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get rid of youtube shorts / black screen
Cool game with flappy birds on 2022-11-28
get rid of youtube shorts. youtube’s platform is unique for its ability to express creativity. it doesn’t need to be dumbed down to this mindless, short form, brain numbing and unoriginal content. i deleted tiktok to avoid short form content, and now the app makes it hard to avoid youtube shorts when it’s being promoted through every creator possible. at the very least please create an option to show or remove youtube shorts from the main buttons out of free will. PLEASE. also i would be watching a video normally and all of a sudden it turns to a black screen and i have to click out of the video and click on it again to be able to see it. so annoying how these small minor issues keep persisting, being bombarded with ads. it feels like youtube just doesn’t care anymore to make a good platform but just follow other people’s footsteps and be only after money.
Some videos won’t play
chloe_l.h on 2022-11-28
I love Youtube but some videos won’t even pop up and play from iPhone, just because it isn’t related to what I search. If it’s different from what I search, why the hell would you put it there!? I hope you fix this bug, the last update you stated you already fix the bug. To me, you didn’t fix crap!!! And besides, get rid of 15 seconds and two back to back unskippable ads off less than 2 minutes videos. Those are short videos, there’s no need to include such long ads, waste of time. And don’t even think of adding three back to back unskippable ads in the future. Grow up.
Biased and Suppressing Free Speech
akjsbfjkasbfjkasbfk on 2022-11-28
YouTube over 4 years has turned in to a radical far left propaganda piece for misinformation. Only selective content is allowed. They have hidden the dislike button to allow media to remain bias. YouTube is part of the Woke movement that is propagating hate and division through suppressing free speech. I use it everyday and I am ashamed for what it has become. They ban people for no reason but that they deem what they say to go against their guidelines of suppression. You can’t speak the truth on here anymore. I will stand against this tyranny until the day I die.
So. Freaking. Good. 🤩
Diamond Fury on 2022-11-28
So many videos! Explore many many videos by lots of creators. Unlimited entertainment. Double tap left to go back 10 seconds, do the same on the right to go forward 10 seconds! You can search stuff too, like FNaF. You’ll only see FNaF videos! You can also search channels! Like.. like aphmau! Aphmau makes Minecraft videos! There are too many things to say about this app! I’m not joking when I say this: DOWNLOAD THIS APP RIGHT NOW
Taz ya on 2022-11-28
Tired if these stupid ads interrupting everything you click on. As if tv doesn t have enough. But mostly, the disrespect these ads have is to cover up the faces of legends. All you see is this writing instead of them. Then there s the picture, when your on your phone you can t watch anything because the ads take up the picture space. A person would need a projector to watch mostly ads. It should be called AdTube not Youtube
The advertisements have been getting worse
A Concerned Brawler on 2022-11-28
My God, the advertisements are getting a tad ridiculous. They come in unskippable collectives, the sort you'd expect from full-blown subscription services like Spotify. I know y'all got bills to pay and are pushing your own subscription, but I'm already letting you sell all my viewing analytics and personal data. Feels like it should be one or the other, not both.
Fix your algorithm.
Star giver4664467458726()_() on 2022-11-28
Why is that your video recommendation feed seems to think I want to be shown the most vile, abhorrent, hateful right wing extremist content on the internet when I don’t? I hate to think how many impressionable children are being shown the same things, and worse yet how many have been radicalized as a result. Absolutely disgusting. Do better.
Suddenly stopped working
butterfly345645745 on 2022-11-28
My YouTube experience has been really good, but since the past few days, it’s not working. Whenever I play a video, it says “Something went wrong. Tap to retry” and it doesn’t work. I don’t know why this is happening. I even deleted and downloaded the app again. I also updated it, but it’s still not working. I need help with this :/
It's great but.
KravinBacon on 2022-11-28
I've always loved YouTube. I love listening to my music when I am on the go. My only concern is that the app just stops for no reason at all and I find that very annoying. Also, it's getting overpriced. I might move over apple music soon, the thing with that though is that apple music does not have all the music I love listening to.
Far too many ad’s
Jonathan Dyck on 2022-11-28
I’ve slowed down on YouTube substantially because of the ad’s. I watch mostly news and do you think I want to watch a dog food commercial and a tampon commercial before I watch news about that clown named Putin or his pathetic and embarrassing invasion of Ukraine?!

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