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Jan, 2023


Jan, 2023



Match spaceships to evolve them and become the greatest and richest tycoon in the galaxy. Get rid of stress and flex your brain muscles simultaneously. Super simple yet highly addictive merge game that relaxes your mind while encouraging you to develop clever strategies at the same time. Start with a simple space cruiser and then buy, merge and upgrade your spaceships to build the greatest space armada. Send your spaceships on intergalactic voyages to earn huge profits. Use this money wisely to upgrade and purchase new, more powerful spaceships. HOW TO PLAY: • Buy spaceships from shop • Merge two same level spaceships to evolve into higher level • Launch your spaceships by dragging them to the Launchpad • Buy upgrades from shops to earn more GAME FEATURES: • Elegant design • Smooth and simple controls • Automatic game save • Login with Facebook to save your game data on cloud • No wifi connection required • Privacy settings to keep your game data protected and safe JOIN US ON FACEBOOK FOLLOW US ON TWITTER FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM DON’T FORGET TO RATE US Send us your suggestions and feedback as we are always looking to add new features! The more you play, more fun it becomes and you just cannot stop playing it. If you have already played any types of merge games then it is 100% guaranteed that you will love this game. So what are you waiting for? Download Merge Spaceships for Free and PLAY Now! Enjoy, MERGE SPACESHIPS TEAM. PRIVACY POLICY • TERMS of USE •

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