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Jul, 2020


Jul, 2020



Jump on the Time Machine and take a trip to the future, to see how you will look when you’ll get old. Thanks to its elaborated algorithms, this app allows you to see how your face (and your friends’ face) will change in time. You’ll be impressed by the realistic result, and will recognize in your face the features of your ancestors. Try the Time Machine on your friends’ pictures and send the results with an e-mail or with an MMS, or share the image directly on Facebook. It is a great pastime, and an entertaining way to amuse your friends: as a matter of fact, not only does the application show you the aged face, but it also creates an interactive video that goes through the entire aging process. Characteristics: - User-friendly interface; - Possibility to upload pictures from camera as well as from the Phone Library; - Streamlined face, eyes and mouth detection system; - Entertaining animation of the transformation; - Possibility to watch the video in reverse (from old to young); - Possibility to save the photos on the phone, in order to download it on the computer or send it with an MMS; - Possibility to send the photo with an e-mail; - Possibility to share the picture on Facebook, also in double modality (young and old); - No internet connection required (except for the e–mail and Facebook related operations); - Compatible with iOS 3.0 and next versions; Please note: "Time Machine Jump to the Future" only aim is that of entertain. Therefore the results should not be interpreted as realistic. The best results are achieved with people from 15 to 55 years old.

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