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Jan, 2023


Jan, 2023



Join millions of food waste warriors by downloading Too Good To Go - the world’s number 1 app for fighting food waste. Pick up delicious meals and ingredients from local stores. ----------------- Each year, 40% of all edible food in Canada is thrown away. At Too Good To Go we want to put an end to food waste by creating a world where food produced is food consumed. Millions of meals have already been saved through Too Good To Go! Do you love great food at a good price? Do you care about the environment? Then download the app right away. Find. Pick up. Enjoy - it’s as easy as 1 - 2 - 3 1. Find a store and place your order through the app 2. Pick up your meal at the store at the specified time 3. Enjoy your meal a little bit more knowing you just helped the planet Check if there’s a Surprise Bag available nearby and discover stores you didn’t know before. Show some love to your favourite stores by sharing meals with your friends and family. You can also make a list of favourites in the app so you never miss out on a great deal, and when you’re going somewhere new, you can use the built-in map to spot stores nearby. We help restaurants, bakeries, supermarkets, hotels, and more reduce their daily food waste. A community of food waste warriors is awaiting you...

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Bien app, ajoutez section écrire avis
koubrich on 2023-02-04
Très bonne app en général, fonctionne parfaitement, il y’a des restaurants qui sont de perles avec des nourriture délicieuse à d’excellent prix et des équipes très sympathiques et généreux, plus de restaurants devront s’y mettre c’est un très bon compromis entre clients et vendeurs pour contrer les gaspillages de nourritures, seule critique est qu’il devrait avoir une section dans l’app pour pouvoir rédiger un avis sur le restaurant et, ou la nourriture après la collecte du panier, car présentement la seule option est de juste noter et ce n’est pas suffisant pour décrire nos expériences. Merci
Super application mais
lynatlou on 2023-02-04
Super application mais SVP mettez un nombre limite de panier par personne car certaines personnes prennent la totalité des paniers et ne laisse rien. C’est vraiment dommage À plusieurs reprises j’ai essayé de prendre un panier chez un commerçant et les paniers partent en 1 seconde alors que j’actualise la page souvent!! En me rendant sur place simplement pour vérifier, c’était bien une personne qui récupère 5 paniers!
volkswagen 1189 on 2023-02-04
I have no idea what happened but I downloaded the app then proceeded to have a look around. I may have been looking/using the app for less than 30 seconds when the screen went blank and a message popped up saying I’m blocked because it thinks I’m a robot. Now I can’t even get back into it. Seriously disappointed.
No the best experience
maluloro on 2023-02-04
I think the initiative is great but the stores involved are not really compromised, last time I used the app I paid 7 dollars for groceries from a store 10 min from my home (20 min in total of driving) for a box of vegetables that would cost me 10 dollars when in good condition.
Easy to use
Renata was here on 2023-02-04
I’ve been using this app to buy food a lot and have not experienced any problems, the app is easy to use and connects me to stores that sell good food at a good price. I just hope it stays this good and that quality does not drop!!! Keep up the good work.
Blocked for writing a bad review
Moruglas on 2023-02-04
This morning I picked up my order - $21 worth of food supposedly which were two expired wraps. When I rated it low I was suddenly blocked by the app. This tells me you can’t trust the ratings on the app or the credibility
Si simple d’utilisation
api2go on 2023-02-04
Application vraiment conviviale . Belle idée ,attention : les marchands doivent demeurer honnêtes sur la valeur de départ . Merci
Aline Olmo on 2023-02-04
I have been in love with the App. It's the smart kind to save money and discover new restaurants in the neighbourhood.
Great app for a good cause
montrealicious on 2023-02-04
But please apply a push notification whenever a favorite posts an item for grab
Great value app
arijita30 on 2023-02-04
App is great and provides good options.must try.

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