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Pitch perfect
elyse displayed on 2021-04-20
Emily Congratulations on your new musical Championships competition company performance talent leading role in new role of your rock it up music Club You were my friend I love you Wanted to let you guys know that I am brand new Bella now First time I was little My dream has who wants to be a part of the new movie off yours I have a song quest karaoke choir Right now so that’s tomorrow Afternoon if you’re interested available in that Hope you hear it was new song true love when I am working on Now Like Disney songs Can you please tell all the Bella’s That for me When you didn’t show me about that I really don’t know where Adele is supposed to be stay with you guys If that’s okay for you guys I tried calling you To send your message If I am trying to say that tanding up And throw truck back and get that bin off and get dressed tidy up clean clothes and we are having a the big show and we are not a joke Is from target okay ladies that’s it we are going out now and what do you need From DJ crew we have to get Adele Well be there in few minutes She well be down in minute We totally forgot about your new friend Adele wanted to see you guys now Emily just bring Adele with her Right beside her when she was holding her hand Emily Anna Kenrick Baca They are my best friends ever had the most popular show I know you can do my hair with fresh brands you can do it for Adele if she likes that idea for you Emily well helping me and also Anna Kenderick baca they are trying to let Adele in her group Can you rebooking Adele with her albums she got a part she was a new Winner off season starts She got found Oscar Performance semi finals The best actress Oscar winning performance leading role in new role of new musical talent theatre company concerts concerts mini events And more If you know that More Disney songs musicals songs music songs musicals songs On Disney channel videos on programs I never been to one with my vocal squad in my husband from the odd squad tvo kids channel program His name is oits From in with his partner Olympia If you were alone was the musical I got in in your play You have my gmail account Got my address Emailed or texted me back If you can answer that question straight away Right now right now My mom was the other Bella as well If she wants to do that and practice With my new American singers I am von trapp Kids in the sound of music Club With my 7 children also 8 children Was about the new movie theatre company competition coming up in New Years In New York City I was in the west side story was musical Mamma Mia was musical theatre performance competition coming up in new America musicals artists who made this new movie theatre theatre and karaoke theatre company in new America and now they got in I am in the pitch perfect 3 for when I was recording my music voice Riff off The other band when they were playing with Adele With Anna’s new daughter Adele Her husband married her And have a sexual sex Now to give her special ring Around her finger She saw Adele Before when you kept remembering To know if that Adele can you contact me today Trying find Adele you are keeping on eyes on her I came in be right away back when I came back until right back to you I am sorry about what happened to forgetting Adele before I just arrived Only I can barely do get all the Bella’s wanted to say hi to her She was here this morning Together as every week In days when I left When in your cruise with one more song Anna picked and choose Before Anna was been doing texting advice on to reach hold her daughter Adele she texted me if I can still hear her faster she can she phoned me Back to her when left out been looking for me waiting for me That’s her big destination To make it up And let Adele in She was only child support her Parents With Bella’s Adele’s group She trying to know her she knows that already I am sorry Bella’s Anna just told me About all off this like in my dreams come true I really sorry Forward to see you there Bye Love you Anna my friend Emily Love Adele congratulations On your pitch perfect Movie Love Adele Bye Love you xoxo xoxo
Update version 16.14.2
Read_Meee on 2021-04-20
Since the update for bug fixes I’ve had nothing but issues , first I was watching videos and I could hear fine but the video itself was black and every video I clicked on was the same so I closed out of it and cleared my recent apps tried it again and then the video was fine ... so I’m like half ways through the video and the sound starts crackling and then gets super low.. so I turn it up and it crackles more and goes back to normal and that happens like every 5 or so minutes . And it’s not my speakers on my phone because it’s the same with headphone in as well as Netflix is fine too. I probably wouldn’t mind so much If I didn’t pay like 20$ a month for YouTube premium
I’m beyond tired of YouTube’s TERRIBLE reporting system
Gfdhifdgd on 2021-04-20
YouTube does essentially nothing to stop influence bots. Also there is no way to report misinformation/ lying. I’m absolutely tired of constant misinformation and no way to report it. There is no way to report anything like this, you can only report for: 1) Unwanted content or spam 2) pornography or explicit material 3) child abuse 4) hate speech or graphic violence 5) harassment or bullying So essentially anyone’s allowed to blatantly lie on YouTube and there’s no way to report misinformation like you can with essentially all other social media. YouTube DEFINITELY needs to step it up when it comes to how to report people, it’s honestly pathetic.
Really great except for a couple of problems
The Gang Of Oc's on 2021-04-20
I’m just gonna go out and say it, there is a problem with ur censorship So I also watch ‘Everything Wrong With’ videos And recently I’ve been into Hazbin Hotel & Helluva Boss (a series on YouTube made by VizziePop), so when I found someone did E.W.W. Videos about them, I was happy... until I found that the ‘EWW Helluva Boss ep. 1’ was rated 18+, but the episode itself isn’t I commented about this in both the episode itself and the next episode of EWW (bc I couldn’t watch said age restricted one) and the creators have taken notice about it but nothing on YouTube’s side has been done about it
swifterlight on 2021-04-20
I really love this than the old verision, I recommend getting this version. And it never glitches me out and everything is coming up on what I usually watch so I really do recommend this! And if it’s glitching try resetting your phone or iPad and if you wannna see something new just scroll up and it will refresh. Or if it kicks you out when you get on the app maybe just try resetting your phone and rebooting the app
iamDUBS on 2021-04-20
YouTube has really started removing any conservative commentaries, cancelling them, and or fully demonetizing them. I’ve had a subscription for close to a decade and will be cancelling it to go to independent subscriptions for the people I watch. Not worth the subscription if your watching content where people have to walk a tight line while they speak. This company doesn’t believe in freedoms or rights
Don’t allow scammers on your app!
Mojoe119 on 2021-04-20
I tried. I am waiting for eye and brain injury, and I always forget and hit the wrong buttons, and then poof- all my hard, hard work to write and send you good, solid feedback- goes poof- and disappears. Believe me, I’m sad about it too! I;’m crying so hard right now! Please just call me! Please! I so just want to watch the tv series Ally McBeal ! Please call me! Please!
@puppylover on 2021-04-20
i don’t post anything on youtube and keep most my things private and i want it to be like that, although (i just found this out btw) but when i went on my channel/account, it said i had playlist and i know i do but i didn’t know others could see and i don’t like that and there’s no button to put it on private or anything and i definitely think there should be.
You Tube has been very influential in my life in a positive way.
Chomper the First on 2021-04-20
I have saved and passed on a great number of videos to friends and family. Unfortunately though, they SENSOR what they do not like, and punish people who do not spout their beliefs. I have large areas in my saved videos that have been removed. . apparently they know best as to what all us peons need. This will be wiped out but I had to say it.
To haters out there
FirstormGAMER10 on 2021-04-20
Dear haters, Why do you have to be so rude to youtube?! Just because you don’t wanna watch a couple adds means you need to be that rude?! It’s a shame so many people judge others so hard. If you really are so impatient to watch videos, then just pay for youtube premium for good sake. Keep up the good work youtube your app is great

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