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Dec, 2022


Dec, 2022



Meltdown! A game for the whole family! Meltdown is a game similar to charades but now with 3 rounds. GAMEPLAY 4+ players are needed to play. All players submit names that will need to be guessed though out the game. Once all names are submitted the players will be divided into 2 equal teams. Each round all the names will be shuffled and the goal of each team member is to get their team to guess as many names as possible in the given time frame. You will only use the Admin’s phone to play the game. Other phones may be used to submit names, but the Admin’s phone will be the one you play the game with. Round 1 players can say anything but the word and act to get their team members to guess the word on the screen. Once their team correctly guesses the names they can move on to the next name. Round 1 continues until all names have been successfully guessed. Round 2 all names are now reshuffled into the game and players now can only use 1 word and act to get their team to guess the name. Round 3 all names are shuffled back into the game and players now can only act to get their team to guess the name.  Once all names in round 3 are successfully guessed the game ends and the team with the highest total of correct guesses through all 3 rounds wins! TIPS • It is helpful to pay attention even not on your teams then so you can know what names are in play. Rounds 2 & 3 will become much easier if you have a good memory. • Sometimes there is always that one player that puts in a hard name to guess, the admin can set a number of “Skips” to help in these situations. • Turn your phone volume up :) MODES Single Phone Game Mode This mode allows players to be added and use the same phone to add all the names Multi Phone Game Mode This mode allows players to join with their own device and enter names on their personal device.

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