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Aug, 2020


Aug, 2020



Tap in to our fashion feed, anytime, anywhere, and all in one spot — the H&M app. Get instant updates, track your orders, use your own photos to find similar items in stock, and get inspired by our users all over the world! Imagine yourself browsing our feed and experiencing it live all at the same time. Sounds exciting? Keep reading! Our app also comes handy when you’re already inside one of our stores. Let’s say you can’t find your size or would like to know if an item is available in more sizes and colours? Scan the price tag — our SCAN & FIND feature will let you know! Seen something you like and got inspired by? VISUAL SEARCH lets you explore what we have to offer by using your own photos or screen shots. It recognizes patterns, colors, styles, and gives you a list of matching or similar items in stock. Save the items you love the most in your own list of favourites — just tap the HEART ICON. Keep up to date with the fashion world by activating PUSH NOTIFICATIONS! You’ll be the first to know when a designer collection drops and you’ll instantly be notified when we have special offers and events! Don’t miss out — download the H&M app now! When you download the H&M app, we will process your data in accordance with our Privacy Notice. For more details on this, please go to

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Could be way better
Only1t.a on 2020-09-26
just made some purchases on this app and found some little bugs: the number of items on basket is not show correctly, couldn’t change the billing address unless you add the card again, and there’s a membership point system but I don’t see any points added to myaccount even after the purchase(s) has been made
God I love the H&M app and brand
elvi5fam on 2020-09-26
It’s my second year that I got into H&M brand , it’s just beautiful , there’s so many choices , cheap and expensive ones , I love the materials , once you get familiar with the materials you’ll know what you are buying and paying for . For me I would give it 10 stars to the app and to the brand
Processing time
hbby3466 on 2020-09-26
Clothes are cheap and affordable, but it’s been almost 2 weeks and my order is still processing. They even sent the money back, I called and they said that once it ships they will take the money back, but it’s taking wayyy to long.
Worst experience ever
sheba345 on 2020-09-26
I ordered 2 hoodies from your website and it’s taking almost a month before I can get it and customer service isn’t even working. This is actually unacceptable, never ordering from here again.
Délai de livraison++++
r4zf on 2020-09-26
J’adore H&M, par contre les délais de livraisons ne sont pas respectés, c’est beaucoup trop long comparé tous les autres magasins que j’ak commandé!
Favorites is full!
golfamkia on 2020-09-26
The app is fine but why is there a limit on the favorites?! Don’t you want people to shop from you?
Not iPad friendly
claud1113 on 2020-09-26
Why can’t i get this app to view horizontally in a landscape view?!?! So frustrating
good stuffs just bit pricey reason for 3 stars
lamosen on 2020-09-26
good stuffs just bit pricey reason for 3 stars

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