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The Starbucks® app is a convenient way to pay in store or skip the line and order ahead. Rewards are built right in, so you’ll collect Stars and start earning free drinks and food with every purchase. Pay in store Save time and earn Rewards when you pay with the Starbucks® app at many stores in Canada. Order ahead Customize and place your order, and pick up from a nearby store without waiting in line. Rewards Track your Stars and redeem Rewards for a free food or drink of your choosing. Receive custom offers as a Starbucks Rewards™ member. Send a gift Say thanks with a digital Starbucks Card. It’s easy to redeem a gift from email or in the Starbucks® app. Manage cards Check your Starbucks Card balance, add money, view past purchases and transfer balances between cards. Find a store See stores near you, get directions, hours and view store amenities before you make the trip. Tip your barista Leave a tip on purchases made with the app at many stores in Canada.

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Ripoff! They expired all my hard earned points from 100s lb coffee bags
LeeJakekyle on 2023-02-07
I buy Starbucks coffee at my grocery store and used the little Starbucks peel off label with the complicated annoying 12 digit alpha input into my app (and you can only do 2 bags a day). We drink a lot of coffee in my household, like 2 bags a week and make it strong Ie. $30 per week or $1600 per year. I tortured myself keying in these useless alphanumeric codes every day for a month or two. Sheer torture, but I felt it would be worth it. Wrong, the cheapskate company expired all my work very quickly…. Why ??. I paid for all these bags of coffee, but end with zero points. Rip offs! Giant company rip-off’s !!
The app is great…..when it works…
Jonlor on 2023-02-07
Considering how many variations there can be when ordering from Starbucks, this app makes ordering much faster and easier. Unfortunately it’s got bugs. Big ones that will jump out at unexpected times and prevent you from using it. For example, it currently believes I am 5000km away from my local Starbucks…which I’m sitting in front of. Because of that, it won’t let me submit an order. The app also believes I live on the other side of the country because it fails every time I try to update my address. Fun times, fun times.
do not get this app if u want rewards
Supra dupe on 2023-02-07
so today is my birthday right i am 17 years old and i am so happy and i got the best gifts ever in the whole world and i love all my family and friends and i’m going to eat good food after. you know what else would have been good food? A FREE STARBUCKS DRINK AS PROMISED WHEN ITS YOUR BIRTHDAY. BUTTTT starbucks did not give me my free birthday drink coupon and now i’m sad because i wanted to drink the iced sugar cookie latte because it’s my favourite drink. I would appreciate if you fix this and give me my drink THANKS
Never worked - why????
KarenMelo on 2023-02-07
I have this app for at least 4y and never got to order anything through it. The system keeps saying that multiple locations, which I know that take order by app, do not take orders ahead and that the barista will be glad to take my order. I wonder why keep trying updating it hoping someday it will make my mornings easier. Useless! Please someone from the assistance get back to me, because other contact means do not work as well.
Fill it up, no foam, extra hot
displayed!1 on 2023-02-07
What’s up with some baristas not filling up lattes to the top (I want that 15-20%, I paid for it) and completely forgetting to scoop out the foam and ignoring the extra hot part of the order? When I get the perfect order I thank the barista because it is so rare. Also I do ask for another latte and I wonder how much money Starbucks loses making two oak milk lattes.
Why should stars expire????
sensiblegirl on 2023-02-07
I don’t like the fact that stars expire when you spending $$$$$ on coffee drinks….not everybody can afford to go here frequently due to the cost. I look at it as treat but to find out how quickly my stars expire, forget it, I can get a Latte from McDonalds.
Nutrition Information Gone???
melgaardk on 2023-02-07
I would just like to know why the app no longer provides the user with the access to the nutritional information for Starbucks products, something that has been a feature in the past. We have the right to know what we are putting into our bodies.
everyday beo on 2023-02-07
Everything is free but the home-coffee or merchandise? I SPENT OVER 200$ AND I STILL HAVE TO PAY 30 SOMETHING DOLLARS FOR A HOME-COFEE/CUP, PATHETIC! Plus it does not tell you on the app that it is only 20% off.
Nutrition Values Not Showing
The Umar on 2023-02-07
The new version of the app is no longer showing the nutrition values. Now I have to search the nutrition values separately on another website which makes it less appealing to use the app.
Hot sauce
kong8858 on 2023-02-07
Please add hot sauce for egg bites. Not just ketchup as an option. Also make it easier to navigate tipping Otherwise all is good thanks

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