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Feb, 2020


Feb, 2020



Be together whenever, with our all-in-one communication app, complete with unlimited text, voice, video calling and group video chat features. VIDEO CALLS TO STAY CONNECTED Keep your friends and family close with unlimited 1:1 and group video calls - filters optional :) Host group video calls with up to 8 people, with high-quality audio, high definition video, and interactive video features like face filters. Works across devices (smartphones and desktop). UNLIMITED TEXT & PHONE CALLS Skip exchanging phone numbers and simply send a message to your Facebook friends, even if they’re across the world. Enjoy high-quality voice and text messaging on mobile, tablet, and desktop. RECORD AND SEND VOICE AND VIDEO MESSAGES When text just won't cut it, just hit record and send. Say, sing, show, or shout it out loud. CUT DOWN GLARE WITH DARK MODE. Dark mode is a sleek look that’s easy on the eyes, by switching the background from white to black. SHARE PHOTOS AND VIDEOS - Capture the moment with the Messenger Camera, add a filter or doodle, then send to friends or share to Stories. SEND MONEY SECURELY AND EASILY (within US only) Send and receive money from friends in the app by adding your debit card or PayPal account. SHARE YOUR LOCATION Suggest a meeting spot or tell friends where you are by sharing your location with just a few taps. CHAT WITH BUSINESSES Easily connect with your favorite businesses to make reservations, get customer support, find deals and more. Privacy Policy: LEARN MORE about Messenger texting and group video chat at:

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Still sucks
Daringteagan2 on 2020-03-30
It amazes me with all the negative feedback you are receiving on your “great updates” since the beginning of 2020. That you can’t at the very lease fix at least a couple of things that people are saying they are missing. Let’s recap some: - Can’t see when someone has read your message unless you go into the message, FIX IT - when you look at someone’s my story it automatically keeps going into everyone’s. If we wanted to see everyone’s we would look. FIX IT IF YOU CAN Just pick the 3 top complaints and fix them. People will start using SKYPE and get rid of Messenger all together. Especially when you have done multiple updates this year already and not once addressed people’s complaints. Just saying.
Works alright
P C Lynx on 2020-03-30
The app seems to work well. However, there is one issue that has brought it down to three stars for me—the integrated browser does not force the search engine DuckDuckGo to use ‘Safe Search’ (filter out explicit results) when Screen Time is set to block inappropriate content. Safari on the other hand successfully does this. This means that an explicit link of a web search can be shared, opened, and viewed even when Screen Time is supposed to be blocking it. I know it seems minor but I would greatly appreciate it if you would fix this.
new version is horrible
victomoring on 2020-03-30
yes the layout is cute, but you cannot see when someone has seen your message, it says they’ve seen it x hours ago when they just read it, also it says someone isn’t online or online x hours ago when they are, please bring back the old version my overthinking self isn’t having fun... the worst part is the lag of when people see your messages vs when you’ve sent it, example i send a text to someone at 4am and they see it at 8am, it’ll say they saw it exactly when i sent it, which isn’t accurate
Removed messages
Edguy Fan on 2020-03-30
In certain group conversations, i can’t read the messages from certain users, they get instantly removed but only for me (and one other in the group). The chat looks like empty boxes of removed messages... Although, i can read part of the messages from the notifications but if i check in the app, almost all messages are removed. This only occurs for some users (but it seems there are more and more). Pictures are not affected, only text messages. Never had this problem before.
Makes a popping sound when devices are in do not disturb
LordCoen on 2020-03-30
Both my iPad and my iPhone now make popping sounds when I get messages while the devices are in do not disturb mode. Hearing a constant popping noise while I’m trying to sleep is superbly annoying. The only way that I’ve found to stop it is to mute every person on my list of chats every night, then unmute them the next morning. Not sure what was broken in the last update, but that one is really irritating.
Can’t remove messenger contacts.
1xJAMESx1 on 2020-03-30
They took away the ability to remove old contacts from your messenger list. Such as people from buy and sell, or just other people in general. The only option is blocking. These contacts really have no business seeing your status after your finished your interaction. You may even need to interact in the future. I don’t want to block people, it’s stupid.
Blanchelives on 2020-03-30
I do not like Messenger and wanted it off my ipad. I did that THEN Facebook when a I receive a notice from Facebook that I have unread Messages, although the Messenger icon has been deleted. I would appreciate instructions to rectify this. I do not want to leave Facebook but I will if this matter is not settled. With all due respect Patricia Irwin
AfricanDavid on 2020-03-30
I unfortunately just like everyone one else was forced to use messenger that is to Facebook decision to separate from the main app, now after recent update the application sucks, no language support.. I have to make extra steps to copy text to paste to google translate and the app is extremely glitchy. I’m now looking for alternatives.
Flowerspring on 2020-03-30
I actually hate that Facebook removed the ability to change your profile picture on messenger. Like I honestly hate it. I got my braces off, and I would like to show my smile. I only got messenger, not a Facebook account. I SUGGEST FACEBOOK PUT BACK THAT OPTION. Like Instagram and WhatsApp is looking better than messenger right now.
Still love the app but can't understand why you would remove the games option
Byronrayne on 2020-03-30
This standalone app works much better than its integrated version within the Facebook app! I simply can't understand the removal of the games from the app. My son had just been introduced to the Facebook Messenger for kids and I thought we could play a game together but we can't unless he gets Facebook. Which he is not

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