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NEW EMOJI FREE with Big EYE-CATCHING Emojis, Animations, Fancy Fonts and Emoji Keyboard Art! Add them to your SMS, emails, notes, Twitter, Facebook and ALMOST ANYWHERE you can type text. *GREAT FEATURES* More than 400 Big STATIC EMOJIS for any mood - Very Happy - Un Happy - Mad - Loved More than 340 ANIMATED EMOJIS and ANIMATED CARTOONS - Very Happy - Sad - Mad - Loving - Funny - Animal - Baddies - Entertainment - Holidays - Monsters Tell your story with EMOJI KEYBOARD ART - Many different kinds of default emoji arts - Change each default art work, to your own story (Editable and Changeable) Be different with our FANCY EMOJI FONTS INSTALL the new emoji free app Now! And impress your friends with this new communication style.

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