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Nov, 2022


Nov, 2022



TeamSnap is the #1 Sports Team Management app for coaches who'd rather manage their teams than manage their technology. Easy to use. Loved by parents. TeamSnap is team management made simple. As a coach, you do a lot less coaching than you signed up for. You juggle text chains and messaging apps. You track down RSVPs and symptom checks. You field emails and calls, often sharing the same information again and again. We're here to help. With over 23 million users in 196 countries, TeamSnap brings team management into one place, run from one app. Let us take the work out of play, so you can get back to coaching. ONE PLACE FOR EVERYTHING Whether it's field numbers, uniform colors or start times, share important game or practice details with team schedules. Parents have a single source of all game and practice info. You have your evenings back. ONE APP TO MANAGE IT You don't need to worry about staying on top of chats in one app or texts in another. Our all-in-one team management app simplifies managing youth, recreational and competitive sports, including soccer, hockey, baseball, basketball, softball, football, lacrosse, volleyball and 100s more. – Team Communication: Send messages to your entire team or select groups; let players know about last-minute changes with push notifications or text messages – Roster Management: Build your team, gather player details, set lineups, and know who’s coming ahead of time – Scheduling: A single source for all game and practice details that also syncs with your favorite calendar apps – Live Updates: Get your team and the extended sports family in on the action with real-time game updates and post-game reports – Team Safety: Keep your team safe this season with our built-in symptom screening NO BUDGET? NO PROBLEM. Choose the team plan that’s right for you. Our core messaging and management features are available for $0, including Team Chat, Health Check and Scheduling. Your team need more this season? How about player tracking, statistics, photo storage? Check out our Pricing page. We have plans built for any budget. To help you choose, we'll start you out with our 21-day Free Trial. Test drive our free and premium features and decide which ones are right for your team this season. Download TeamSnap and create your team today!

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Obnoxious app with greedy devs
Yeg_jjy on 2022-12-02
I don’t run teams, my kids are just occasionally on teams. I could see how something like this could be useful, but I find it obnoxious that the team members need to pay (I assume) to get rid of advertisements. F that you greedy devs! I realize you want to make money, and for that you need subscriptions and/or ads, but it is not right to force the players/parents to pay to avoid ads. I use teaching apps, and as the teacher, I pay, but my students don’t need to and they aren’t pestered by ads. You should adopt a similar approach! It is especially obnoxious when the ads are implemented so poorly that they freeze the app, necessitating the force close app and then restart. My mission is now to push people away from using this thing. Simple email lists and phone lists are just fine. Don’t give these guys your money or your data if you can avoid it.
Can't dismiss full screen ads on new devices
maccoder on 2022-12-02
The ads in the app are ridiculously intrusive. Not only they make using app unbearably difficult, but on iPhone 14 Pro there is no way to dismiss the full screen ad. The close button is at the very top, behind translucent status bar and dynamic island, making it impossible to tap. The only way to proceed is to kill the app and start over. I was really a fan of the app long time ago, but over time it got worse in my opinion. In serious consideration of switching to a different platform at the moment.
Kate Coombs on 2022-12-02
Notifications don’t go away … says I have 8 unchecked messages when I don’t and I also can’t delete messages - I’m a very organized person so I don’t like seeing a whole bunch of different conversations I like to see my main chat and be able to delete all the other ones that are no longer relevant- why is this not a feature ?
Nothing But Problems
97cents on 2022-12-02
From downloading new version to admins being able to access your teams. When you try to get support, it’s the same old advice! Don’t you think it’s time to keep hackers out. These are peoples Lives that matter around schedules ! Team Snap, not for my kind of team, made for individual profit! Ads are lame.
Latest update Nov 1
krmia22 on 2022-12-02
We are now getting chat notifications & can view chat history for teams that we either left or were deleted from. The app shows a red bubble with number of unread notifications but cannot get rid of it 🤨 please fix!

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