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Watch, stream and discover what the world is watching with YouTube. YouTube gives everyone a voice and a platform to discover the world. Explore brand new content, music, news and more with the official YouTube app for iPhone and iPad. Discover even more with the official YouTube app. Subscribe to channels with your favorite content, share them with friends or upload your very own videos for everyone to see. Get more out of your video streaming app and discover even more with YouTube. YOUTUBE FEATURES: DISCOVER BRAND NEW CONTENT - Browse YouTube’s personal recommendations on the home tab - Watch the hottest videos, from music to viral sensations on the trending tab - Like something? Tap like to save to your personal list or share with your friends! STREAM MUSIC - Find the videos of the latest hits! - Watch fresh releases from popular and trending artists LIVE STREAMS & MORE - Get the latest news or watch your favorite popular live streams right on your device! LEARN FROM THE BEST - Practice and learn alongside the best online - Watch videos and learn any skill you need - Explore thousands of videos for makeup, DIY, tips and more! CONNECT AND SHARE - Let people know how you feel with likes, comments, or shares - Directly share your friends favorite videos with your friends - Make a playlist that saves your favorite videos - See the latest from the creators you follow on the subscriptions tab Download the official YouTube app and start watching your favorite videos today! WITH YOUTUBE PREMIUM, ENJOY YOUTUBE AD-FREE, OFFLINE, AND IN THE BACKGROUND. - Watch the videos you love, uninterrupted - Play videos in the background, even when you open another app or when the screen is locked - Download videos for when you're low on data or can't get online If you subscribe via iTunes: Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase. Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. Account will be charged for renewal within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period at the rate of the selected plan. Subscriptions and auto-renewal may be managed by going to Account Settings after purchase Any unused portion of a free trial period will be forfeited when purchasing a subscription. Monthly price: $15.99 YouTube paid service terms: Privacy policy:

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App vs Adds
BadDebt on 2020-10-30
The app is decent, they reserve full functionality for those willing to subscribe to Youtube premium, so that using the app for non-subscribers is a little less enjoyable. Furthermore Google has really upped the add content on pretty much all videos from what I can see, and this really reduces the enjoyment of using Youtube . But again this is all aimed at getting you to subscribe to premium service which is add free. I have no problem with subscription models in general, it’s the pricing that is the issue. Whether is Lastpass, Sirius XM, Youtube or Apple all want way too much. Most want $10-20/mth for their services, when the pricing should be more like $2-6/mth. If I subscribed to every company that wanted me on their sub service, I’d be dishing out $400-500/mth and broke.
Remove COPPA
Kbufton on 2020-10-30
Coppa sucks. I used to be a YouTuber, when coppa came along and ruined YouTube forever (unless they remove it). Now every time I watch a YouTube video that is labeled as kid friendly, the comments no longer exist, and I am threatened to watch Youtube Kids or die. Also, the notification bell doesn’t exist. apAnd oh GOD, the double ads. They are super annoying. We don’t even get money for our hard work, but you get it for doing NOTHING. Creators must unite and defeat Lauren, we are content creators, not babysitters! Oh! And if someone says “we can’t remove it it’s sooo good” you are wrong and you need to experience time in an asylum until your mind is ok again. Yours, Juju Juice You endangered my career Bye now
Barny 2150 on 2020-10-30
(1) there should be a way to eliminate unwanted categories being suggested (2) to get rid of a particular youtube channel you have to eliminate every youtube video that is displayed by them. Your questionnaire asks the question why I want to eliminate it and despite my saying i am not interested i have to go thru the elimination process for every video by that supplier. (3) You might encourage news outlets to show a date on their videos. There are far too many folks regurgitating old news and no way of knowing up front if its current (4) i fully agree with the three previous suggestions. Also I don’t agree that youtube should decide what we watch or don’t watch. Censorship should be in the viewer’s court
Used to be great
chowdylachowchow on 2020-10-30
I remember when YouTube had the most interesting videos. That is no longer the case with all the censorship. I find it bland now and worse, the fake news I no longer wanted to support and the reason I canceled cable a year ago is now constantly suggested to me. It’s all lies and programming and we know it. So now I go directly to my favourites websites and also go to Bitchute,, alt.censored, LBRY and others. YouTube is no longer my #1 go to for entertainment and information.
tha Yyzm on 2020-10-30
The amount of politically motivated censorship of YouTube is pathetic and disgusting ! Not to talk of condescending and insulting to the viewers intelligence, as if people are not smart enough to make their own decisions about what they should or should not believe or accept? We are being treated like children!! It is anti democratic & contrary to Freedom of Speech!! I am very disappointed in YouTube and other Big Tech platforms that seek to control the narrative!!
Cool it with the ads
Lippy77 on 2020-10-30
You guys need to sort the ads out, they’re so interrupting when I’m watching a video and I get an ad that I can’t skip mid sentence and ruins the whole flow of the video..and not just one ad, multiple throughout... I literally just watched a video that threw an ad 5 seconds before the video ended... if you’re going to make me watch ads that I can’t skip, beginning and end only please
Jopiytewr on 2020-10-30
This app is the second most used app on my phone!!! iTS AMAZING it’s working well but the only thing I’m struggling with is trying to turn in the camera on YouTube but I’ll still give it a 5 star, and I think the new update is good not much likes it but I think it’s good just a bit of crashes but it’s not a big deal!I hope u can make more games or apps that’s awesome like this app!
24kbarbz on 2020-10-30
Whoever dislikes YouTube lives under a rock fr, and all y’all should be grateful actually bc without YouTube u would be lonely and dim playing roblox on ur free time. Like Shawty- youtube needs 5 stars. Like how low are we, it’s like a baby picture of trump and u say slap him from 20 grand when u know ur gonna slap that bieach for free. Biden 2020 or its over for all of us
What’s not to love?
I'm rite hear on 2020-10-30
YouTube is awesome, thanks to the millions of people using / contributing to it. You can literally watch anything about anything on YouTube you may be interested in. I would give 5 stars if was censorship free and had no ad’s, but I believe for a fee they will pull the ad’s.
Un indispensable!
Jub81 on 2020-10-30
Merci pour tous les films et documentaires et/ou témoignages de tous genres sur You Tube. Il y a une telle diversité qu’il est impossible de ne pas développer un intérêt quelconque. Personnellement, les vidéos/cours anglais sont particulièrement appréciés. Merci encore. LL

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