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Glitchy AF
96Conway on 2022-11-30
*update: months later, this is still happen. The latest game IG has been playing with me, is for it to tell me there’s no internet connection, even though there is (I’m literally streaming something live in another app, internet only, data turned off, and IG tells me there’s no internet connection🙄). FIX YOUR F***ING APP. Seriously Instagram, please wake up and listen to your users. Your app has gone very very glitchy in the last several months. Everything buffers, videos, the feed, GIFs -sometimes they eventually come back, most of the time it just freezes and I have to close the whole app. Posts are being shown three and four times, and don’t show my comments or likes when I view them. The amount of times that I have to close this app and re-open it in a day is absolutely pathetic. And for the longest time I thought it was just my Internet connection or my phone, but every last person I speak to these days has the same set of problems. It’s not us, it’s you. stop changing the layout, and fix the flipping problems.
Now just a wannabe TikTok, pure ad hell
MyNameIsPrints on 2022-11-30
I loved Instagram when it was just sharing pics and quick video clips. You could count on seeing your friends posts when they posted them. In the past couple years, Instagram has now become a barrage of cheesy, cringey ads and when you thought it couldn’t get worse, MORE ads and now a deluge of wannabe “influencers” you’re not following desperately posting content for Likes and affirmations for their fragile, narcissistic egos. Don’t believe me? You’ll know what I mean the moment you open the app and browse. I used to use Instagram as a promotional medium too, but now it’s an assault of badly recorded ADHD editing and flavour-of-the-week TikTok theme music and AI narrators trying to sell you underwear, coffee substitutes, overpriced fashion accessories, and whatever it takes to keep you from browsing your actual friends’ new posts. It’s really gross and desperate now. If this is what “bringing the world together” looks like, I want out.
Easily hacked last few weeks
no forgetting anymore on 2022-11-30
I’ve not had an issue with Instagram for over ten years. Last month been hacked three times, hacker even changed the contact email. It was extremely difficult to correct this. This person even posted photos to my account, contacted my friends asking for money. Hacker had different addresses Virginia, California, same name and not my name so how is this even possible. Also, changed email contact without even having same name as me. Unbelievable… Seriously considering deleting my account if it happens again. I should have been able to send the information to Instagram immediately not have to go through all these steps to reset my password over and over. Especially when I only have an Iphone and its extremely difficult to put in the new verify password when the phone sets the strong password. What a nightmare.
I cant post
dugfghdfg on 2022-11-30
Ive double checked everything, im not being restricted in any way but i cant post. I upload a post containing 10 photos and it just continuously says “posting” ive reported it many times and i can post on my other account but not on my main one. Please fix this ive noticed for id say 3 weeks now. I haven’t posted since September so maybe its some kind of a punishment for taking a break from socials?? Ive restarted my phone, offloaded insta, uninstalled and reinstalled, turned my account to a professional one, gone over all my settings, tried to post using a different internet, and probably more that i cant name at the moment. I once used copyrighted music in a video but i think that’s it, i removed the video.
Careful with emails and passwords
Scarlavera on 2022-11-30
I love using Instagram. But I always seem to have issues whenever I switch or purchase a new phone. I cannot log into my original Instagram account which is Scarlavera1 so currently I’m using my new account which is Scarlavera2. It would be nice and ideal for me and everyone else if I can regain access to my original IG - SCARLAVERA1 - so much history on it as well as my personal evolution from 2017 up until now 2022. Plus I have 600 followers and it took me 5 years to reach that number of followers and I’m proud of it. So I’m hopeful that Instagram will allow me to regain access to my original Scarlavera1
Needs to be fixed since ios16 update
FinnyMcFinnerson on 2022-11-30
Since the update on my iPad, I no longer can upload to the stories because the screen just does not show and give me the option to upload. Not only that, when I hold my iPad in landscape, the screen is so narrow, it cuts off videos and text on either side. It’s very annoying. I am having to use my iPhone to upload and I have poor eyesight and it’s very difficult to get the job done, and especially annoying considering I have a giant iPad that I should be able to use Instagram like anyone else. And it’s not the iOS update, on my iPhone it works perfectly fine.
Great App but…
jjroblin on 2022-11-30
This new update is causing messages sent in DMs to vanish for the sender, so if I send “Joe” a message in a DM, I’ll be able to see what I sent him while I’m on the app but once I leave and then come back, I can no longer see the message I sent in the chat history but “Joe” can see it and I won’t be able to see it again until “Joe” chooses to respond, which is frustrating because it leaves a person second guessing on if that chat was actually sent or not
New version sucks
BorderlyEquine on 2022-11-30
Edit: I can’t add to my stories since the newest update. IG, please help and please fix. Thank you. Sorry to say it but… the newest version sucks. I don’t know what IG has done but all in get on my feed is suggested content of people I do not follow and do not want to follow. I really hope IG fixes the app because now, it’s horrible. I’ve literally just spent the past hour removing ads as they are all irrelevant! Come on IG! Fix your App!
My account is disabled for no reason
siiiiimzz on 2022-11-30
Hi, i have been using Instagram with only one account that is also a private one for over six years. The app started showing glitch like logging me out automatically and asking for my phone number again and again. Now yesterday morning it disabled my account for violating community guidelines. I don’t know how to recover it. I don’t know hpw to contact instagram to let them know that it is a mistake. Please help
Change the following page
PPKSMITH on 2022-11-30
You should update your format for the following page. Currently I see page profile pics the first letter of their name and a huge following button. When looking for someone or a business that I'm following but can't ember their name this page as it currently is turns out to be useless. The following button should be the smallest part on this page so names can be full.

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