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Apr, 2020


Apr, 2020



The Pressure Units Converter application converts the input pressure value into 11 types of units. The unit of conversion is in hectopascal [hPa], millimeter of mercury [mmHg], pounds per square inch [psi] and so on. Simply enter the pressure value and select the unit of pressure with the unit selection button, the value converted into 11 units will be displayed. Units supported by this application are as follows. 【Unit of Pressure】 1. Pascal [Pa] 2. Hectopascal [hPa] 3. Bar [bar] 4. Millibar [mbar] 5. Atmosphere [atm] 6. Millimeter of mercury [mmHg] 7. torr [Torr] 8. Millimeter of water [mmH2O] 9. Inch of mercury [inHg] 10. Pounds per square inch [psi (lbf/in^2)] 11. Pounds per square foot [psf, (lbf/ft^2)]

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