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Jan, 2023


Jan, 2023



Parking Jam 3D is one of the most downloaded Puzzle Board games with more than 15,000,000 installs. Parking Jam is a fun and addictive puzzle board game. It’s more than just parking - it's a fun driving experience that'll take you to another level! Jams in car parks, challenging parking situations, angry grannies and much more. Experience one of the best parking board games, get rewarded and unlock skins, solve puzzles which get harder each level, choose which car to move so you can find smooth exits without hitting anything and anyone, build up properties, rent them and get "idle money" from them, complete levels without getting stuck, and more! Just make sure you don’t mess with Grandma... In this funny and colourful game, you challenge your logic skills, critical thinking, and timing precision. WITH PARKING JAM 3D YOU CAN ▶ PLAY the full Puzzle Board game experience offline and on the go. ▶ SWIPE to accept challenges, complete different levels and maps. ▶ GET more cars, skins and scenes. ▶ BUILD UP idle rental properties. ▶ EARN money by completing levels and collecting the rent. ▶ UNBLOCK the parking jam. WHY PLAY PARKING JAM 3D? ▶ RELIEVE your stress. Get out of the car park or just hit the cars without filing a claim or paying for repairs! ▶ LEVELS which get harder every time and require skills and critical thinking to be beaten. ▶ CUSTOMISE cars by getting rewarded after challenging new levels and unlocking skins. ▶ CONSTRUCT HOUSES and collect the rent. ▶ LEARN how to unpark smoothly without hitting anything, just choose the right car to move. ▶ LAUGH WITH GRANNY observing how this little old lady ain't fooling anybody. She's a beast - flipping cars and throwing them in your face! ABOUT PARKING JAM 3D Slam the brakes! You’re in a Parking Jam! It is time to leave the car park, but why are everyone else’s cars in the way? You need to move them … but hold on! It needs to be done in the right order, because these tight car parks have tons of obstacles! Solve this tricky parking puzzle and get all the cars on the road! In this fun and colourful game, you challenge your logic skills, critical thinking, and timing precision. It’s super satisfying to flip the cars on the road or into each other, if you pick them in the wrong order. But the best is to try to hit granny: don’t even think about it! What are you waiting for? Challenge your brain with this tricky game right now! --- From the studio that brought you other free games like Pull the Pin, Paint Puzzle, Sandwich!, Clash of Blocks, Paint The Cube and more! TALK TO US Get your Parking Jam on: ▶ Web: ▶ Facebook: ▶ Instagram: ▶ TikTok: ▶ Twitter: ▶ Youtube: Terms & Privacy DOWNLOAD AND PLAY NOW - Join this fun and addictive puzzle board game and clear up the parking jam today!

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Entertaining with potential but some serious flaws
4tesQ on 2023-02-08
I paid for the ad free, and the game is fairly entertaining, however it has some significant drawbacks and flaws. The competitions seem to be manufactured so that you win every time. I’ve played several hundred comps and I always win and the names of the other players seem very generic and repetitive. I can’t be that good. There is absolutely nothing you can use your acquired coins on. I have 118 million coins and growing with absolutely nothing to spend it on. The building scenes are completed and it has said “more coming” for a year now. You can earn extra time and extra moves, which come in handy, but you never know how many you have saved - should be a counter somewhere. Unfortunately the corners of the parking lots and the cars in those corners are often obscured by other buttons on the top and bottom and you can’t see if there is an opening and sometimes you aren’t able to move the car without hitting the obscuring button, making an ad play or skipping a scene you don’t want to skip or taking you to another part of the game. Aside from these points, it’s relaxing but certainly repetitive.
Repetitive and no upkeep
Munrowxx on 2023-02-08
So Again ,the ad has these amazing graphics and gameplay looks really slick but then you play it for I don’t know a day you realise that it’s just 15 maps over and over again, there are a few sneaky optical tricks that I admit got the best of me but after you are aware of them you can find them quick.And there is no way to get every reward I’v done 400 levels nearly But I’ve never been able to earn the reward skin for” build a car” or “earn in scavenger hunt” is there a garage somewhere that you can build a car I can’t find it anywhere and never been invited or told about scavenger hunts so I can not get the reward oh and I asked about that but there are zero people in the support side I sent a message Dec 30 and still no reply . Sent one Jan 10th and again today
It’s not a problem if you turn off Wi-Fi
CodyWplays on 2023-02-08
You heard that right, there is a mobile game that you can play without wi-Fi. this game isn’t the most fun or challenging but it’s the only game I’ve seen in a long time that you can play without having Wi-Fi on. I only just started but as of now it’s not very challenging and not even the boss levels are too challenging but it’s definitely worth installing. If you know you’re gonna have a lack of Wi-Fi for a while. to sum it up, it’s not challenging, but you don’t need Wi-Fi so it’s worth it if you’re not gonna have Wi-Fi
Beautiful lies
Munrowxx on 2023-02-08
The graphics in the ads that saturated my gaming experience, in other apps were beautiful, but the game play graphics are so underwhelming. 90% of the art looks like it was made on an apple Ⅱ E desk top for a grade 7 computer lab exhibition in 1991. Also there’s no support! In addition some of the challenges they have posted in the past you can’t even complete. Where do you find the chests when is the scavenger hunt and what happened yo the garage to build cars and get the reward ?
Granny stopped
Discriminating Player on 2023-02-08
This game interested me because of the puzzles of getting the cars out of the parking lot. In the game there are grannies, moving across the exits. I timed the exit of a car to miss the granny. However, the granny stopped so my car hit her. This in itself is not a big problem, but it is an example of how inconsistent. The cars don’t always move on the first swipe or move in the wrong direction. It takes away from the fun.
Yeah right no ads!!
Darcy r on 2023-02-08
I enjoy playing the game but the ads were annoying so I decided to pay the $3.99 to get the no ads version. It removed all the visible ads from the playing screen and my first win it shoots me off to an ad for Royal Match that was almost 2 minutes long. The only thing the $3.99 bought me was a clearer screen while playing which amounts to about 30seconds of play and then 2 minutes of ads. I want my money back!!
Not happy
Bodak189 on 2023-02-08
There are far too many ads and they seize the game up and you constantly have to restart. It’s really frustrating. I got it because a friend said it was relaxing. It isn’t when every two or three minutes there’s another ad. Or it stops mid game to bring up the end of the ad once again. Deleting right now. Don’t need that many ads nor that much frustration.
The ads are driving me crazy
gene2u on 2023-02-08
Too many ads. There’s a where’s Waldo type section that serves an ad every 30 seconds or so. This is an ad server with a tiny game component. My five year old thinks the ads are fun, but they are really annoying, they trick you into pressing on the screen to open the app installation page for the mobile games they are shilling. Terrible
Game could be fun...
Friendly Stranger on 2023-02-08
The game is decent but the ads are rediculous. I love when games use ads as commerce but this one wants you to both watch an ad after every 30 second game, and watch them for bonus'. I actually spent more time in ads than the game itself 🙄
Purchased and still ad’s
niko-on-ca on 2023-02-08
Pet peeve of these games that when you pay for it and you STILL get tons of add enough though the purchase is advertised as add free. I actually like the game but fell ripped off. Please don’t fall for the scale I did.

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