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Jun, 2020


Jun, 2020



Presented by Kiloo Games and Sybo Games. DASH as fast as you can! DODGE the oncoming trains! Help Jake, Tricky & Fresh escape from the grumpy Inspector and his dog. - Grind trains with your cool crew! - Colorful and vivid HD graphics! - Hoverboard Surfing! - Paint powered jetpack! - Lightning fast swipe acrobatics! - Challenge and help your friends! Join the App Store's most daring chase! A Universal App with HD optimized graphics for retina resolution. Subway Surfers is compatible with iPhone 4s, iPod 5, iPad 2 or newer. iOS 8 or later OS version is required.

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Arthritis, scamming and season hunt limit.
420boysforthewin on 2020-07-14
I love this game but it has caused me to develop arthritis In my thumb and I can no longer use it to do my daily activities. Subway surfer has also scammed me multiple times taking away my coins that I worked very hard to acquire. May I also add I find it very frustrating that you put a limit on the amount of the season hunt coins that I can collect in a day. Personally I would play your game more if you removed the limit that you’ve so rudely placed upon me. I hope you take what I’ve written into consideration. I have reached out to you through the kindness of my heart because I believe your game can improve if you listen to your users. Have a wonderful day and get back to me as soon as possible.
TikTok is @dancingratsareniceee
Bella!T! on 2020-07-14
Overwhelme overworked overpaid ShaneYAW ‍my real name GO ➡️ON RECORD SAYING But let’s me real, this app makes me fart of excitement I have a score of 1530925 and it makes my Gabbie Hannah in me say BOOLIEZ THESE ARE HIGH SCHOOL BOOLIEZ and my Shane Yawson in me say I AM NOT A PEDOPHILE really brings out my love in me and I say this apps amazing, but it’s really said when my person dies I cry all day they had such a amazing life and the dog and cop BOOLIE me Anyways 10/10 download it or I’ll be under your bed tonight. follow my account @dancingratsareniceee
Kara An on 2020-07-14
As a little girl I never picked up on the stereotypes this game has when it comes to it’s black characters. I think there’s something a little iffy about the fact that the “Ella” character used to be named “Frizzy”, and that her mannerisms are very much the stereo typical black woman.... twerking, shaking her head left to right with her hand up.... very weird
There’s no backup
Angel Shizuko on 2020-07-14
I played and got two limited characters and when my phone died and I got a new one I couldn’t get them back I could only get my high score. As soon as you delete the app or lose anything you lose coins, characters, power ups, everything even if you spent real money on the game. You won’t get refunded or your progress back.
New Edinburgh update sucks
sucky gamess plz stop on 2020-07-14
You people have actually reduced the amount of coins you get in a run, they are more spaced apart, and also that you have made it harder to get the tokens for the season. These updates are just getting worse and worse. STOP BEING SO IGNORANT AND REALIZE THAT THERE ARE A LOT OF PEOPLE WHO KNOW HOW CHEAP YOU REALLY ARE!!!
sliiiiiiiiither on 2020-07-14
The game is actually pretty at the start until all the glitches start. I was saving to get Brody(a character in the game), and then just today I had 200,000 coins and then game just erased all of them for some reason. Now I have 900 coins thanks to this game
u.r_m.o.m on 2020-07-14
Ooh boy‍♂️you looking like you like what you see Won't you come over and check up on it I'ma let you✨ work up on it Ladies let 'em check up on it, watch it while he check up on it Dip itpop it twerk it stop itcheck on me tonight‍❤️‍‍
ꪮ ꪮ ꪮꪶꪶ ꪊρ ꪮ ꫝꫀ ρꪖꪗ ᭙ꫝ ꪀꪗ ᥴꪖɀꪗ ρꪀ ᭙ᧁ
gabbbbie hannnnna on 2020-07-14
iclimedoutofmyheadand⛸watched⏰myselfimplodeathoughtwithout ❌a⚠️body oughtabethe shot to✌️ take a load off my brain is poison and im searching️‍♀️ for the antidote‍⚕️ but everytime ifind it my defences scream oh no‼️ you don’t wöæh
i love this game
roro1478 on 2020-07-14
PEOPLE LOVE THAT I HATE MYSELF iclimbedouttamyheadandwatchedmyselfimplodeathoightwithoutabodyoughttobetheshottotakethisloadoffmybrainispoisonedandimsearchinfortheantidotebuteverytimeifinditmydefensesscreamohnoyoudont w o a h
Elise ur friend on 2020-07-14
I climbed out of my head and watched myself implode thought without a body oughta take a load off and my brain is poisoned and I’m searching for the antidote but every time I find it my defences scream oh no you don’t wøäēh

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