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Privacy/Security issues
cotton ginny 101 on 2023-03-21
Since Instagram has been updated with “meta”, the app has become much much prone for hackers to attempt to log in to your account. On and off for about two straight months I have been experiencing (almost on the daily; sometimes even twice daily) people attempting to hack my account. I have reported this issue multiple times and of course, there has been no resolve, or any effort from Instagram to contact me back. I have enabled two factor authentication, and thank god I have! This still has not deterred people from attempting to log in. They will use my username and click the “forgot my password” button, once they have tried logging in. I receive texts and emails stating that all my sessions have been logged out and if that wasn’t me, I should change my password. My account freezes every single time this happens and I am forced to close and restart my phone in order to use the box where it asks for my password. I have changed my username and passwords at least one hundred times and I am completely mentally drained from this ongoing persistent abuse and harassment. Instagram needs to make the “forgot my password” button a little less easy to access. After typing in your username/email/phone number, what have you, there should be a set of security questions before allowing someone to use the forgot button. Even I, which I am not a hacker, can plug in anyone’s username and force them to change their information. I am at my wits end. I have been on Instagram since it was first created. I only use it as a personal account, I keep everything private and still this is happening. In all my years on this app, since the app was updated with meta, has these many attempts of hacking occurred.
No Collaborator , No Ads , No Support
Hooman Zahedi on 2023-03-21
-There is no customer support and there is no way for you to report a bug that your account dealing with , even if you report that nobody’s going to respond or fix the issue. My account facing the issue that I can’t use the collaborator option, but everybody else can and Instagram totally not responding about jt and no one is fixing this. -my add account got limited and asked me to verify it I didn’t and not it’s restricted my ad account and ask me to proof my identity but there is no way to do it -can’t connect my instagram page to my facebook page ( it’s shows a weird error) - Algorithm can’t understand the definition between something which is in favour of the guidelines or against it and there is no way to fix it either for example if you post Anti violence post which just explains to NOT do certain stuff instagram marked is violent act and limit your account
Fantastic truly
spideyshane on 2023-03-21
All Instagram members love Instagram for obvious reason. It’s a great app, but I wanted to praise and thank them for helping the little guy! I have a iPhoneSE with 16gb and I actually got this second hand as well. But unfortunately I don’t have a computer so I am using my software update 13.3.1 & if I update it on my phone the 15.7.3 software update would consume 4.06 gb.Leaving me with a iphone with a 11.94gb storage. So I am so thankful Instagram lets me use an older version when I download the app even though it states on the App Store Instagram requires iOS or later.I wish more apps would make this possible. In conclusion Instagram is awesome & is a 10/10 app.
MariaEspe1 on 2023-03-21
I am enjoying instagram and getting to know people but mostly keeping up with friends and family. I don’t appreciate being friended or people claiming they are someone famous friending me and then trying to scam me out of money. This is bad business for Instagram, fir the people they are defrauding the identities from as well as the poor people they are defrauding money from! I hope you do something to curb these people from doing it and this is considered a cybercrime so it should be stopped! Thank you for your time, Maria Gonzalez
I have been a igger since 2012
BenMoq on 2023-03-21
I am so passionate about instagram!!! I love creating and getting feedback from all around the world from all of the friendlowers I made through the years. I cannot believe how you come up with new features constantly! If ever you need a spokesperson please know that I am here for you. Those who only have Facebook are really missing out! Keep up the good job guys! If ever you would like to use me in a focus group to improve or test new features, please let me know also. Nice to meet you! 🤝 @benmoq
i am very disappointed they sharing my facebook account to instagram
Cathyscat on 2023-03-21
To instagram and facebook I am getting very disappointed that facebook and instagram without my permission sharing my profile to my other account. my instagram friend is instagram friend. but why u put my facebook friends into my instagram account without my permission. i don’t know to delete to followers from instagram that facebook adds automatically. All i want is my facebook friends remain in Facebook. Instagrams friends remind instagrams. Sincerely, Wai Ling
Syd666ney on 2023-03-21
The new app update has made it very difficult to save posts from the explore page to collections in your saved album. When I go to save a video or a photo when scrolling on my explore page, it only lets me save it and it can’t specifically be saved to a collection. Meaning I have to go into my saved album and move every post each time. Why have collections in the saved album if it’s not accessible to use.
GoodnightLittleSushi on 2023-03-21
WHY can’t you institute the ability to identify and skip videos with flashing for photosensitive users? TikTok managed it in 2020, for goodness sakes, so clearly there’s an algorithm out there. Even if you allowed people to report videos with this so that a “flash warning” note can precede the reel or whatever, at least we could scroll on past before it starts. Pretty abysmal for 2023, folks.
Optional update
user2670 on 2023-03-21
Hi there, Overall I have no issues with the app; but it would be nice if you could include a feature where you can remove other accounts under your name/s. For me, it’s annoying to have a bunch of accounts that I no longer use and can’t access as I forgot the login information. I would love to get rid of my old accounts and delete them permanently instead of having them there.
DM issues
TheraaaaaaaaaaaaaaAaaaaaaaa on 2023-03-21
Requests do not show up properly and sections (top, all) make diverse messages not show up at all. They should all be put into one place in order of time they were sent in order not to miss anything. Additionally, notifications should show the name of the person who unsent a message, and have it remain rather than disappear after a few minutes.

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