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Oct, 2022


Oct, 2022



Turn words into mesmerizing digital artworks! All you need to do is enter a prompt, pick an art style - and watch Wonder bring your idea to life in seconds! It’s super simple: Simply describe what you want Wonder to paint — such as “Life Under Sea” or “Shattered Rainbow” — pick a style (Cubist, Dali, Synthwave, Steampunk etc.), or select “no style”; and hit create! 【 BECOME AN ARTIST 】 Here are some cool things you can ask Wonder to paint for you: - Poems - Song lyrics - Unique & creative word combinations such as “Haunted Cornfield” or “Flaming Ocean” - Movie characters - Star signs - Monuments and many more! 【 SHARE IT & GO VIRAL】 Once you have your completely unique, original artwork; feel free to share it with friends or hop on the latest #AIPainting trend on social media. 【 EXPLORE NEW STYLES 】 You can choose from a range of familiar art styles, from ornate baroque paintings to futuristic synthwave landscapes and everything in between. 【 USE AS LOCKSCREEN 】 Get ready to hear questions such as “I love your lockscreen, who’s the artist?” — then you can proudly answer: “I did it myself!” Ready to test your creativity with the mind-boggling powers of AI? Try Wonder today & see the wonders you can do! --- Privacy Policy: Terms of Use:

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It is amazing
iPr1cK on 2022-11-26
A few things I’d like to see: -AI understanding text example: made a band logo, wanted it in blood for Halloween. It really mixed up the letters and didn’t quite get it. And I had hundreds of attempts and hundreds of describing words!!! -If I add my own picture to not just make it slightly altered . “Make me look like I’m working at a Burger King, on a beach, while parasailing.” AI just puts a random backdrop in and that’s it. -give the users hints as to how to make the most of the app… I mean if you write out a story and get descriptive - you’d think that it would work properly?! That said: Really though? This is such a great app. I’ve had a great time making my art and letting my storytelling really come to life.
Actual review from an ordinary
Hobo_hobi on 2022-11-26
Hello, as you can see in the review section there are many crybabies begging the app to be free of ads without spending money on it but how are the developers to make money? I think the ads are fine but they are about 30s long, if you're an impatient spoiled brat who never had to wait for anything in their lives ever, leave and don't download it. We've got enough whiny people in the review section. I think the app is really well made, I'm surprised it's really accurate (if you don't write a detailed prompt you won't get what you imagine) now, I don't mind waiting for a picture that'll be worth my while, I think it's really neat. Nothing wrong with my app. It's great. Keep up the great work devs!
Absolutely Awful 😡
xXLIBERALEXx on 2022-11-26
Every image generated requires not one, but two advertisements… You have a limited amount of generations a day… When an image is faulty or isn’t what you asked for? ANOTHER TWO ADS… It’s constantly begging you to purchase the premium, vip, whatever you want to call it to remove ads and have zero limitations, but it’s a dollar a day to render images I’m likely not going to use… I do not recommend this app to anybody, as it just ad farms you and begs you to purchase more things! IT’S A LOST CAUSE!!
Don’t waste your time
Rushly on 2022-11-26
I wanted to try and see if this app is worth it before paying for it but no matter how many times you click the create button all it’s going to do is show you an ad then not do anything. Don’t waste your time and space on this app. Till they can figure out how to make a proper functional app it’s useless, pretty sure most of these 4 star reviews are fake.
Not worth the time
Nrm76 on 2022-11-26
Not worth the time, absolutely terrible and the ads are intrusive… more so than most other apps. This one is all about inundating you with apps that don’t have a skip option and actually force you to click on them. Avoid and don’t believe any of the paid positive review this thing has.
Not at all bad
Lawdy Blackman on 2022-11-26
This truly makes some interesting art, I am actually surprised how much it really tries to make the art you mention. But it’s not the ultimate masterpieces, but wow, I can rely on seeing something I’ve never really seen before, so I do give it credit for that. I have enjoyed it so far
It’s OK
lalalallaljfjfcjcjfijdjx on 2022-11-26
There are lots of ads and you can’t really use it on a tablet because it’s not full screen asks you for promoting and all these personal questions and it always notifies you if you wanna buy anything what really annoys me
Not free
RoseGoldNarwhale on 2022-11-26
I’m going to delete this app because it doesn’t work if you want to use it for free. It gives you an add and then “loads” the image. I spent a long time waiting for my picture to pop up until I realized it wasn’t coming.
Not the best looking..
Princess Salma Sushi on 2022-11-26
Wonder is great and all but it’s rlly bad at making them. I said two girls with blond hair and blue eyes the girls are like mismatched like deformed lol I put lighting and rainbow and it gave me a rainbow wall Oof
So much fun!
Scynders on 2022-11-26
As a writer it’s awesome to get some nice images to post online to promote my books, beautiful art. I just wish there was a way to change the image dimensions, there’s only square unless I’m missing something?

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