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Note that the only in-app purchases available are donations (tip jar). All functionality is included and updates are free forever - through the years the app has become an astronomer's swiss-army knife. Polar Scope Align will calculate the position of Polaris or σ Octantis in your Polar Scope reticle for your location (using your phone's GPS or manually), allowing a quick and accurate polar alignment. It is one of the few programs that are accurate in lower latitudes by correcting for atmospheric refraction (so expect results to agree only with precise software and not most simplistic "polar align" apps - see the "Accuracy" section in help for details). It will even allow you to measure and correct a centering error of the reticle. In the settings you can select from a vast collection of reticles, one that matches your own - currently iOptron, Astro-Physics, Takahashi, Orion, Skywatcher, Celestron, Meade, Vixen, Bresser, Explore Scientific, Astrotrac, Losmandy, Kenko, Avalon Instruments, Konus, Tuthill, TeleVue Systems (Carton), Telrad reticles are available. Feel free to contact the developer with any questions, feature/reticle requests and any problems you have with the app. If you like Polar Scope Align, please consider leaving a review on the app store. The Pro Watch version has all the features of Polar Scope Align Pro, with the addition of an Apple Watch app featuring: -Graphic & Text display of polar alignment. -Weather view. -Bubble level. -Day alignment. -Moon phase/altitude. -Moon/Sun rise/set & twilight times. App feature list: -Accurate calculation of Polaris or Sigma Oct for any date and location, including effect of atmospheric refraction (and stellar aberration, nutation). -Use device time/date and GPS location, or manually enter your own. -Location manager with favorite locations, list of recent locations, online search and offline world database. -Supports a multitude of polar scopes: iOptron, Astro-Physics RAPAS & PASILL, various versions of Takahashi EM-10/11/200/400/500, NJP, PM-1, P2-Z, the latest Orion / Skywatcher, the Classic Skywatcher / Orion / Celestron / Meade / EXOS2 / Bresser, the Telrad, a couple for Astrotrac / Losmandy / Kenko / Avalon, the Vixen Atlux/SX/SXD/SXP/AXD/GP/GP-DX/Polarie Polar Axis Scopes, a Konus and several Polar Finders: Tuthill, Explore Scientific 8x50, Meade 9x60, Vixen Polaris, Celestron 7x50, Carton Optical. PoleMaster help view for South Hemisphere users. -Full app in red-color (or alternative) night mode - tools switchable to daytime view. -Moon phase & lunar Calendar with solar/lunar rise/set and twilight times. -Wizard to calculate your reticle centering offset and correct or compensate for it. -Zoomable reticle view. -Alt-az alignment error display for mounts that calculate it after star alignment (e.g. iOptron iEQ45, CEM60). -Polar alignment when your scope is not in zero position (for mounts like iOptron ZEQ/CEM on which you can always access the polar scope). -Remember zero position on Celestron / Skywatcher / Orion etc reticles. -Approximate daytime / no polarscope polar alignment tool. Great for solar imaging (including eclipses). -Bubble level (using either gyro or accelerometer) and Compass heading, as well as magnetic declination reading. -GPS accuracy & elevation data. -Red/White/LED light. -Dimming slider. -Deep Space Object (DSO) Database with 13000+ objects from several catalogs (Messier, Caldwell, NGC, IC, Herschell 400, Sharpless 2). The database is searchable and fully configurable with filters, various sorting methods etc. -Download and explore DSS color images of the DSO database entries. -Over 25 calculators useful for observing and astrophotography, from eyepiece magnification and field of view, to imaging resolution and reducers. -World astro-weather report based on 7Timer! data. -Water vapor satellite images. -List of visible ISS passes and Iridium flares. -iOptron, NexStar and Meade LX200 Star Lists. -Supports iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.

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