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Jun, 2020



3 Apps for the price of one! See Japanase Master Bundle for more info. Kanji Sensei will be your new japanese teacher helping you study and review kanji and vocabulary. Endless quizzes with readings, compounds and okuriganas will help you memorize them. • Based on your scores, the best questions for you will be selected. • Your strong and weak kanjis will be marked on the dictionary. • More than 2900 kanjis to study by school grades,by JLPT levels, by the number of readings or by your own kanji lists. • An option to ignore less frequent readings is available. • Kanji of the day feature: Receive a daily notification with a kanji's readings and meanings. Kanjis are usually taken from the "bad" box. A strong background in hiragana and katakana is highly recommended before buying this app. Questions, problems or comments? Contact me: [email protected] Or visit: http:/

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