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Sep, 2020


Sep, 2020



Practice makes perfect! Get your daily maths fix with this handy revision app, optimised for iPad. The ingenious multiple choice steps let you dip in and out. So you can try a question or two whether you are on the bus, waiting for a friend or just have a few minutes to spare. Boost your GCSE exam preparation. This app contains the following topics: Decimal Places - rounding and truncating numbers to a given number of decimal places. Significant Figures - rounding and truncating numbers to a given number of significant figures. Estimation - Estimating the answers to sums by rounding values to 1 significant figure. Error Bounds - Calculating upper and lower bounds for measurements. Includes questions equivalent to GCSE higher level, finding error bounds of calculations involving measurements. 120 questions in total, 30 questions per topic. For more topics, get the other Practice Perfect apps as a bundle.

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