up so image of ceiling. Picked up and closed google duo. Weirded out. Uninstalled. Wants access to contacts. Wants too much access. But too creepy for my liking. Bring back google talk. You didn’t need to hand over to google everyone you know before being able to use it.
JRJB1001 on 2020-07-08
Camera opened on phone while it was sitting idle on a desk. This is the only non native app that has access to camera but it wasn’t open and background is turned off for all apps yet in the battery usage it shows a minute usage in background. Who’s at fault? Who do you trust? Google? Apple (for allowing background activity when background is turned off for all apps)? Will turn access to camera and mic off when not in use.
Muhammad Imran Ansari on 2020-07-08
I like this app because it works very fast but sometimes it slows down and when my iPad is locked I need to unlock it before I can pickup the call. But I still like it.
dunfdn on 2020-07-08
I am using iPhone 7 and updated version iOS, when you google Duo my phone is very vary vary hot. Both time wi-fi and mobile data.
Finally — a video chat software with reliability
JimmyLungz on 2020-07-08
I am super happy using this appy. Before this, life _was_ crappy. But not no more! Well done, Duo. Well done.
;) :)
my cat friends on 2020-07-08
Hey kid here, i cant believe FaceTiming was only created just years ago! Good app google
gvvnydc on 2020-07-08
It was okay it would be better if there was no freezing
Tera’s review
Tera apps on 2020-07-08
It’s ok but the voice is sometimes sounding robotic
phathag on 2020-07-08
Quality great A little bit choppy
Great for use during covid
Loganwmk on 2020-07-08

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