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Dec, 2022


Dec, 2022



Connecting you to the world of music: ● More than 70 million official songs ● Music content including live performances, covers, remixes and music content you can’t find elsewhere ● Thousands of curated playlist across many genres and activities Get personalized music, perfect for every moment: ● Personalized playlists and Mixes ● Activity mixes made for you ● Create playlists with song suggestions or collaborate with other music fans to create the perfect playlist ● Neatly organized Library to see all of your liked and added songs, playlists you created, and artists you subscribed to Stay on top of the trend and discover new music: ● Check out new releases ● Discover music based genres (Hip Hop, Pop, Country, Dance & Electronic, Blues, Indie & Alternative, Jazz, Kpop, Latin, Rock, and more) ● Discover music based mood (Chill, Feel Good, Energy Booster, Sleep, Focus, Romance, Workout, Commute, Party) ● Explore top charts from all over the world Enhanced your listening experience with unique features: ● Song lyrics so you can sing along to your favorites ● Upload songs from your devices so you can enjoy them in one place with YouTube Music ● Listen on your phone, desktop, smart speaker, smart TV, car, smart watch and within your favorite apps. ● Compatible with Google Maps, Waze, Google Assistant, and more. Upgrade to Music Premium (available in select countries) to enjoy: ● Listen ad-free ● Play music in the background ● Access your downloads, including smart downloads ● Switch seamlessly between audio and video, only with YouTube Music ------------ If you subscribe via iTunes: Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase. Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. Accounts will be charged for renewal within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period at the rate of the selected plan. Subscriptions and auto-renewal may be managed by going to Account Settings after purchase. Monthly price: $12.99 USD / $12.99 CAD / $15.99 AUD / $16.99 NZD / £12.99 / €12.99 / $129 pesos MXN / ₩11,500 / 129 kr NOK / 129 kr SEK / 129 kr DKK / 229 ₽ / $3.99 USD (AR) / ₹129.00 IN / R79.99 ZA / $7.99 USD (CR, EC, DO, UY, VE, GT, BO, HN, SV, PY, NI, PA) / 25.99 zł / RON28.99 / 199.00 Kč / Ft1,990.00 / lev11.99 / €7.99 (SK, SI) / €8.99 (GR, MT, CY, LT, LV, EE) / $8.99 (MK) / 17.99 Turkish Lira (TR) / kn79.99 (HR) / $14.87 (IS) / ₪29.90 (IL) / dh27.99 (AE) / $6.99 (QA) / $6.49 (BH, KW, OM, LB) / RP65,000 (ID) / NT$190.00 (TW) / ฿169.00 (TH) / ₱169.00 (PH) / $78.00 (HK) / RM 19.90 (MY) / $12.98 (SG) / USD$7.99 (VE) / ₦1,200.00 (NG) / $12.99 (TC) / USD$7.99 (BY) / £64.99 (EG) /US$7.99 ( BM, KY) / €12.99 (GF, GP, NC) YouTube paid service terms: Privacy policy: In-App Purchases 1. YouTube Premium $15.99 2. YouTube Music Premium $12.99

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Best music app, with the worst updates.
Skeletrox on 2023-01-28
I don’t know what’s going on in the heads of the devs for this app, but I sincerely hope they figure it out quickly. For starters, the devs feel the need to “fix” things that aren’t broken. Meaning, they change or remove good features because… who knows why. For instance, the app had a feature where it would show you the thumbnail and title of songs you had recently played, as well as have a convenient button that would take you to your detailed history right above in the Library tab. It was really nice for when I wanted to quickly throw on a specific song I’d recently listened to, but of course, that got removed because it was probably more than us paying customers deserve. Speaking of the library tab, it worked perfectly and had logical organization that was easy to navigate, but clearly that was too convenient. So the devs had to change it, despite it functioning perfectly that way for more than a year now. Oh, and now the app has imploded entirely because I disconnected from wifi for ten minutes. All in all, app gets a 4/5 before the recent update, now it gets a 2/5. I’ve averaged the result in my review. If anyone bothered to read this far, don’t let it discourage you from getting YouTube Music, it’s great when it works and when they don’t change things for no reason, but about once a year the devs get on some crack and decide to make some dumb update that removes the stuff you like and causes the app to crash.
Good but flawed
Bah Akkad on 2023-01-28
I listen to music everyday. This app has good selection and music. The downside is it’s bugged. Randomly when I’m listening to music it will stop playing in the middle of a playlist. When you look at what’s next for songs it has only the song it stopped at in the playlist so I constantly have to restart my playlist by picking the song I was on in the playlist. For $15 a month it shouldn’t have this big of a bug. I have had this app for years and updated it and it hasn’t been fixed it seems to be within the app itself. Also when you download songs to be able to listen to offline there’s no way of organizing them it downloads in order of download and that’s it. Some songs when you download go into a download playlist by themselves that you then have to select to play with your other downloads or you will not hear it because it’s technically a different playlist for all your downloads
Beware of duplicate charges!
BabsssBunny on 2023-01-28
I have had YouTube Music premium for roughly 8 years now. Each time I “added a user” to my Google Account, I was charged the monthly premium for each account, thinking that the benefits are shared such as with Gmail. To make a long story short, I have been TRIPLE-charged every year for bare-minimum for the past three years, and at the very least DOUBLE-charged for the past 8. $11.99/month ending up being $40+/month, and THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS in duplicate ghost charges. My opinion on the service itself? The infrastructure of the premium is good and it pulls music from YouTube, which makes whatever song you are looking for readily accessible. The free version is absolute rubbish. Not even worth downloading. Won’t allow you to play anything you want to here exactly when you want to. It also plays a lot of annoying ads, even more noticeable now that I’ve cancelled my premium membership.
El Fatino on 2023-01-28
Don't even consider this app. Honestly. You will be OVER CHARGED and they will NOT refund you your money. Also, yes you get YouTube music w/ YouTube Premium and Google Music free, BUT you will be CHARGED FOR YOUR GOOGLE MUSIC SUBSCRIPTION UNLESS YOU CANCEL YOUR GOOGLE MUSIC SUBSCRIPTION (This is NOT made clear anywhere when you download the app). Also, when you cancel your Google music subscription to prevent a monthly double charge, you LOSE 100% of the music you have downloaded, ALL of your music lists, history, EVERYTHING. So, if you feel like being overcharged every month and spending literally hours upon hours trying to rebuild your set lists, etc. just so you don't have to watch ads, go ahead and download this piece of garbage app.
New business model is all or nothing.
Element_86 on 2023-01-28
They used to let you pick songs, but you had to listen to adds. But now you have two choices: 1. Don’t listen to what you want, plus adds. 2. Pay to listen to what you want. - - - I was happy to give them add revenue, I get what I want and you make money. But the new business model; (pay or you get nothing you want) makes me think it’s time to make use of my other music subscription. I was just staying because I didn’t want to have to train another AI to know what I like. Now it’s worth the effort. Thanks for some good years. Byeeeeeee!
Best app for those who love music!
Music is everything! on 2023-01-28
I’ve had YouTube music for a couple years now and it’s amazing! No ads or interruptions, just great music streaming perfectly! The two features I like best are that there are so many versions of songs available and you even get to hear the ones uploaded by amateurs, which often sound awesome! The other is the way the app compiles your favourites, categorizing them into lists and even adding songs that you’ll love to those lists, which means the app is introducing you to knew artists constantly! Best app for those who love music!
Needs improvement
insufferableprick on 2023-01-28
Overall a good music streaming app. I wish adding songs to playlist was more similar to the YouTube app where you can select multiple playlists at a time and see if the song is already on the playlist with the check mark. It would be nice to be able to shuffle or select repeat without having to swipe to the one screen. Stop pulling lyrics from Musixmatch!!!! Every time I see “Source: musixmatch” at the bottom, the lyrics are wildly incorrect or missing chunks of the song
You tube music - zero support
Flex cook on 2023-01-28
I’ve been paying for premium service for a few years now. Today I woke up and it reverted me back to standard even though I am paying for premium. I’ve deleted the app, cancelled my subscription, uploaded and resubscribed for premium and same thing happened How can a company the size of Google offer no bloody support. Take my money but when things don’t work - screw the consumer. Moving to Spotify.
😛🥳🤩 on 2023-01-28
First of all, you can’t even play the song you want you have to listen to this playlist you have to buy premium to listen to that song or pick your songs but premium is very expensive and people cant get it and it 160$ a year that’s way too expensive. Second of all you can’t put your favourite songs over and over again at least if you have premium premium was too expensive so this app actually sucks.
Severe downloading issues
thffghytfbytghh on 2023-01-28
Most of the time you cannot download music. “Waiting” forever. Turning the phone off then back on again sometimes gets everything to download, but then I found after I downloaded the music I wanted, it inexplicably disappears from downloads, then I have to start the frustrating process all over again. Gotten to the point where I’m close to going back to Spotify.

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