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Buy and sell - and make money with ease - on Kijiji - Canada's largest classifieds app. Whether you're looking to find jobs or buy or sell - start shopping in your neighborhood marketplace today. Browse tons of local listings and find deals to help you save money. Post listings, chat, sell and make money - all at your local classifieds marketplace. Home or garden furniture from that first house move. Clothing the baby has outgrown in just six months. iPhones, game consoles other electronics that need a new home. Used cars & auto parts - even the truck you no longer want sitting in the driveway. If you're selling it, someone in your neighborhood is shopping for it. Sell your stuff and post your second hand items today! Back to school items, furniture for the home office, clothing to suit your unique style, fitness gear for the ultimate workout - or a new house or apartment to call home. Browse listings & deals in every category and find the best buy for you. DOWNLOAD CANADA'S FREE TRUSTED CLASSIFIEDS APP, SO YOU CAN: Browse and shop anytime, anywhere. - Shop our marketplace & search quickly and easily for all kinds of great deals on local items. - Browse local tradesmen & service providers, including plumbers, cleaners, nannies and others. - Check out local houses, condos and apartments for rent & sale. Sell stuff simply! List an ad. Make money. Simple. - Make money and save space by selling things you hardly use. Fitness items, furniture, auto parts, clothing & more. - Give your selling power a boost and explore useful tools to get more exposure for your marketplace ads and help you make a local sale. Shop & stay on top of your game. - Save your favourite marketplace items on the go. Check them out later before buying. - Connect with others in the marketplace within seconds via instant in-app chat. - Edit your preferences and settings in a tap or two to get the most out of your app. Whether you're looking to make money or save money - Kijiji lets you buy & sell and conveniently. Give your used items a new home or find preowned items to love; there's something for everyone across a whole range of categories. Shop from home and download Kijiji Today - Canada's largest classifieds app to buy and sell and local Trusted by the community to make it simple to buy and sell in your neighborhood. We hope you enjoy your ride with Kijiji, the buy and sell app! Happy shopping!

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Can’t even respond to inquiries
EmMac570 on 2023-02-07
Listing something on here is a complete waste of time. Not just on the app but on the website too. I listed something and half the time I try to respond to an inquiry it just sends my response into a brand new conversation the person can’t even see. It’s just me messaging myself essentially. I’ve tried contacting support three times now and they tell me everything seems to be working good (which obviously it’s not??) or ask for more info but then don’t even respond, so I’m just wasting my time. And they want to charge people for some listings?!? It just blows my mind… Just stick with Facebook marketplace folks..
Scrolling is broken. Use the website instead
whizbanger82 on 2023-02-07
When scrolling through listings or detail pages on the iOS app, the natural scrolling behaviour is broken. If you compare how smooth and natural it is to scroll the Kijiji website on Safari to how it works in the app, you will see what I mean. The acceleration that should happen when scrolling a page is interrupted, and it makes for a jerky, jarring experience. Using the native app for a service is supposed to be a better experience than what you can offer on the web. In this case, not so much.
Notifications turn themselves back on
?!?!??!!??!!!??? on 2023-02-07
As the title states, the notifications I turn off (ad ranking and marketing/promotions) turn themselves back on regularly. I enjoy the Kijiji platform and have used it for 10+ years but this problem has persisted in the app for quite some time now and hasn’t been addressed even though they’ve acknowledged my reports of the issue. It is very annoying when I receive notifications that should be disabled and is making me consider Facebook (gross) Marketplace instead.
Far too many retail posts
holl1207 on 2023-02-07
There’s too many retail websites selling products on here. The retail websites list their products incorrectly so you can’t sort out overpriced businesses. It’s impossible to find used goods being sold by individuals, as you need to scroll past the same 50 posts by wayfair or other overpriced cheap quality retailers.
oO4thHorsemanOo on 2023-02-07
App doesn’t organize people’s ads from newest to latest when looking at all a users ads. Notification screen doesn’t appear anymore just stuck on loading screen. Reposting ads in app causes error message and you have to reload the app to check if the repost worked. App is getting worse like it’s being neglected.
Mostly works
Rokknrol on 2023-02-07
So it generally does what you want. But when it asks you to rate a buyer/seller you can’t. Oh well, who needs positive ratings to give people confidence in you, right? And as always, it keeps resetting notifications settings so that I can continuously be bombarded with suggestions to buy stuff I don’t need!
Issues with scroll
grego9198 on 2023-02-07
The newest version of the app is giving me problems. It serves an ad at the top of my results and does not let me scroll down past it, it just snaps back to the top. I’m on the newest version of iOS. First time I’ve had this problem, but it renders the app useless. Hopefully they can fix it soon.
L’efficacité par excellence!
Klr3004 on 2023-02-07
J’utilise Kijiji depuis près de 15 ans . C’est le site ou mes articles à vendre ont le plus de vues et de contacts . C’est aussi le site où j’ai trouvé tous les véhicules que j’ai acheté . Je n’ai jamais été déçu ni par mes achats ni par les vendeurs… Merci KIJIJI !!!
Works great just a couple glitches.
Bkrdette on 2023-02-07
You always have to enter your location and when you start to type postal code, it auto fills but when you click on it, it says location not found :/ Also, alerts are sent in the very early morning - they used to be sent at night. I wish Kijiji would change back…
Opens ads when you're scrolling
sam91927 on 2023-02-07
This app opens every ad your finger so much as touches, it doesn't even have to be a tap. If you just brush past an ad while scrolling, it'll take you out of the app to an ad website. Horrendous to use and very blatantly done to drive ad clicks in a shady way.

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