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Walk your next show jumping course with Strides! This App allows you to estimate the number of strides between two fences in a line of a show jumping course. The number of strides depends on a few factors including the distance between the two fences, the height of the fences, the minimum speed prescribed for the course, and the type of entry and exit fences. In order to estimate the Number of Strides, you have to enter in the box the Distance (in meters) between the two fences, in the first spinning wheel, the Height (in meters) of the fences in your course; in the second one, the prescribed minimum Speed (in meters per minute), as indicated by the course designer; in the third one, the type of Entry Fence and finally in the fourth one, the type of Exit Fence. You can choose among five different types of fences: ground pole, vertical, oxer, triple bar and water. Of course, if you choose a Ground Pole as an entry and exit fence, the spinning wheel Height has no effect on the calculated number of strides. As usual, you should measure the distance between the fences starting from the base of the entry fence on the landing side to the base of the exit fence on the take-off side. Please also note that the actual number of strides between two fences will depend on the true length of your horse's own stride, which may differ from the one used by the course designer. Therefore, you should adjust the value obtained with this App taking into consideration the ability of your horse to keep a stride equal in length to the one used to design the course.

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