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Buy and sell - and make money with ease - on Kijiji - Canada's largest classifieds app. Whether you're looking to find jobs or buy or sell - start shopping in your neighborhood marketplace today. Browse tons of local listings and find deals to help you save money. Post listings, chat, sell and make money - all at your local classifieds marketplace. Home or garden furniture from that first house move. Clothing the baby has outgrown in just six months. iPhones, game consoles other electronics that need a new home. Used cars & auto parts - even the truck you no longer want sitting in the driveway. If you're selling it, someone in your neighborhood is shopping for it. Sell your stuff and post your second hand items today! Back to school items, furniture for the home office, clothing to suit your unique style, fitness gear for the ultimate workout - or a new house or apartment to call home. Browse listings & deals in every category and find the best buy for you. DOWNLOAD CANADA'S FREE TRUSTED CLASSIFIEDS APP, SO YOU CAN: Browse and shop anytime, anywhere. - Shop our marketplace & search quickly and easily for all kinds of great deals on local items. - Browse local tradesmen & service providers, including plumbers, cleaners, nannies and others. - Check out local houses, condos and apartments for rent & sale. Sell stuff simply! List an ad. Make money. Simple. - Make money and save space by selling things you hardly use. Fitness items, furniture, auto parts, clothing & more. - Give your selling power a boost and explore useful tools to get more exposure for your marketplace ads and help you make a local sale. Shop & stay on top of your game. - Save your favourite marketplace items on the go. Check them out later before buying. - Connect with others in the marketplace within seconds via instant in-app chat. - Edit your preferences and settings in a tap or two to get the most out of your app. Whether you're looking to make money or save money - Kijiji lets you buy & sell and conveniently. Give your used items a new home or find preowned items to love; there's something for everyone across a whole range of categories. Shop from home and download Kijiji Today - Canada's largest classifieds app to buy and sell and local Trusted by the community to make it simple to buy and sell in your neighborhood. We hope you enjoy your ride with Kijiji, the buy and sell app! Happy shopping!

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Best way to use it on mobile, but…
Old Man Scoopy on 2022-11-27
They recently changed the app because they want to collect your location data. If you do a keyword search and set an area, you’ll get listings in that area. But the feed wall, that the algorithm fills on the main page, will give you lists from all over Canada if you don’t have location turned on. So it’s not a problem for specific searches, but if you just want to pull it up and quickly graze the local listing then it’s very frustrating, especially because it doesn’t show a location until you’ve click on the listing. Frustrating most of all because it didn’t do this until recently, inputting your postal code was enough to get auto-generated local listings.
Spammy Notifications
dryk on 2022-11-27
I have typically left notifications on for this app so that I can promptly respond to messages from sellers/buyers on Kijiji. But, this app abuses notification privileges to deliver promotional messages, typically in the form of seasonal reminders to shop on Kijiji. I have tried opting out of marketing and promotions in the settings to no avail. I have now disabled notifications for this app and am reluctant to rely on it in the future. With other robust classified sales options available, like Facebook Marketplace, which I have not had this issue with, Kijiji would do well to discontinue this invasive and trust-violating promotion strategy.
Gatekeeper1122 on 2022-11-27
You guys add a feature where you can save category alerts if ur interested to know when its updated but once there saved you cannot remove existing ones i move citys & i still get updates from that city i no longer live in this is retarded do we have to delete our account just to delete saved alerts? make it so we have a sub menu where we can choose what we want to be alerted fir and actually remove ones we dont want
Horrible search function limits usefulness
Wpg_Sax_man on 2022-11-27
Regret that the search function on this app constantly through items which aren’t within your geographic specification into the search (in my case constantly Showing me “new” units which aren’t within hundreds and sometimes thousands of kms of where I live. So frustrating that I now almost exclusively have to use a competitors app. So sad as I used to love Kijiji
Impossible de republier une annonce
choeblacks on 2022-11-27
J’ai tendance à oublier de vérifier la date à laquelle mes pub se termine alors l’application est une manière facile & rapide de les remettre avant qu’elles ne soient plus visibles…. Si seulement ça pouvait fonctionner au moins une fois. Je reçois le message que je dois me connecter au site sur ordinateur depuis que j’ai l’app (quelques années) c’est frustrant.
Hate this app
DylanAngel116 on 2022-11-27
Absolutely hate this app. 90% advertisements all big businesses crap because no one else can afford top adds. Signs me out any chance it gets also signs me out as soon as there’s an update. But wait there’s more!!. It doesn’t just sign you out right away it waits until you fully finish creating an add then it signs you out when you’re about to post it.
Stop the notification!!!!!
Notchzack on 2022-11-27
CAN YOU PLEASE STOP CHANGING THE NOTIFICATIONS SETTINGS!!!! I think you guys make updates every 2 week and I get very annoying ads after that…no wonder people use market place instead…even your ads position are shady, when you scroll you have no choice to accidentally open a pop up ad…you should be ashamed…you made a fun, practical app very anoying…
Something is going wrong
Tallcooldrink on 2022-11-27
I dont know if it is the iOs update or the app update but many elements no longer work. There is no feed, no notifications, nothing on the front page, and overall decreased functionality. I usually check the app every day but now it isn't as helpful. I guess I’ll have to go to Marketplace like everyone else. Too bad as i prefer this app.
This app is ruined
IcyAventador on 2022-11-27
Kijiji used to be the number one place to sell stuff but let’s be honest now a days it’s Facebook marketplace or auto trader. I deleted the app today because it is junk and un usable. It’s ridiculous how many car part ads take up 99% of a page when I’m looking for a CAR. It’s Glitchy, outdated do something with your app already
Seems broken these days
Uejdnsa11123 on 2022-11-27
Looking for X in Saskatchewan? Here’s 500 listings for items in Ontario! Sort by distance? Here’s 1 item in Saskatchewan for every 5 from Ontario! Maybe if you scroll through 10 pages, you will have seen all the Saskatchewan listings… Or why not just order some expensive garbage on Wayfair? It’s rated 5 REALLY BIG STARS.

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