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Feb, 2023


Feb, 2023



The fastest and most effective way to view the catalog of parts offered by Spectra Premium. Thanks to the mobile application Spectra, you can easily find parts made specifically for a vehicle: - Search by plate number - Search by VIN - Search by vehicle (Year/Make/Model) With the advanced functionalities of the application, you only need to point the camera of your phone in front of the plate number or the VIN of a vehicle and the application will automatically show the compatible parts. You can also search a part by product code with your camera or by entering it manually. The same can be done with parts from a competitor to instantly find the equivalent offered by Spectra Premium. The parts history and favorites will facilitate the use of the application. Spectra Mobile allows you to view all the videos released by Spectra Premium. The section on promotional information of products allows you to find out more about Spectra Premium’s catalog. In addition, the application makes it easy to directly contact an expert at Spectra Premium by phone or e-mail for all your questions. Finally, learn more about the company through informative sections: - Company overview - Certifications - Chronology of the company - Address and contacts of the company’s various institutions

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