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Jan, 2023


Jan, 2023



Quickly and easily connect and control your smart home devices through SmartThings. SmartThings is compatible with 100s of smart home brands. So you can control all of your smart home gadgets in one place, including your Samsung Smart TV and smart home appliances. With SmartThings, you can connect, monitor and control multiple smart home devices quicker and easier. Connect your Samsung smart TVs, smart appliances, smart speakers and brands like Ring, Nest and Philips Hue - all from one app. Then control your smart devices using voice assistants including Google Assistant [Key Features] - Control and check in on your home from wherever you are - Connect your smart devices across many different brands to work together by setting ‘scenes’ - Build routines that are set on time, weather, and device status, so your home runs smoothly in the background - Allow shared control by giving access to other users - Receive status updates about your devices with automated notifications - Talk to your devices using Google Assistant - Track, monitor and save money on energy with SmartThings Energy. See how much your home and compatible Samsung devices cost to run, and try various energy saving features, such as AI saving mode, or schedule devices to run during off peak hours. - Receive recipe recommendations by scanning meal kits, wine, and meat. Plan, shop and prep meals with the help of SmartThings Cooking ※ Some features may not be available in all countries. [App requirements] Some mobile devices may not be supported. - iOS 13.0 or later / iPhone 6s or later / iPad mini 4 or later ※ App permissions The following permissions are required for the app service. For optional permissions, the default functionality of the service is turned on, but not allowed. [Required access permissions] • Bluetooth: to find nearby devices using Bluetooth or BLE • Microphone: Used to set up ultrasonic sensor-equipped devices [Optional access permissions] • Camera: Scan QR codes. • Location: to automate actions using GPS (GPS optional) Used to find Wi-Fi information to add devices with iOS 13 or later versions • Contacts: Used to verify user information that will be used when sending text messages

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Junk things
Shoe Box show on 2023-02-01
I can adjust the fridge temperature from across the world but this Samsung junk fridge can’t figure out how to keep the ice-maker running or even tell me what part number water filter I need to order. I can send cooking instructions to the oven from my office but it’s 2 year old convection fan sounds like a helicopter taking off. The microwave looks really cool but in the winter time it’s better at making ice than the refrigerator. The dishwasher is really good a rinsing off the dishes that you pre washed, don’t rely on it to clean dirty dishes though. Not happy with Samsung or this junk app with a bunch of useless features.
Volume control nearly unusable
Joeymac647321 on 2023-02-01
I use the app to control a Samsung Soundbar. It is fairly easy to use, except for the volume control. It is a tiny button that swipes left and right to turn the volume down and up. It is too small and sensitive. For example, if the volume is at 15 and I want to turn a down a few points, when I try to slide it to the left it jumps down to 5, then I slide it to the right and it jumps up to 20, etc. Very frustrating to try to set it to a specific level. I keep hoping with each update Samsung will improve the volume control but so far no dice.
Appareils électro-ménager
je suis écoeuré on 2023-02-01
Instabilité de connexion Wifi. Depuis que j’ai les appareils électro- ménagers de brancher avec votre application, je passe mon temps à rétablir la connexion Wifi, et cela prend une « éternité ». Pourtant, tout mon réseau Wifi dans la maison est très stable. De plus, votre personnel en poste au soutien technique n’est pas d’un grand secours en ce qui concerne les branchements d’appareils. De plus, je ne peux même plus connecter ma hotte car l’application ne propose plus les hottes.
Stopped working with my TV
schimwastaken on 2023-02-01
This app still doesn’t work well with iPhones. I have a Samsung frame 65inch TV. I used to be able to connect to my iPhone through smart things to use my phone as a remote and importantly, to upload photos to use the frame for its intended art mode. The App stopped being able to connect to my TV and said it had erased all of my Samsung data… I’ve tried rebooting, reinstalling, reading the TV, nothing works. Please update the App!
Can’t change the country I live in
OmarCB on 2023-02-01
My Samsung user was created years ago while using a Note phone. Unknown to me, the country of the account was set to a different one that I live in (even the continent was wrong). Now with the smart home features, I see my electricity consumption in another currency. The app doesn’t allow to change it. Everything else runs fine.
iLabe on 2023-02-01
Matter update not worth getting your costumers upset. 80% of app’s functionality is not working for me after last update. Companies making armed robots and Smartthings can’t make sure we can lock our door or turn light on. Disappointing.
Needs work
t24683 on 2023-02-01
Nothing is intuitive, seamless, or easy. Things don’t work and it’s not clear why they don’t work; Alexa used to work and then just stopped working on my soundbar, you can’t automate night mode, so much room for improvement.
App refresh
CGMonctNBCA on 2023-02-01
Everytime I switch to another app and return to smart things, I have to wait for it to reconnect and load all the options on my phone or device before I can resume usage.
Its aight
Blaketheshort on 2023-02-01
Works aight, except when the ‘rate this app’ pops up after a function and i have to close the whole app to see the status of things… i rated it so f off now!
Cannot connect to Frame Tv 2022
Mpms111 on 2023-02-01
It does not find the TV . I tried many times with the TV on and connected to the same network and does not find the TV. Disappointing for an expensive TV

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