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Dec, 2022


Dec, 2022



Download Canada’s most popular food delivery app — trusted by 5+ million customers and 25,000+ restaurants nationwide. Things are looking bright, eh? We’re still the same SkipTheDishes you already love, but we’ve got a new look. Our values of transparency, dependability, and community aren’t changing, and we’re staying focused on delivering you the things you love in your community — we’ll just do it rocking orange. SkipTheDishes makes it easy to order food delivery online from your favourite restaurants near you starting as early as 6am, and as late as 2am to satisfy your late-night cravings. With Skip, you can enjoy burger delivery, pizza at your door, Chinese takeout, sushi near you, and so much more. Download the SkipTheDishes app and start ordering food delivery today. EARN SKIP REWARDS Free food, anyone? This is the ultimate rewards program for the ultimate foodie. Order, earn points, and start getting rewarded now. Everyone starts out with Orange status. Level up to Gold to earn double the points per dollar with every order, and score delicious discounts at checkout. Order twice in one month to keep your status and reap the rewards. Keep the earning going with Challenges. You can earn bonus points simply by placing orders that meet the requirements. The best part? No sign up fees. FREE DELIVERY (with a min. order) Sort restaurants by ‘Delivery Fee’ to see tons of restaurants near you that offer $0 delivery with a minimum order. TRACK YOUR FOOD Get real-time order update notifications and live GPS order tracking, so you know exactly where your food is every step of the way. EASY PAYMENT Pay quickly when you save your debit or credit card in the app. VARIETY Enjoy delivery from your longtime favourites or discover your new go-to. Craving Chinese, Italian, Indian, or Mexican? From healthy to hearty, pizza to salad, fish and chips to falafel, burgers to pad thai, burritos to sushi, and sandwiches to ice cream — order food delivery for every mood, occasion, and taste. GROCERIES Whether you need milk, coffee, bread, or batteries, we’ve got you covered with convenience store delivery and grocery delivery. RE-ORDER Want to enjoy your favourite delivery again and again? Re-order your most-loved dishes in your order history with our ‘Re-order’ button. RESTAURANT SELECTION Order delivery from hundreds of local restaurants that deliver near you or pick from popular national favourites, like McDonald's, Tim Hortons, Wendy's, 7-Eleven, KFC, Boston Pizza, Burger King, Pizza Pizza, Harvey's, Booster Juice, Mr.Sub, St-Hubert, Papa John's Pizza, and much more. CONVENIENCE With a few taps, your next meal is on its way, delivered where you want it, whether you’re at home, work, or chilling with friends. Date-night dinner? Pro-tip: plan ahead with pre-order! PICKUP Craving something ASAP? Grab, go, and enjoy with pickup. Choose ‘Pickup’ for that need-it-now takeout lasagna on the way home or last-minute lunchtime fuel. NO HIDDEN FEES There’s no funny business here. You won’t find any additional service fees. SAVE ADDRESSES Save multiple addresses in your account and have food delivered to your home, office, dorm, friend's place, and more. STAY IN THE KNOW When creating your account, subscribe to our emails to score exclusive (delicious) offers. SHARE YOUR FEEDBACK Great food delivery calls for great feedback. Easily review restaurants and couriers with just a few taps. WE’RE HERE FOR YOU Have questions? Get help with live chat in the app. SkipTheDishes currently delivers in all ten provinces, with new cities and towns nationwide added every month.

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Don’t fall for the Scam!!
Spun4Blue on 2023-01-29
Seriously need this to have a Zero stars option here. I recently received an email offer from Skip that a $20 credit would be applied to my account on next order. In good faith, I fell for it and ordered. Guess what? At check out, the discount was showing in the details, but as soon as I processed payment, “poof” discount gone! Opened a support chat to politely rectify. Their answer?… In short, “Sorry, not this time. But if you order from us again, we pinky promise we’ll apply the discount”. Now, I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed, but I’m smart enough to understand that they are actively and knowingly scamming the general public with promises of discount offers and not honouring them. Big bucks for them, a Big F you to their customers. - Believe me, I tried to get them to rectify and send me a credit, but they just ended the chat with a “thanks for you feedback…” with no intention of honouring their promise. Wait till Katy Perry finds out who she’s endorsing…
Crooks get 1 star as They made it so you can’t say no stars
skiprthieves on 2023-01-29
Made an order like always and never had it show up 11 minutes from order placed! Denied the order as it was obviously not fresh as it is impossible to fresh cook a triple burger and basket of rings and delivered in 11 minutes. Demanded a refund as I sent the food back and skip stole better than half of what I paid originally after insisting delivery was on-time! Sure deliver old heat lamp food rather than the fresh cooked food we ordered and paid for at over $20! Skip is a thieving corporation! They do not even have humans to talk with about issues or complaints as every chat has the same computer bot response no matter the issue. Skip is a waste as you don’t even get deals like if you go in and pick up personally.
Disappointing first order
Newvelaric on 2023-01-29
This is disappointing. I heard Skip the Dish was better than other apps, so I decided to try it today. As you can see from the score, it did not go well. I ordered at 19h05, but no one has even picked my order by 20h00. I chatted with support and the only thing they told me was that: 1. They felt bad that I had such an experience 2. That someone will come and pick up my order by 20h15. But it did not go as planned, I only got my order at 20h42. So my fries and my sandwich were a soggy and cold mess. So not a good first experience. In fact, it is my last experience with this app. I am uninstalling it after this review. And I have learned to not always believe the hype. Oh well…
Don’t use
Gbergs12 on 2023-01-29
They provide zero accountability. Providers or drivers just choose by happenstance if and when they want to provide your full order and then skip may or may not offer any recompense. If by some happy accident skip does want to acknowledge that you deserve ro actually get what you paid for… they will offer you…. Skip credits. So you can have a slightly discounted version of the same awful overpriced experience another time. This app is doing one thing right… they are helping get people back out to eat by making it an absolute nightmare to order food from them.
Déçus/ Disappointed
FLEUR.S(12) on 2023-01-29
I apologize in advance for structure and grammar errors English is not my first language. All I have to say is usually every transactions and delivery was handled perfectly without any problems. But lately, I have been really disappointed in how driver handle our deliveries - leading to me being refunded or not receive the items I order on time. It’s really annoying that it keeps happening so I’m deleting the app overall because I not doing anymore back forth with the Skip or the restaurants.
Manque de respect totale
sportymax on 2023-01-29
Commande mon livre mais charger. Quand nous essayons de les rejoindre il nous dise qu’il ne prenne ou les appels et que l'on doit communiquer par messagerie. Ensuite par messagerie nous ne recevons que des messages pre enregistrer qui ne disent rien pour ensuite se faire laisser la seule. Il s’agit d’un vol en passant! Vraiment dommage car nous fesions affaires avec vous 2-3 fois par semaines depuis de nombreux mois. Vous venez de perdre de bon client. Meme si vous vous en foutez!!
Customer support matter
chef alison on 2023-01-29
My food was delivered to the wrong address. Their only option is to refund you. Being refunded doesn’t feed my hungry angry children. I wish we would go back to the old way. Waiting for the customer to open the door and personally handing over the food. Can we be human again and get proper delivery service? Leaving it at the door not even knocking to let you know your food has arrived is no longer acceptable ! Your fellow industry person Chef Alison
Worst food ordering app
dex7.7 on 2023-01-29
These guys are fraudsters. I don't know who gave them good rating, it's definately fake. All I see are bad reviews and that's what I have experienced. They have no way of confirming if the orders are getting delivered or not. Then they steal your money and refuse to refund in the account. The people who are delivering with them are using their rigged platform to steal from people. The customer service is so bad. These guys should be banned.
Unreliable service and couriers.
daewrigh on 2023-01-29
Their couriers are horrible. they often don’t follow instructions, sit in parking lots with the food just stalling, wasting your time, my time everyone’s time. Awful service when requesting new couriers. Being Ignored when requests are painfully clear. Save your money and time and just cook something at home because you’re still going to be waiting an extra 35-50 minutes after your order was supposed to be delivered anyways :-)
Worst ever
Rssrssr on 2023-01-29
They blocked my account before because I complained about their lack of empathy towards a paying customer who was not getting what they ordered(me) and now they blocked me again because of my payment method was not working. I just had to simply update the payment method but instead these people block my account for 24hrs. Unbelievable the way skip dishes treats their customers. Pathetic.

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