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Nov, 2022


Nov, 2022



Hungry? Eating fresh just got a whole lot better with the new Subway app. ● Customize Your Way: Like extra cheese? Us too. Build your own Footlong just like you do in the restaurant. Swap your condiments, pick your toppings, or toast your bread — the opportunities are endless. ● Find Rewards: Join MyWay and earn every time you order. You’ll get access to exclusive deals, promos, and member-only rewards. Saving is easier than ever. ● Rapid Re-Order: Find your favorites in a snap. Get your last order in a single tap, right from the dashboard. ● Get Fresh Fast: Choose Pick Up, Curbside, or delivery. What are you waiting for?

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I don’t WANT rice on my wrap
Loanc93 on 2022-12-02
I work a time sensitive job and I loved the convenience of saving my favourite, ordering it quickly and walking in to pick it up right away. Now there’s no option to order a regular wrap, I have sensory sensitive eating habits and I do not enjoy rice on a wrap. No option to order a regular wrap means less time to eat lunch if I have to wait in line to get what I want. I may as well go to the store across the road that has fried chicken ready to go.
Charged My Card And Order Didn’t Go Through
styigg) on 2022-12-02
I made an order through the app and when I completed the order a giant error code was thrown talking about a error in the Auth token. It charged my card and I went to the store and they didn’t receive the order. The charge was pending on my card so I assumed they’d recognize it didn’t go through and cancel it but today the charge applied and I honestly don’t even know who to contact about getting my money back.
Worst app error
yugendar on 2022-12-02
This is the worst app of all the food ordering services. I’m trying to add the food to the cart and it shows ‘cart expired or not valid, please create a new cart first’ and I don’t know what the hell is that. Also why the hell would the app show promotions first then allow you to choose the location and food. It defeats the purpose of it. Please review and re arrange your app for your customers sake!
Really good app but it all comes down to human error
Colebort on 2022-12-02
Don’t get me wrong the app is well made and maybe I’m bling harsh with my review but 6/10 times I have ordered the have messed up my order by adding a thing or two or missing a thing or two. Currently eating cold sub without cheese (I asked for toasted and white cheese). So I’m going to stop using the app because this was I can watch them make it and they will never get it wrong.
Change the app set up!
selennnna on 2022-12-02
Needs an option you can build your sandwich how you want. I want to select my meats, bread, etc how I want it to be. Picking a sandwich doesn’t work, as there’s no option to get rid of items, like on the green goddess rotisserie. I don’t want avocado, and can’t take it off. Please add a page where I can build the sandwich that I want to eat. Not just the featured sandwiches.
Payment Issue
TvnsK on 2022-12-02
I have placed an order and the money has been deducted successfully from my account but at the end it shown generic digital and there is no email generated whether or not the order is placed but the money has been deducted from my account. Waste of money, I have contacted Subway team as well but no response yet about this issue. Very bad
Expired Coupon Deceit
Tim Hoorton on 2022-12-02
I was loving this app until… I want down to subway thinking I would scan this coupon I found on the app and get a great deal. Turns out the coupon was expired. Why on earth would an expired coupon keep showing up on the app?! It’s an app! It can update every time it opens! Seems silly not to remove expired coupons from the app.
No Canadian deals
Hmackkk on 2022-12-02
Absolute garbage app, never in my life have I used something so poorly designed and glitchy. Always crashes, and all the deals that shows up are US only. You pretty have no incentive to download or use this app in Canada. Almost every other major fast food chain has apps with lots of offers, deals and are super easy to use.
burnslake on 2022-12-02
Giving 2 Stars because the app works well for those who want to order what the app lets you order. I want a Grilled Rotisserie-Style Chicken Wrap with NO rice! If this app was more “Create your own” friendly, and let me make exactly what I want, I’ll change to 5 Stars.
Get it together subway
invsia-bull on 2022-12-02
The point of an app is convenience an I’m extremely upset, I just wasted 15 mins of my break trying to order off this app. WASTE OF TIME Fix the loading times, fix the store locator, fix your life. Get it together subway I’m not mad… Just disappointed!

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