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Easily browse, search, & shop groceries and weekly essentials with Walmart Canada’s one stop shop app. Shop thousands of products online at everyday low prices and conveniently pickup in-store at a location nearest you. Save On Grocery & Weekly Essentials Browse all Walmart aisles from your device. Shop weekly Walmart flyers and deals to save money, and time. Easily Reorder Past Purchases After your first online grocery order, easily reorder your past purchases from your mobile device. Mobile check-in is Fast and Convenient Check in within 30 minutes before your Grocery Pickup time slot. Have your order ready upon arrival. Quick & Easy Grocery Pick Up Easily order your fresh and frozen grocery essentials and choose a convenient time to pick them up at your nearest Walmart location. Save Time by Revisiting Your Frequent, Favourite Purchases Fast access and simple organization of your favourite Walmart products makes repurchasing easy. See Prices, Availability & Reviews on All Your Products Instantly Use the Walmart App scan feature to scan product barcodes in-store or at-home and get the details you need to help make shopping easier. View Your Weekly Walmart Grocery Flyer Save with easy and instant access to your weekly flyer deals. * Check out some of our great online reviews* “Surprisingly easy to navigate thru and around a huge number of items” “Everything I need from a trusted source” “Quick and easy way to do shopping…” “It’s easy, interactive…love it.” “Love the great deals” The official app from Walmart Canada saves you time in your busy day by providing quick and convenient access to shopping in the palm of your hands. Easily restock your weekly household essentials and pickup your favourite Walmart grocery items. Order your weekly groceries while saving money and put the power back in your hands by selecting a pickup time that’s convenient for you. And whether at a Walmart store or in the comfort of your own home, use the app’s scan feature to capture barcodes and find pricing, online availability and reviews. We value your feedback on our app, so if you have something to share please email us at [email protected] The official Walmart Canada app is all about saving you time and money as you complete your weekly shopping and groceries.

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Shopping NOT made easy!!!
Acid Caribou on 2022-12-05
Their app is terrible! Ordering groceries online has never been more frustrating!! I have been ordering Walmart groceries from their app since the start of the pandemic and WAS in love. Their last update has changed all of that for me! Today I went to pick up my grocery order and somehow 15 mini carrots were added to my pick up. Went I went to check my latest order, sure enough 15 mini carrots were on there but how they got there I gave no clue! While my husband was updating our order the app crashed many times, and he would search for things that are available, but they would not show up, so he had to keep closing and opening the app. Once a grocery order is placed, it has become annoyingly difficult to add items to your current order. This was never a problem before the update! Also the older version of the app had an amazing feature called favourites. Where you could save items for easy reorder. I used this religiously! That list is now gone and replaced with “easy reorder”. This is not easy at all, because it’s a long list of what the app thinks I want, and not hand picked items that I know I want to be reminded to reorder. Please fix your app!!! You changed a good thing and now it’s just annoying!!!
Confusing new design for ordering
adriandz on 2022-12-05
The new app design is beautiful with a lot of thoughtful touches. However, it has a glaring UX issue that, if rectified, would let me give it 5 stars. The issue is that once you have scheduled an order for pickup, the experience of adding more items is very confusing. Previously, the list of items in your order was unified with the ordering experience, so if for example you had 6 bananas in your order, then when you viewed bananas, you’d see you had 6 on order already. Now, after you place an order, if you add more items they go into a cart. This already necessitates an extra step (you have to add the items in your cart to your order), but no big deal. The bigger issue is that you can’t see, when browsing, whether you have the items you are looking at in your order already or not. So if you look at bananas, you have to remember if you’ve already ordered them. Because it’s easy to forget, you have to continually check the list of items in your order to see if they’ve already been ordered! Which makes the whole experience very tedious. There needs to be something that tells you, when looking at any item, whether you have already ordered it and if so, the quantity ordered.
New update terrible
JesBoiss on 2022-12-05
A few issues with the new update: 1. There is no easy button for choosing items only sold and shipped by Walmart, you have to go the filter and scroll all the way down. Selecting “in store” only shows what’s in my story and not what is sold by Walmart online. 2. It is terribly difficult to find the Flyers. You have to search for them throughout the home page. And then you get redirected to the website. This use to be an easy click on the bottom of the app. 3. Written Reviews are not showing up. 4. The cart looks like it’s already been purchased and you have to open the arrow to see everything in it. It used to be all there with a scroll. Not such a big deal, but it doesn’t help to differentiate between the current unpurchased order and already purchased orders. I didn’t think the app could get worse because it would lag previously, and I rarely ever write reviews unless I have something nice to say, but I am terribly disappointed and annoyed with the new update. It is not user friendly.
They just changed it…for the worse.
Katedibben on 2022-12-05
It wasn’t a terrific app to start with but when they changed it earlier this month (Nov.'22) it is now even worse. The page-at-a-glance flyer feature is now 2-4 items at a time which we're supposed to scroll through 500+ items to find what we might want. We can go to Flipp to see the flyer page by page but then you have to write down what you want, then back to the Walmart app to order. The "favourites" list was crappy at best, not allowing us to put items in separate categories so when looking for, say, dog food, we have to scroll though our entire list to find it. You can’t leave a note on any item like "green bananas" or "smallest package of chops please" so there's no comparison shopping. After every order there's a "how did we do" questionnaire but although I have voiced my concerns all they do is reply that "sorry you had trouble with your order. Here's $10 off your next order." If they don’t fix this "upgrade" I’ll shop elsewhere, where it's much more user-friendly to order.
New App Update Sucks Big Time!
Blue Stain on 2022-12-05
Once upon a time, This app was beauty! OMG their product team FU this one big time. This new update shows a big disconnect between their product team / developers and the customers. >unable to find saved promo codes >unable to easily differentiate between grocery and other walmart market items >unable to see all aisles or shop by category easily to see available “grocery” items. >clearly they were trying to make it user friendly or attractive, but they FU its functionality. >I absolutely hate this new update, pls bring back the old one. >For example, previously you could easily go to “Grocery Only” pets then to cat then to treats. You could be very specific in what is you want to see and compare, it will show you price per gm. NOW, you can only use it as a search engine. If you click pets, it shows pets, thats it. No additional details in groceries (aka local walmart store).
Lacking me thinks
DoubleMonk on 2022-12-05
For some reason I dread opening this app. Multiple sellers makes this confusing. Most the time I just want to see what walmart is selling and most of all see if it’s in stock at my local store. No! I don’t think the filters really work. Press “In Store” and all I really get is other sellers selling at 100 times the markup. I don’t get it. Is Walmart trying to be Amazon? They really should be something different because competition is a bust against that giant. If it’s not gonna filter, just have the app say no local stock available then list alternatives, but oh know, false hopes on this app. Completely disappointed every time I open it, and . . . If you keep doing something over and over expecting a different results, you know what that is . . though I keep thinking the app will update and be the awesomeness I expect … but … nah … naght-ah .. blah . .
Can no longer use with older iPhones
Will Notcomply on 2022-12-05
Very frustrated with for leaving older iPhone users no option to continue to use the app version they are presently using. When you open the current version of the app, you are asked to upgrade, (with no option to skip or not upgrade). The problem is that older iPhones cannot install the newest update, because it requires iOS 14 which anyone using in older iPhone cannot install. Why disregard all of us that have been successfully using the current app, by not allowing an option to skip update?? Terrible way to treat an ongoing customer. I have to wonder if understands the average age of their customers. Most using the online ordering app are not 20-30 years of age, but are a bit older therefore not having the newest latest iPhone to be able to now use the app.
Tedious to use
rt40110810 on 2022-12-05
Previous app version was much easier to use. These are the following issues I have had after the recent update and would be great if fixed. App logs me out every time I close. Cannot view flyer in app and it redirects to safari app. Current order placed does not show up in bottom panel like in previous version. I have to goto purchases (which btw would be logged out) and then view details; this also makes it complicated to add items to same order (one has to add items to cart and open cart to move them to current order). The app still does not support “subscribe and save” feature ( no support for add/edit/view). During payment I am unable to use the credit card rewards (change payment only allows change new form of payment). App does not display textual reviews on any products.
Update made it horrible
Aggiemeek on 2022-12-05
For 3 years this has been a life saving app and in one update it’s all been taken away. What an awful experience. I hate the unified shopping and search. I liked being able to go to grocery and search butter. Now searching butter I get body butters popping up. Plus you took away the favourites list. I had baking supplies and random things in there for recipes that weren’t ordered regularly that I’ll probably never remember now. Grocery shopping in store gives me great anxiety, I have sensory issues and it’s too much for me. Your app is causing me the same anxiety. Not having a favourites list and having to search through tons of products to find what I want is not a streamlined process. It’s time consuming and gruelling. What a mess you made!!
Annapulooza on 2022-12-05
I’ve been shopping at Walmart for decades now. It started out in Edmonton Alberta and after moving to Prince Albert Saskatchewan the service remained the same the sales associates go out of their way to make your shopping day as stress less as possible even on the busy day where clearly their isn’t enough staff. Over the years with my declining health, the scooters you provide especially for seniors is the best thing that Walmart has provided. There are many of us that rely on them. Without them we would let not be able to shop. My trips to Walmart to shop every two weeks and s my only opportunity to get out and be independent. So here’s to you Walmart for your great prices and going the extra mile.

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