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Get fast access to Google Search with the new Google home screen widget built for iOS 14. The Google app keeps you in the know about things that matter to you. Find quick answers, explore your interests, and stay up to date with Discover. The more you use the Google app, the better it gets. More ways to access Google: • Google Search widget — Search from your home screen with the new Google widget built for iOS 14. Choose from 2 widgets, giving you a quick search bar in both sizes, and shortcuts to choose how you Search with Lens, Voice, and Incognito in the medium size widget. • Google Lens — Search with your camera, copy and translate text, find similar apparel, identify plants and animals, scan QR codes and more. • Voice Search — Search conveniently and quickly using your voice, no typing needed. • Incognito — Browse privately by switching in and out of Incognito mode. Search and browse: • Nearby shops and restaurants • Live sports scores and schedules • Movies times, casts, and reviews • Videos and images • News, stock information, and more • Anything you’d find on the web Get personalized updates in Discover: • Stay in the know about topics that interest you • Start your morning with weather and top news • Get real-time updates on sports, movies, and events • Know as soon as your favorite artists drop new albums • Get stories about your interests and hobbies • Follow interesting topics, right from Search results Learn more about what the Google app can do for you: Your feedback helps us create products you'll love. Join a user research study here:

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Plllllsssss fix this TT.TT (aaagain)
kpoptraineewannabe on 2021-02-28
lmagine going to use your tabs only to find it’s all been deleted. So now I’ll spent a good who knows how long having to reopen up all my tabs by clicking home and having to search through all my history for each tab, one by one, over and over, only to have them be deleted again and again. It’s starting to get reeeal annoying. And yes, I’ve made sure to have my settings on the never delete tabs option. Especially after my first review was posted, I constantly check because I don’t wanna get screwed over with my tabs again. This is my second time sending this. For months after my first review post, it was fixed immediately the next day. Which I was and still am sooo thankful for. But just today, it goes back to deleting my tabs even tho I have it set not to delete my tabs and even tho I juuuust used them and goes back to that awful tab layout. Pleaseee help fix this and it’d be wonderful if I’m searching through my history if I could just highlight/long click and be able to open up the link into tabs instead of having to go back for each tab please and thank you so very much. Also the app freezes every time I open it up for a good minute or so. And it would be awesome if all the tabs could be shown in a better and easier way for all tabs to be seen. A search (for my tabs) when I have all my tabs open would be amazing too please and thank you love the app, minus the little things :)
Microphone is useless!!!
Davedavedave12345 on 2021-02-28
I used to think Siri was useless and Google was the way to go for understanding what I say to it. Now Siri is a genius compared to this useless microphone on your google app. Your microphone was better with my iPhone 6 and an older operating system, but now my new iPhone 12 and new iPad with google is so frustrating to use because google is so freaking stupid translating what I say. It misses the first word every time and the translation of my sentences are wrong almost 90 percent of the time. Google devs should be fired for making this microphone worse than what it once was 6 years ago. Unbelievable!!!
sisterofanaya on 2021-02-28
I used this app back in January. This app is horrible, it takes up all the storage, and it’s really laggy. Besides the app being horrible and not working properly, it gives you false information and it has a camera built in. If you download this app, this app is allowed to see you doing whatever, you’ve basically given it permission to stalk you. I hate this app I could’ve gotten killed yesterday after they sent a serial killer to my house! DON’T GET THIS APP.
Something is off
DacE112233 on 2021-02-28
It used to be so reliable and clear. Now, sometimes it lags initially when placing me on the map and tells me to turn down a street that I’m nowhere near yet. Also, when getting close to the destination (often a store) it will direct me to go the long way around (like around the back rather than front) to the entrance which is super weird. I also find it sometimes changes it’s instructions one or two times when we start the route. So frustrating.
Music Identification
Raddyl on 2021-02-28
After seeing the annoying ad claiming that you can hum or whistle a song for identification, I thought what the heck, let’s try it. After attempting 5 song ID’s through (popular and non popular) whistling or humming, I can say this does not work at all. If your ad claims something, at least ensure this is easy to make work otherwise first impressions will sink you. This is why I still refuse to subscribe to YouTube; it’s half baked.
Why ;-; can’t sing
Cherrycore on 2021-02-28
Look, help me out, I just wanna say, this does not work like the “what’s this song” or “hey google what’s this song” I said it, started humming but BRUH BRUH BRUHHHHH IT JUST SHOWED ME THE RESULTS OF “what’s this song” and not the song I hummed!!! Bro, not cool, and not exactly what a expected! Please fix this for a 5 stars rate OR JUST DONT BECAUSE YOUR TO LAZY. just lies, lies, lies. Make it better.
Google sucks
Toffeelight on 2021-02-28
They delete perfectly valid reviews of the Robinhood app because it got bad reviews. Is this justified at all? No google shouldn’t have this power just like Robinhood shouldn’t have to power to shut down Reddit traders. Go ahead and delete my review, just more proof they deserve it.
No working properly
sam Rana Rajput on 2021-02-28
Hi, I was using this app and really enjoyed it but from past few months I am keep on removing and downloading the app again and again to run this app on my phone. If you guys can do something I don’t know where it goes wrong my be the update is not compatible with iPhones.
SEODEVIL on 2021-02-28
Okay seriously you guys should set your mind on which kind of tabs there will be because I really loved the last patch version and now u just changed it all over again can't we just have the choice between the 2 version because the second one was way better ‍♀️
Hum this tune/ what’s this song, non existent.
Mitchjs88 on 2021-02-28
One star may be a bit harsh but this is the only reason I agreed to give google more of my data thanks to their newest ad. This feature is completely non existent for me iPhone 8+ everything up to date. Had to check if it was early April fools or something.

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