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Dec, 2020


Dec, 2020



Business card is so last year. Meet BCAS app by microforce. BCAS enables you to manage and create your business card on your terms electronically with a few taps. Your business card will come with a QR code. Exchange QR code in tradeshow, meeting, cocktail party and in one tap contact is in your phone and Salesforce. Features: -Your Business Card stored electronically and can be updated in real time -The app will output a digital code so that other user can scan and electronically create a contact record in their iPhone and send to SalesForce contact automatically -BCAS app also integrates with your Salesforce CRM system. No more manual entry to create a contact in your iPhone. No more card scanner which costs more and often times produces inaccurate contact which you have to fix manually -Registration is so simple. Type your business card info once and you will have the digital version of the business card. -Embed with your website. Drop in with your marketing assets.

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