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May, 2021


May, 2021



Township is a unique blend of city building and farming! Build your dream town! Harvest crops, process them at your facilities, and sell goods to develop your town. Trade with distant islands. Open restaurants, cinemas and other community buildings to give life in your town special flavor. Explore the mine to get resources and find ancient artifacts. Run your own zoo and collect animals from around the world. Are you ready to build your dream? Let’s get started! Township features: ● Different buildings and decorations you can use to create your dream town ● Various crops to grow and later process at your factories ● Fun, charismatic townspeople with orders you need to fill ● Your town's mine packed with ancient artifacts to discover and collect ● Exotic goods brought from the islands ● A zoo to build where you can even breed animals ● Famous landmarks you can use to decorate your town, like the Statue of Liberty, Big Ben, and many more! ● Play with your Facebook and Game Center friends or make new friends in the game community! Township is free to play, though some in-game items can also be purchased for real money. If you don't want to use this option, simply turn it off in your device's "Restrictions" menu. *You need an internet connection to play the game and enable social interaction, competitions, and other features.* Enjoying Township? Learn more about the game! Facebook: Twitter: Questions? Contact our Tech Support at [email protected] Terms of Use: Privacy Policy:

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OttbLover0811 on 2021-06-13
Fun game but don’t expect any customer service when your town has a glitch in it. Level 29 and I still haven’t been able to expand my land. I have EVERYTHING I need except my population to expand any piece of land is 3570. At level 29 you only have 2000 in population. I’ve had to delete roads and anything resembling a town to cram EVERYTHING in so I can add more buildings and houses. The customer service is BEYOND BRUTAL. They either skim your message and reply with something irrelevant or reply with more useless information that can’t help you. If I could give ZERO stars I would. Shame on you Township. You need to do better!
cobra1957 on 2021-06-13
Good Day, Love the quality software in your game, We financially support your game, as I know, quality software coders cost a pretty penny, may I suggest, that when we are about to upgrade our barn, have a message pop up, warning us to check for an update, prior to the upgrade, as the upgrade will FAIL, losing our financial cost to the failed upgrade! This has happened to me, I was NOT happy! Thank You very much for your kindness and consideration in this matter! May you all TAKE CARE! Claude an Jacinthe Lanthier
Some Problems...
rosepink2021 on 2021-06-13
I have been playing Township for almost a year now, and I really enjoy it. It is definitely one of the most used apps on my iPad! This is the second review I have written, and, Township has been getting, well, worse. Their mini-games are now so repetitive, and the Professor’s Experiments, which used to be special, are now boring and stressful. I will be trying to call Playrix customer service today. Hopefully I can give them some constructive criticism.
Ludsburg-Neuburg, les drapeaux
Ludsburg-Neuburg on 2021-06-13
Je ne sais pas qui a eu l’idée de faire disparaître les drapeaux nationaux, je ne le félicite pas. Il n’a pas tenu compte de nos particularités ni de la raison pour laquelle les drapeaux étaient là quand ils étaient nombreux. Dans mon scénario, c’étaient les drapeaux des consulats installés dans ma ville. On joue ou on ne joue pas. Vos drapeaux ne veulent rien dire. Les drapeaux nationaux ont un sens, respectez-le.
Trixie Barry on 2021-06-13
When I got laid off a few months ago I was getting bored with the games I was playing and fortunately happened to find Township. Now I love this game, I play every day! You can play as much or as little as you want, there are no penalties (like wilting crops), the graphics are simply wonderful and there are new mini games and challenges all the time to keep it interesting. Big thumbs up!
Township enteractions
Flatrock tickle on 2021-06-13
I really enjoy the game, I’m a retired soldier with problems enteracting with people. The game gives me exsposure to people without having to meet them in person. I was introduced to the game by some friend who understand my condition. I’m just a bit of a loner. But thanks to your game, it as opened up a channel in which I can communicate with others. Thank you
Good game usually
loves boyd on 2021-06-13
The times where there are obvious cheaters is very annoying. I on a small team and we spend lots of t$ and then watch other teams getting the max number in 3 days ... thinking of quitting the game for that reason. Also I have been short changed on time. I have tried the help several times in the last month and apparently that button no longer works?!
It’s a good game
Glokcoma on 2021-06-13
Yes it is a good game it’s just there is no more mini games! I loved them I am still at a low level. Which looks like I should be getting more. BUT NOPE. Like I love the game it is so much fun and all but yes more mini games will make it even more fun and addicting
Treasure chests
LJ4nier-16 on 2021-06-13
For the most part I enjoy the game, however, I find it frustrating that it takes so long to gather building materials & some items are less plentiful than others. It costs $3 to open a treasure chest & often the prize is $4 or $5, that just seems silly!
Kim2304 on 2021-06-13
For one the cost of coins n Cash is crazy I believe if a person gets so many points on a contest that they should be able to rec coins or cash n the charge for factories are nuts. Something needs to be done so if u get a certain item something u can upgrade.

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