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Ticketmaster gives you access to millions of live events and makes it easy to buy, sell, and get in - so you can get on with making memories that last. We are the Official Ticketing Partner of the NFL, NBA, NHL, and USTA. Add in our exclusive partnerships with thousands of venues, artists, and theater tours and shopping with Ticketmaster gives you unparalleled access to the most memorable live events worldwide. Ticket management at your fingertips. You’re always just a few clicks away from securing the perfect seats to the events you love. BUY SIMPLY - Search millions of events and get real-time updates as new listings go live. - Use interactive 3-D venue maps and see your seat view before you buy. CHANGE OF PLANS? - List your tickets on our trusted resale marketplace and sell to other fans. - Transfer your seats to friends and family for free. PROTECT YOURSELF FROM SCALPERS - Avoid forgeries “similar location” seats with Verified Tickets. The seats you buy the seats you’ll sit in and backed by our 100% guarantee. YOUR PHONE IS YOUR TICKET - Scan into your events with the app or upload your seats to Apple Wallet (mobile-entry events only). - See all your event info in one convenient place. NEVER MISS OUT ON AN EVENT - Get alerts about your favorite events, artists, and venues. Download the Ticketmaster app and go live. REACH OUT TO US Website: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook:

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I hate Ticketmaster
Missarielnorman on 2022-11-27
I would do anything to stop using Ticketmaster to buy concert tickets. I would go back to lining up in person if I had to. If you are trying to get tickets to a show for an internationally touring artist with any kind of demand, it will be a brutal, exploitive, depressing, stressful experience to get tickets. Inflated service fees (for what? Where is the service?), site crashes, dynamic pricing and allowing ticket reselling for over the face value of the ticket has turned ticket buying into an online war between actual fans and scalpers/bots. And Ticketmaster/Live Nation encourage it because they get paid regardless of who buys the tickets (and get paid more with dynamic pricing if they can drive demand up), and if the ticket is resold through their platform - they get paid again. The whole experience leaves you feeling used and abused.
No phone contact for problems
Kyila601 on 2022-11-27
I’m very happy to use an app for purchases but there still needs to be phone contact support. I’m trying to book tickets and the app is giving me an error code U201. I spoke with my credit card provider (who does have customer support) and they spent 30 minutes verifying that it is not an issue with my credit card. The Ticket Master app does not have a frequently asked question that fits this problem. I finally managed to send a message through the accessibility question and maybe a real person will get back to me in 12-24 hours? I am a frequent customer so I do know how to use the app.
Confusing to use with Raptors tickets
fuzzymath10 on 2022-11-27
I received Toronto raptors tickets and was dumbfounded as to why they weren’t showing up. I then learned that I had to use the Toronto raptors app. After downloading it, I assumed I could log in with my Ticketmaster account. Turn out I have to follow yet another step to choose the arena, then login with my ticket master account (different from the account used for Toronto raptors). I would have just preferred for the tickets to show up on my Ticketmaster account without having to deal with a special raptors app that then plugs into Ticketmaster.
I don’t understand
Violette Estephan-Mansour on 2022-11-27
I don’t get it. I had to download my tickets for a concert on your app. Which i did but it’s not working. And I can’t have access to my tickets cause to go to my events i need to create an account which i did, but i can’t sign in. Because as your app is saying, ‘they thought i was a robot’ like…what? Second of all, when i want to try and ask for help it’s not working. So please do something because I didn’t pay and put trust into your app for nothing.
Watch out
BlackpearlIi on 2022-11-27
I selected two tickets for evanescence in Montreal in March Long story short I got one ticket and yet after setting the filter to two tickets Every statement was plural ie got ‘‘em as in got them Only after the sale was complete and I checked my email did I realize that I had only purchased one ticket This is a Christmas present for my daughter and her girlfriend NOW WHAT can’t call them they don’t post a phone number WHAT A JOKE First time user blues
MacPaige1 on 2022-11-27
Really the title says it all. The incompetence of ticketmaster with today’s sale was probably the biggest screw up by any company ever. I had the presale code. I had my payment ready to go. I woke up and got into the waiting room at the time it said too. Then it got postponed then every time I got tickets in my cart it told me someone else already bought them. I’m so disgusted by how this was handled today.
No way to sell an extra ticket
GregoryCan on 2022-11-27
Bought 6 tickets but two of our party were not able to join the event. I new this 2 weeks before the event and tried to sell the extra tickets for an attractive price to save some money. Proved to be impossible as ticketmaster won’t allow you to sell for the price that is lower than your purchase price, so you just end up just loosing your money for unused tickets
Can’t access my tickets or any of my events
DeltaMedic on 2022-11-27
Absolute garbage app. Can’t access my tickets when I need them to get into event. Log into my account to view all events, only for all events to be missing. Waste of my money and a waste of time. No help to be had as all the “help button” does is take you to a website full of unhelpful paragraphs that just go in circles as you click though them.
Just the worst service
ryqodndo on 2022-11-27
Has to be the most glitchy site. Got multiple error codes and they won’t even talk to you unless you have an order. Spending 2 hours troubleshooting through multiple error codes is crazy. How about giving support to someone trying to purchase from your bloated and dated system? Can hardly wait till anti trust rules break this thing apart.
MusicIsLife🎶1D on 2022-11-27
Over $60 in “service fees”… Gee wiz! Thanks for letting me pay wait in line for 5 hours whilst your website crashed for 3 hours and then pay through the nose for nosebleed seats because of your “dynamic pricing”! Some people paid just $150 for floor seats whereas I had to pay $120 for nosebleeds! Ticketmaster SUCKS!

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