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Oct, 2022


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Whether you're paying your friends back for a weekend trip or for last night's dinner, you can easily send and request money amongst friends and family, view your account activity, choose currencies to send around the world, and more, with our improved mobile app experience SEND MONEY MORE SECURELY With 24/7 transaction monitoring, encryption technology and fraud protection, peace of mind comes with every payment you make. NO TRANSACTION FEES There is no fee if you use your bank account or debit card to send money in British pounds to family and friends within the UK. SEND MONEY AROUND THE WORLD The PayPal mobile app makes it simpler to send money around the world. MANAGE YOUR MONEY EASILY Your PayPal wallet makes it easier for you to track and monitor every PayPal transaction you make. LEGAL Account required to send and receive money. If the recipient doesn't have a PayPal account, they can easily sign up for an account for free. Not all features may be available in your market.

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Poor security and customer service
TRIWARRIOR on 2022-11-28
Had over $99k stolen fraudulently from my account via a cyber attack. They added a bank account and phone number to my file that weren’t from my country and were able to withdraw all funds in account within 24 hours. When you try to deal with customer service, you get put in touch with an automated system that makes decisions not based on facts but on opinions and doesn’t consider all variables. Pay Pal then wastes valuable time by not allowing you to be in touch with their team to start an investigation. The appeals process is slow and if money is stolen from your account via fraud, their process leaves too much time for the money to be taken and distributed to other jurisdictions. Seems to leave room to be always one step behind where a bank or credit card company would be. It honestly feels like Pay Pal doesn’t care about their customers and does whatever they can to protect themselves and not have to do any work for anyone. Very disappointed and I should of listened to those who told me to not deal with pay pal.
shaqfois on 2022-11-28
This is the first time i have paypal , they allowed me to accept a payment and as soon as i did blocked me out of my own account where I cant access my money , they also said it’s permanent. So i called customer on 10/22nd/22 service waited 2hours for Ian to say it will be taken care of in 5 business days .I legit lost money because of this only downloaded this because its the only app that works with depop but its been over a month since i last called to have this resolved and i still cant list new items because paypal wont allow me to withdraw my money. If you are going to block people from there own hard earned money atleast have reasoning or atleast a solution to resolve the issue! This is highly unprofessional and i wish there was another option. DONT DOWNLOAD YOULL END UP REGRETTING IT!
The WORST!!!
Whatever already on 2022-11-28
I first deleted my long standing account due to the ridiculous new policy PayPal tried to introduce (fining people for misinformation), when they announced it was an “error “ I opened another account with them. I made a sale through my business at the beginning of Oct & my funds are STILL on hold!! It’s now nov 8th. I provided a tracking number & the items have clearly been received by the buyer so I’m beyond angry they are still holding MY money. I sent several messages to customer service which went unanswered. Yesterday I finally received a message basically saying too bad so sad. Completely unprofessional & awful customer service. I will definitely be finding another platform to use & will be deleting my account as soon as MY funds are released……adios
Stealing my money
litteralymyname on 2022-11-28
This app has caused me several headaches and hair loss over stress. I made a purchase using PayPal linked to my bank and it went through, the next thing I check I have -60$ in my balance, I check my savings on my other bank and I’m missing an additional 50!!! The item wasn’t even 60 dollars and I ended up not even receiving it ( which the banks charged me for too.) it won’t let me add money to my account and shows constant error messages whenever I try, don’t waste your time on this please !! I can’t afford loosing how much I lost and there’s nothing they do about situations like these . I wish I had never downloaded.
Worst customer service ever
Disappointed #380,761 on 2022-11-28
The worst customer service in the world, I suspect. When I got a refund because I returned an item, rather than crediting my account PayPal charged me for it again. It took about six hours on the phone to help PayPal employees understand the difference between addition and subtraction. Very frustrating. I have now spent around 13 hours on the phone with PayPal employees or vendors they instruct me to call. I’ve also had every roadblock imaginable put in my path in regards to my wish to now delete my PayPal account. Highly unprofessional behaviour from PayPal employees.
Latest version won’t work on my iPhone 6-plus
Syntonic2 on 2022-11-28
PayPal was great, but the app wants to update and my phone won’t let it. Selecting to load the older compatible version doesn’t work - I just get an infinite loop of the request to download the older compatible version. The actual older compatible version that was already working fine on my phone is no longer accessible - the app just single-mindedly points me back to the “you must update” message. I can live without PayPal on my phone, but it was useful at times.
PayPal account
DaleFRW on 2022-11-28
Oh your supposed to get your money sooner and easier? When? Where? I’m still trying waiting for even the Gift Card’s; $750. PayPal card’s to come through? And then even after those it says to start order up these useless games and Scam’s! Do two levels. I’ve done over 115 levels and it doesn’t even work! They just want all your bank accounts and credit cards and then they share with hacker’s and scam artists!
Cannot close account
Smellidog on 2022-11-28
I have no disputes, no payments set up and can’t close my account. This is a violation of some basic rules. I would not be able to recommend this service to anyone. Nothing has changed since the developer reply. My phone indicates accounts under review can’t be closed but there is nothing to review and no disputes and a zero balance. What exactly is being reviewed for at least a month?
Earn Great Review!!!!!!!!!!!
deedswg9999 on 2022-11-28
It’s really cool and well design app ! You can do everything on it for instance, Send PayPal to PayPal account fund in minutes and no charges on it . You can see your whole spending record in this app work excellent. Only worse part you’ve to keep up to $10 dollars while you’ll be in emergency situation and need to transfer to your visa debit/credit card . Minimum balance is locked at $10 .
Extremely helpful
Mr. Gibbs777 on 2022-11-28
For someone with an unstable source of income, and thus trouble in getting a credit card, PayPal has been a major boon for me. My only regret is that not every vendor accepts PayPal, like Amazon for instance, well, that’s Jeff Bazos’ problem, and if he wants to make it back into the top three he’s gonna have to hurry it the hell up in partnering up with PayPal.

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