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Delicious eats. Delivered easy. Hungry? Get the food you want, from the restaurants you love, delivered at Uber speed. Eat what you like, where you like, when you like. Find the local flavors you crave, all at the tap of a button. Browse local restaurants and fast food favorites for inspiration. Or get just what you’re looking for by searching for a specific restaurant, dish, or cuisine. Pizza. Burritos. Burgers. Sushi. If you're hungry for it, try Uber Eats. When you’re ready to place your order, you’ll see your delivery address, an estimated delivery time, and the total price including tax and booking fee. Tap to seamlessly pay with your Uber account, or add a credit card. Track your order in real-time as it heads your way. Uber Eats is currently available in cities and metro areas including Abu Dhabi, Adelaide, Amsterdam, Atlanta, Auckland, Austin, Baltimore, Bogota, Brisbane, Brussels, Cape Town, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Dubai, Hong Kong, Johannesburg, Glasgow, Liverpool, London, Los Angeles, Madrid, Melbourne, Mexico City, Miami, Milan, Moscow, Mumbai, Nashville, New Delhi, New Orleans, New York, Ottawa, Paris, Philadelphia, Rio de Janeiro, San Diego, San Francisco, Sao Paulo, Seattle, Stockholm, Sydney, Taipei, Tokyo, Toronto, Vienna, Warsaw, and Washington DC. Uber Eats helps you find food delivery around the world. Order delivery in Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, France, Japan, India, Mexico, New Zealand, Poland, Russia, South Africa, Spain, Taiwan, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States, and more. Not in your city yet? We hope to be soon! Head to for a current list of all the cities we serve.

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hhggjggyhb on 2020-08-10
Every order is added up to a decent amount I agree to pay, then they slap 15$ charges on top of your order, this includes taxes and a bunch of fees plus they still exspect a tip and even when tipped they still take pit stops all the way to your house leaving food nice and cold. Other apps like door dash and skip the dishes have way less fees and no pit stops and food is always warm! In short message Uber said the pit stops are to make costs cheaper for EVERY BODY but why Uber still the most expensive delivery app. You can’t leave a rate/feedback for restaurants when the restaurant ruins your order, only option is to give the driver thumbs up or thumbs down, lame AF. Door dashers is better/cheaper than Uber eats and skip the dishes is better/cheaper than door dash. Only perk is Uber eats has selected restaurants the other delivery apps don’t have. If your invested in eating at your favoured choice of restaurant and don’t mine the 15$ slammed on top of your basic order then Uber eats is good for special occasions.
Taking extra money out of my account
XzKi!SsOfD3aThzX on 2020-08-10
I have been a customer on Uber eats for a long time. I have ordered many times and spent lots of money to order as many other people have. I have recently noticed that I am being charged small amounts on my debit ($0.70, $0.56) and when I called the bank they advised me these were charges from Uber. Uber has also started charging a “service fee”. Meaning they’re taking a tip from you, because people don’t tip. This has been my 3rd time ordering now in the last year where something has gone wrong with my food and they haven’t done anything to help except give me free delivery on my next order. I ordered $80 worth of food from a restaurant and my driver picked it up and took 40 MINUTES to deliver it to my house. They said there was nothing they could do to help me and that I would receive free delivery on my next order. This is absolutely ridiculous. I used to chose Uber eats over skip the dishes or door dash but that was the last time I order from Uber eats.
-12 star
g-unit squad of thug life on 2020-08-10
In my order i wrote in the comment section that i was allergic to cheese ... dairy product.......i have an 5 time so they can see it ... I recieve my order from subway They gave ma and italian spice cheese bread instead of the brown a selected And they added monterey jack in the sub..... LOLL So i send a refund request to uber And they told me that they cannot refund me ... i even sent them picture of all the mistake in my order They told me i had too much refund request !!! LOL I asked 2 time a refund First time was i recived thw wrong order !!! And second time recieved half of a 12 inch submarin LOLLLLLLL Really bad service Skip is actually really better
Watton6900 on 2020-08-10
I’m done. I ordered A&W for my family for supper. A bicycle was dispatched to pickup our order. Needless to say it was super cold and soggy when it arrived. The distance to pickup and drop off was too far for a pedal bike. It was basically inedible and I had to go to a drive thru to get a quick dinner. I filed a complaint that was basically ignored. All I got was a $5 credit. What good is that when $40 worth of food was ruined. I requested a refund less the tip for the driver. There is no option to live chat with a rep like Skip. I’ve had to contact skip because a driver was going to wrong way on the other side of town. I was able to cancel the delivery and change to pickup.
Worst place to order from ever
canigetanicknameorwhat on 2020-08-10
Placed my order at 4:14 pm today and almost 10 minutes later it got canceled for some reason they sent me a notification saying that I wouldn’t be charged well I was definitely charged for my order which btw was almost 50$ with all there stupid fees and so I chat with them to get a refund or get credits to go to my next order, and I wait almost 40 min just to get a message saying there going to connect me to customer service which they never did because no one answered, it’s now been almost 3 hours and no response or anything. Never will I order from here again, most irritating service ever
Would give it 0 stars if I could
LotusB27 on 2020-08-10
Have been having payment issues with this app for the longest time. Their messed up procedure is that they place a hold and then refund and then recharge. What happens is that they usually end up recharging the tip amount twice. I always have to be on the lookout and write to them in order to get my refund. Also, take note that if you have two cards linked into the account, they can place a hold on a card and take the amount from the other card (WITHOUT AUTHORIZATION). And they keep the hold on your card for a while. Not worth the hassle and headaches, try another app!
Maryse1988 on 2020-08-10
*VOL/FRAUDE* J’ai passé une commande et j’ai décidé de l’annuler rapidement après l’avoir envoyé. La commande a été annulée mais on ne me rembourse pas. La valeur totale de la commande était de 31$ et on m’a quand même facturé pour 27$. Je n’ai jamais reçu la nourriture qui aurait été préparée par le restaurant. Après avoir demandé à multiples reprises l’heure à laquelle j’ai commandé et l’heure à laquelle j’ai annulé, on m’a répondu qu’aucune exception ne sera faite et maintenant ils ignorent totalement mes messages. Pire système de livraison à Montréal.
Not so great anymore
temms87 on 2020-08-10
I use to use uber eats often as I am busy a lot and it’s an easy fix when you’re running short on time but the service has gone down. My last order did it for me. The driver first of all refused to bring the order to my apartment, so someone waited in the lobby for him then he calls five minutes to complain as no one has come to his car. While I explained someone had been waiting he yelled. He wouldn’t even get out of the car! I’ve started using alternate apps since.
If you order, don’t expect to get it
katwaite239 on 2020-08-10
The first few times we ordered were great, but after a bit they just stopped actually delivering our full orders, but didn’t notify me that they were getting rid of part of the order. We just received an order and the entire second meal was just completely removed from the order, but the price and the order itself never changed on the app. You also can’t get a hold of an actual customer service person to deal with their screw ups, you get a refund and nothing else.
Papa Johns pizza
Latino dude on 2020-08-10
Very bad experience for the first time. I recently started to use uber eats, I never had a bad experience until this time. I wanted to try something different so I decided to order Papa John’s. The app charge me twice for the same order I asked for bacon and square cuts, My order came regular the first one with no bacon and the second came with bacon but both normal cuts. Very disappointed i called Papa Johns and had such a bad customer service.

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