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Nov, 2022


Nov, 2022



Download Canada’s most popular food delivery app — trusted by 5+ million customers and 25,000+ restaurants nationwide. Things are looking bright, eh? We’re still the same SkipTheDishes you already love, but we’ve got a new look. Our values of transparency, dependability, and community aren’t changing, and we’re staying focused on delivering you the things you love in your community — we’ll just do it rocking orange. SkipTheDishes makes it easy to order food delivery online from your favourite restaurants near you starting as early as 6am, and as late as 2am to satisfy your late-night cravings. With Skip, you can enjoy burger delivery, pizza at your door, Chinese takeout, sushi near you, and so much more. Download the SkipTheDishes app and start ordering food delivery today. EARN SKIP REWARDS Free food, anyone? This is the ultimate rewards program for the ultimate foodie. Order, earn points, and start getting rewarded now. Everyone starts out with Orange status. Level up to Gold to earn double the points per dollar with every order, and score delicious discounts at checkout. Order twice in one month to keep your status and reap the rewards. Keep the earning going with Challenges. You can earn bonus points simply by placing orders that meet the requirements. The best part? No sign up fees. FREE DELIVERY (with a min. order) Sort restaurants by ‘Delivery Fee’ to see tons of restaurants near you that offer $0 delivery with a minimum order. TRACK YOUR FOOD Get real-time order update notifications and live GPS order tracking, so you know exactly where your food is every step of the way. EASY PAYMENT Pay quickly when you save your debit or credit card in the app. VARIETY Enjoy delivery from your longtime favourites or discover your new go-to. Craving Chinese, Italian, Indian, or Mexican? From healthy to hearty, pizza to salad, fish and chips to falafel, burgers to pad thai, burritos to sushi, and sandwiches to ice cream — order food delivery for every mood, occasion, and taste. GROCERIES Whether you need milk, coffee, bread, or batteries, we’ve got you covered with convenience store delivery and grocery delivery. RE-ORDER Want to enjoy your favourite delivery again and again? Re-order your most-loved dishes in your order history with our ‘Re-order’ button. RESTAURANT SELECTION Order delivery from hundreds of local restaurants that deliver near you or pick from popular national favourites, like McDonald's, Tim Hortons, Wendy's, 7-Eleven, KFC, Boston Pizza, Burger King, Pizza Pizza, Harvey's, Booster Juice, Mr.Sub, St-Hubert, Papa John's Pizza, and much more. CONVENIENCE With a few taps, your next meal is on its way, delivered where you want it, whether you’re at home, work, or chilling with friends. Date-night dinner? Pro-tip: plan ahead with pre-order! PICKUP Craving something ASAP? Grab, go, and enjoy with pickup. Choose ‘Pickup’ for that need-it-now takeout lasagna on the way home or last-minute lunchtime fuel. NO HIDDEN FEES There’s no funny business here. You won’t find any additional service fees. SAVE ADDRESSES Save multiple addresses in your account and have food delivered to your home, office, dorm, friend's place, and more. STAY IN THE KNOW When creating your account, subscribe to our emails to score exclusive (delicious) offers. SHARE YOUR FEEDBACK Great food delivery calls for great feedback. Easily review restaurants and couriers with just a few taps. WE’RE HERE FOR YOU Have questions? Get help with live chat in the app. SkipTheDishes currently delivers in all ten provinces, with new cities and towns nationwide added every month.

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Scammed, order stolen, horrible customer service
Holls Jav on 2022-12-04
I placed an order for 3 bottles of wine to be delivered to my office for a staff celebration. The courier - Matt from Kingston, ON - never showed up with the delivery. When I clicked on the app to check the status, it said "delivered". I then tried to contact Skip to let them know it was never received, and found that they no longer have a customer care line via phone, but only allow chat. I informed the chat person of the situation - they then said they checked with the courier who said the order was delivered and apparently his word is final. I asked to speak to the courier directly, they said they cannot allow this. I tried to have them ask questions like what entrance he used, what name was on my ID, etc. and they ignored my questions. I then explained that my office has several security cameras that would prove there was no delivery, they ignored this as well. I further went on to remind them (as they can easily verify with my account) that I have been ordering from Skip for years, have placed nearly 100 orders, and have never once complained about anything or about a delivery not met - therefore why would I suddenly do this now for this one order (which was also much less expensive than many of my other ones)? I tried to reach them via phone as well, having to go through the restaurant line. They were incredibly rude and appalling. They have no system of verifying if the orders are actually delivered, which allows couriers to easily steal clients' orders (or deliver them to the wrong person/location without a care). No amount of phone calls or chats was changing their mind. I will never again order from Skip, and will ensure every friend/family refrains from ordering as well. It's rather sad, as I order from them nearly weekly, tip the courier every single time, and have never once complained until this one order was not delivered (or likely stolen). I can imagine they will lose several more customers if they keep allowing stolen orders to happen - it's a rather simple solution to have the courier photograph the delivery, take a copy of the ID (like other delivery services do), etc. and when that fails, use simple logic to check a client's track record on previous orders
Joke of a Company, can’t handle demand.
Briecookie98110 on 2022-12-04
I make the mistake of using this company every couple of months because of the deals they send in my emails. EVERY SINGLE TIME I order from them my order takes over an hour to get to me. This usually wouldn’t be an issue if I were able to get a refund for my order and order from somewhere else, but unfortunately they only refund you in Skip credits, or you have to wait up to TEN business days to get your money back. That is ridiculous. Today, I spoke with an employee by the name of Kajal Kajal, who after initially reading my message that explained “I have no more money left, my lunch break will be over I really need my money back so I don’t starve today”, responded with “would you like skip credits or waiting up to 10 days for your money” to which I asked him to read my messages again, and he sent me the exact same damn message. I basically begged this person to allow me to not starve today and they ignored all my requests (I should also mention it literally took a minimum of 15 minutes between each response I got from them) and after I finally got upset with the fact they were ignoring what I was saying, they banned me from the chat without a response. I now have no way of cancelling the order that I won’t be able to eat, therefore these people are a bunch of scamming, lazy, cheap money thieves. Doordash and Uber Eats are MUCH MUCH better I HIGHLY recommend using them, it is who I usually use and I never have these issues, and when I do they are addressed properly.
maria6880 on 2022-12-04
Hi, I was a regular customer and had a really bad experience with skip the dishes. Just want to let you guys know that I’m extremely unhappy with the service that you guys provide. Even the help chat session was not good. I had ordered food from curry mantra today(#480202202), and the skip delivery driver did not delivered the food and marked it as delivered, this is not the first time it is happening, I contacted the skip chat session department, I was extremely frustrated and unhappy with their responses, first navneet kaur chat with me and I told her the issue, she was not even understanding the issue and was just responding that I can refund you money, that’s it. Like the main issue is my food is missing and I am hungry, you guys are supposed to help us rather than stealing food from us. Then she left the chat without even telling anything, after that someone called Harpreet joined the chat and is asking the same questions again rather than looking what the issue is. You can check That I am a loyal skip customer from a long time and this unsatisfied service has happened to me before also, I am going to cancel my account with the skip the dishes , because you guys are not respecting our money and time. I just want to let you know that, some of your delivery drivers are not delivering the food and they are stealing from us. I had also reported this issue with the restaurant, and will share with my friends. Thanks for your service.
Support chat feature is buggy
All Mighty Gecko on 2022-12-04
Constantly have problems using the Support chat.Today I had a problem with an order and started the chat and I was in 80 something place in line and then by the time it got to 20 Something Pl. in line it just auto ended the chat without notification. sure I had put the phone down and the screen had gone to sleep but the app was still in the foreground and I wasn’t doing anything else with it while I was waiting totally dumb that this can happen. Only recourse in app is to start over again at the back of the line. I phoned the restaurant and got direct support for my problem from them as they know me and will just give me credit on my next order in person. The other thing that happens regularly when I’m chatting as that the text bubbles all come in out of place and order and jump around overtime. Sometimes it kind of makes sense when you’re sending them a picture of the food maybe there’s a delay in it uploading but often times it’s just text. I’ve also been in a support chat actively with an agent and waiting and waiting and waiting for a response and then just had the chat cut without it resuming and my only option is to start a whole new chat. Clearly some of this might be skip policy but some of it is also the design of the app. Just really not a good user experience
Worst of the “Big 3” food delivery services
ScubaProDiver on 2022-12-04
SkipTheDishes is, without a shadow of a doubt, the worst food delivery service of the big three. The other 2 people UberEats and DoorDash. If you can tolerate the sometimes 45 minutes - 60 minutes wait for your order then you’ll most likely be met with poorly package items and outright missing items. The final straw for me was a recent order from plain & simple McDonald’s. Food wasn’t even delivered in a sealed bag, the coffee was missing, the soft drink appeared to have been spilled. Whether it was the McDonald’s or the delivery driver who knows probably both. Then you have to wait 15-20 minutes to speak with customer service who speak like robots and copy/paste the same generic responses and ask you how you’d like to be refunded 3x. They do this because they don’t want to give you the money back to your card but in “skip credits” so it forces you to keep using their horrible service. I’d strongly recommend people do not use this service if you haven’t already and if you are to leave the service and go elsewhere.
Really bad customer service
U1418 on 2022-12-04
Just deleted DoorDash app because the service was so bad but I’m deleting Skip now, too. Customer service agents leaving the chat left and right and ignoring you. Driver tips are a waste of money because what’s the point of tipping for raw food/wrong order. Too much money lost and time wasted for such a simple thing. Keep getting wrong order or raw food and now they told me they won’t even refund me for any future F**** ups on their end. Seeing as there’s something wrong with my order 90% of the time and they can’t guarantee a returning customer an inkling of accuracy or consistency concerning my order then there is simply no point in continuing to use skip or any kind of these services. Unfortunately some people don’t take their job seriously any more and big industries are now dropping the ball from every angle. If you can’t get the basics of customer service and customer protection down, then you don’t deserve my business.
bambi1302 on 2022-12-04
Skip has alway’s come through when my orders are wrong or things are missing I have a big family so I always am paying the most when things are missing I get upset skip is alway’s on top of it and a fast and appropriate time span customer service is amazing and kind of had a few deaths in my life and nobody wanted too cook so we Ordered food… only one things I see skip has dk try and fix is some of the drivers and making sure the skip team that delivers are the drivers and not some body who skip has let go do to havingFraud charges and get it put in their parents name or family members they should always check to make sure it is who it is to be and making sure that they go to the right address I know sometimes mistakes happen but everything else is amazing it’s just some whom work for them
Disney concern content on 2022-12-04
I normally don’t use this app because there’s so many better & secure ones out there. I ordered today for the first time in a month. The driver picked up my $33 order & called to confirm my address the same one I always order from. The driver says it’s out of the way for him & he will call me back. He then proceeds to confirm I got the order on the app when I didn’t receive my food. I contact IT support tell him the situation we go back & forth for a hour. He tells me I gave the guy the wrong address tells me to confirm my address in recipe which I do & tell him this is the exact address & the one I always use, send him multiple screenshots to prove I'm not incompetent & that the driver made a mistake. They proceed to give me a $23 refund not a full refund, this is fraud & a scam.
Dishonest, expensive, and has terrible customer service
Dr Esteban Trabajos MD PhD RIP on 2022-12-04
I just spent an hour and a half waiting for food from a restaurant four blocks away. After they blew past their initial estimated delivery time I messaged support, which took forever—long enough for the order to arrive totally frozen. Having successfully delayed, they then proceeded to offer a 50% (for inedible food) in in-app credits, or else to credit it to my original payment method with a two week delay. Talking to support was reminiscent of messaging a bot, but I expect a bot would respond more quickly than their customer service department. This is insulting, and given that the food is more expensive on the app vs on a restaurant *and* they charge a service fee, delivery fee, and you’re expected to tip the driver, I have to say the overall experience has been terrible.
wenIworkWorker on 2022-12-04
This app is a fraud. I applied as a courier and it requires you to fill out your very personal banking information requires you to upload your birth certificate and your visa for a background check it requires you to provide also your drivers license photo copied onto their system. When I went to go login as a Courier it said that my application cannot be completed and then when I reached out to customer service on the delivery app representative name Gloria give me a phone number and an email which the email was returned and the phone number cannot be completed as dialed so folks please be aware of scams I’m taking further action for my identity and protection and to make sure this doesn’t happen to anyone else.

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