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Nov, 2022


Nov, 2022



Larva provides a blazingly fast VPN service with a secure, encrypted, and anonymous connection. Larva protects you from cyber threats while offering complete anonymity and protection over the internet. Larva has more features than most VPN and Proxy services combined. ■ SECURE VPN CONNECTION A Larva secure VPN connection is two-way encrypted with a rotating 256-bit key for each direction. A 256-bit key offers premium security at an encryption level many Trillions of times more secure than the current industry standard. We know that security is critical when browsing online, and we remain committed to exceeding the industry standards to protect your confidentiality. ■ NO PERSONAL DETAILS Larva does not require a login, registration, payment details, or personal details - ZERO details are required. ■ COMPATIBLE AND ANONYMOUS BROWSING Larva VPN is compatible with IPv4 and IPv6 and can bypass most network blocks. Larva even works with proxies and captive portals automatically (e.g. Hotels, Schools, etc., where you must log in to a Web Page first). ■ MASSIVE BANDWIDTH, ULTRAFAST Larva deploys ultrafast nodes in key interconnect locations and maintains a minimum backbone network of 40 Gbps to ensure that we remain the fastest and most secure VPN service provider. ■ TRULY UNLIMITED We do not impose any Fair Usage Policy, bandwidth limits, contention, or speed restrictions on any users. Larva is full speed all of the time for everyone. ■ POWERFUL GLOBAL SERVERS WITH FAILOVER We maintain industry-leading ultra-fast VPN servers across the world with multiple failover mechanisms. Larva Dynamo technology detects when a VPN server IP is unreachable in a region and automatically creates a new server with a new IP within 120 seconds. ■ NO LOG POLICY Larva allows you to browse the internet in private. We maintain a no-log policy without exceptions, so you never have to worry about being monitored or tracked by our servers or anyone else. ■ ADBLOCK AND THREAT PREVENTION Larva VPN incorporates optional Ad Block, Trojan, Spam, Adult, and Phishing blocking. Turn on just the AdBlocker, any combination, everything, or nothing at all. ■ CONTINUAL CUSTOMER FEEDBACK Positive reviews and exceptional customer service make Larva VPN the first choice for many individuals and businesses to hide their IPs and securely browse the internet. • Larva VPN – The Difference - Anonymous, Secured, and Ultra-fast • Larva is the secure VPN for iPad and iPhone you have been waiting for. Larva provides a safe, secure and anonymous connection while masking your traffic, so it appears as regular web traffic. Whichever country you need a VPN to access or connect from, Larva can help you take the lead with a fast, seamless, and secure experience. Terms and Conditions: Privacy Policy:

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